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ven of them, at any of their public meetings, by the oath of 10 witness experienced in levelling, that any part of the rise any hill upon such road shall be more than four inches in a ard, it shall be lawful for the trustees to allow (VI) such number of horses as they shall judge necessary, not exceedg ten for waggons with nine inch wheels, nor six for caris ith nine inch wheels ;-aod not exceeding seven for waggon ith six :ach wheels, nor five for carts with six ioch wheels ;

and not exceeding fire for waggons with wheels of less breadth an six inches, nor four for carts with wheels of less breadth an six inches : And in case it appear to the trustees, that the whole rise of y hill taken together shall be more than four inches in a rd, upon an average, it shall be lawful for the trustees to al. w such number of horses as they think fit to be used in such aggons and carts, for the purpose only of ulrawing the same up ch hill, the length of such hill to be specified in such order, id the termination at each end thereof to be marked by a post stone, to be erected at such boundaries; and the said order

"I) Licence by the trustees for drawing with an increased

number of horses up a steep hill. At a meeting of the trustees of the turnpike roads under in act passed in the year of the reign of king George he [state the principal part of the title of the act] ield at the


day of

It appearing to us, upon the oath of -- being a per. son experienced in levelling, that the rise of (purt of) a cer. tain hill, upon the said turnpike road, lying in the parish of - called or known by the name of

· hill, be. tween the post marked (put on) and the post marked (tuka of) being - yards in length, is above four inches in a yard, we do hereby allow to be drawn up the said hill, be. tween the posts above mentioned, waggons having the soles or the bottoms of the fellies of the wheels of the breadth of nine inches, with

horses; and carts having the like wheels, with

horses ; and waggons having wheels of the breadth of six inches, with

horses; and carts having the like whecis, with

horses ; and waggons having wheels of less breadth than six inches, with horses; and carts having the like wheels, with — horses.

(This form is calculated where any part of the hill between those

posts rises above four inches in a yard ; but if the whole rise between the posts shall be upon an average more than four inches in a yard, before the word (above) insert (upon an average) which will authorise the justices to allow more borses than meationed in the act.

shall be certified (VII) by the said trusters, or their clerk to the next general quarter sesssions : aod if the fact, shall at the said sessions be proved upon the oath of ope wit ness, the said order shall be confirmed and filed 200kg the re cords of the sessions by the clerk of the peace, or otherwis shall be vacated: and after such confirmation and filing, person shall be liable to any penalty for using such number 1 horses as shall be allowed ; and it shall be lawful for the tices, at any subsequent quarter sessions, to re-consider the

said order, and to discharge the same, if they think fit. s. À Ice or snow. Also if it appear, upon the oaths of witnesses, to the si

faction of any justice or court authorized to enforce this 22 that any carriage could not, by reason of deep snow or be drawn with the weights, and by the number of horses alle ed, it shall be lawful for such justice, or court to stop ali pa ceedings before them, for the recovery of any penalty idea by drawing with a greater number of horses than allow

8. 19. And in Wales,

And it shall and may be lawful for the justices within Fat at their general quarter sessions, in the week after Michael to license an iocrease of the number of horses to be emplore! drawing carriages on any turnpike road within their jatisi lions, over the number before limited, if upon enquiry is 9t state of such roads they tind any additional vumber neces and at any Michucimus quarter sessions, to revoke or rasy same, as they think fit; and neither the owner or driver # censed, shali incur any foriciture for using such increases ber.

8. 59. Narrow wlieel

It shali not be lawful for any waggon, wain, or cart, prringes to be ing the suic or lellies of the wheels thereof of less breadhu drawn by livro nine inches, to pass upon any turnpike-road, or through

turnpikc-gate, it the same shall be drawn by horses ir p (excejst such having the fellics of the breadth of six inches shall be authorised to be drawn in any other manier by on (Vili) of the trustees, at a public meeting of seven friste

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(VII) Certificate of the above order to the justices of pears

their quarter sessions. "TA B, cierh to the trustees mentioned in the above on do hereby certify to the justices of the pace for the [0031

riding, division of --- at their general quarter ses i of the

peace, that the ahure is ą i que copy of the ordet e by the said trustees, for the purposes therein mentiona'. Dated this ----18 (VIM) Order of trustee's for permitting carriages with

inch wheels to be drawn by horses in pairs. " At a meeting of the trustees of the turnpike reads, un (an act, passed in the year of the origa of king titi

which order it shall be lawful for the said trustces to revoke at ny subsequent meeting, and afterwards to make a new one, if hey think fit, for the same purpose, and fixed in writing upon very toll-gate within such districi : and except carriages drawn y two horses only). s. 20.

VIII. Concerning the tolls. . Tables of lolls to be set up at each tuinpike gate. . Exemptions from toll. Diminishing the