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or taken for carts, having the fellies of their wheels of the adth of six inches, than is provided by such acts to be cen-for, carts drawn by three horses ; and the trustees, within ir district, or five of them, are to give directions, in writ. , to the collectors within their districts, to take such tolls, 1 no other. 13 Geo. 3. c. 84. s.22.

4. Increasing the tolls on narrow-wheel carriages. The turnpike trustees, or persons authorised by them, shall e, and may and are by the act required to demand and -, for every waggon, wain, cart, or carriage, having the es of the wheels thereof of less breadth than six inches 2 side to side, at the bottom thereof, and for the horses or ts of draught drawing the same, one half more than are hall be payable for the same * 13 Geo. 3. c. 84. s. 23.

Where and how the tolls may be reduced. As by several acts for repairing turnpiks-roads, there is power given to the trustees to lessen the tolls, although h roads may be amended and the money borrowed upon : credit of such acts paid ;' it is enacted, That it shall wful for the trustees appointed by any act for repairing cular roads, or seven of such trustees, at a meeting for porpose, of which one niooth’s notice shall be given in ag, to be affixed on all turnpike gates erected upon such ), and in some public newspaper circulated in that part of ountry, to reduce (X) the tolls granted by any of the said



That is, at the time of passing the above act of 13 Geo. 3.

(X) Order of trustees for reducing tolls. meeting of the trustees of the turnpike roads, under an , passed in the -year of the reign of king George the

for, &c. [state the principal part of the title of the ], held at the day of 17 Vhereas by the said act there was no power (or no effectuul er) given (as the case may be) to the trustees to lessen the s authorised to be taken by the said act; we whose names subscribed, being seven or more of the trustees acting under said act, being now assembled, for reducing the tolls au. rised to be taken by and uoder the said act, pursuant to lic notice given for that purpose in the newspapers culated in this part of the county, and also affixed upon all

turnpike gates erecied upon the said turnpike road for upds of one calendar month now last past ; and baving the seot of the several persons entitled to five-sixth parts of the ney now remaining due upon the credit of the said tolls

day signified and proved to us, do hereby order, that the 3 granted by the said act shall, from and after the - of

one thousand eight hundred be lessened reduced in the following manner. [Here state the reductions proposed to be made.]

3 X

L. IV.

acts, for such time as the trustees think proper; and afterwards at any meeting, if they see' occasion, to advance the tolls les senel, to any money, not exceeding the rates granted by such acts. 13 Geo. 3. c. 84. s. 29.

But where the whole money borruved on the credit of the tolls shall not have been paid, no such tolls shall be redical without the consent of the persons entitled to fire-sixth the money remaining due upon such tolls. s. 30.

6. Letting the tolls. It shall be lawful for the trustees of any particular tarapka act, or seven of them, at a public meeting, to let to fare tolls of the gates, although no power shall have been giraly the act for that purpose :

And whenever any tolls shall hereafter be let to farm, virtue of this or any other art, the following directions shall observed ; viz. the trustees shall cause notice (XI) to begins of the time and place for letting the same one mouth wat the day appointed for that purpose, by fixing the same pa every toll-gate belonging to such turnpike-road, and a upon the market cross of the market town nearest to the plan where the tolls are to be let, and also in some public papers circulated in that part of the country, and special in such notice the sun which the tolls produced in the page ing year, clear of the salary for collecting, in case any collector was appointed, and that they will let such tolls by tion to the best bilder, on his producing sufficient sureala payment of the money, monthly or quarterly, as shall be quired by the trustees; and that they will be put up

$ at

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(XI) Notice for letting tolls. • Notice is hereby given, That the tolls arising at the le gate (or toll-gates, if more thun one), upon the turapikos

called or knowo by the name of the « will be let by auction, to the best bidder, at the house at on the

day of ! twecn the hours of


in the EU • directed by the act, passed in the thirteenth

year 5 reign of his majesty king George the Third, for regale

the turnpike-ruads; which tolls produced the last year sum of above the expences of collecting them, will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be

best bidder, must, at the same time, give security, wich « ficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the trustoes of the

tornpike-road, for payment of the rent agreed for, at 6 times as they shall direct.

'AB, clerk to the trustees of the said tropitores sum which they were let for in the preceding year, clear of the salary of the collector:

And to prevent fraud,or undue preference in the letting thereof, he trustees are to provide a glass with so much sand in it as vill ron from one end of it to the other in one minute ; which lass, at the time of letting the tolls, shall be set upon a table, nd immediately after every bidding the glass shall be turned, ud as soon as the sand is run out, it shall be turned again, and 2 for three times, unless some other bidding intervenes ; and if o other person shall bid, until the sand shall have run through te glitss three times, the last bidder shall be farmer of the tolls, and 1a!! forth with enter into a proper agreement for taking thereof, id paying the money at the times specified in such notice', pas shall be agreed upon between him and the trustees :

Aud in case no bidder shall ofer, the trustees may appoint collector, or fix some future day for letting thereof, as they all judge most proper, upon giving such notice as aforesaid, id shall in that case put them up at such sum as they think fit: Aud if the person who shall be the farmer shall take a greater Penalty on take kiss tollfrom any person than what'are authorised by this or the in; nuore 10111 irticular act, he shall forleit 5l. and also forfeit the contract thandue, r renting the tolls, if the trustees think fit to vacate the same ; d every other gate-keeper authorised to collect the tolls, whó all take a greater or less toll, shall forfeit 40s.

13 Geo, 3.. 84. 8. 31.

7. Compounding for tolls. Itshall not be lawful for the trustees of any turnpike-road, or eir lessees, to make composition for tolls, for any waggon, lin, cart, or carriage, or horses, or beasts of draught, drawing same, unless such as have the fellies of the wheels thereof

the breadth of six inches, or inore. 13 Geo. 3. C. 81. 9. And no person shall have the privilege of compounding in pect of any carriage having the tellies of the wheels of the sadth of six inches, unless the fellies and the tire thereon E lie flat. s. 25. And by 16 Geo. 3, c. 39. §. 2, If such wheels do not deviate Tre thani one inch froin a flat surface, they shall be deemed t.

8. Penalty on evading the tolls. If any person shall uuload any goods from any cart, waggon,

carriage, at or before the same shall come io any turnpike e or weighing-engine, or shall load after the same shall have sed any such turnpike or weighing-engine, any goods caken unloadeo from any horse, cart, or other carriage belonging to hired by the same wagoner or carrier, in order to avoid the yment of the additional colls :

Or if any person shall so unload, in order to carry consider. able quantities of goods through any turnpike gate, in the same day, and thereby pay less toll at such turnpike gate than would have been paid if such goods had not been so uploaden :

Each person so offending, being thereof convicted before ane justice upon the oath of one witness, shall forfeit 5l. to be le. vied upon the goods of the owner; and each driver, not being the owner of such carriage, and being thereof couricted, skal *be committed to the house of correction for one month. 13Go 3. c. 84. 8. 10.

And if the owner of any waggon, cart, or carriage, dr the driver thereof, travelling on any turnpike road where any talgate or weighing-engine is erected, shall drive out of the same into any other road, to avoid being weighed, or to avoid paying of toll,and shall afterwards proceed with such carriage to the same turnpike road, such owner or person, copricted fore ope justice, upon the oath of one witbess, shall forteil, if the owner, not exceeding 51. nor less than 20s. and if the driver and not the owner, not exceeding 50s. Oor less than 10.

s. 11.

9. Subscribers to the repair of roads, and mortgagees of the


ing to suba

Persons agree

If any person shall agree to advance any money, to be so

ployed in making or repairing any turnpike road or bipirar scribe.

intended to be made turnpike, and shall subscribe his next any writing (XII) for that purpose, such person shall be able to pay such money so subscribed, according to such writing, and in default of payment within twenty-one days after the sube shall become payable, according to such writing, and shali be

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(XII) Agreement by subscription for advancing roleg ta

make and repair a turnpike road or highway. ( We whose names are subscribed, do agree to adrese Cand pay the sereral sums wrote by us opposite to our nees (unto

to be laid out and expended in the makinga! repairing a certain highway leading from

to after an act of parliament shall be obtained for making same turnpike-road, upon having the tolls to be collected up 6 such turnpike-road assigned and made over to us, as a security for the respective sums so to be advanced by us, together vi

interest for the same, after the rate of per annum ; which sums we do hereby severally agree to

by instalments, in the following manner, videlicet, one for 6 part thereof on the

day of

next; one other found part, (&c. &c. &c.)' Dated this

day of

per ce

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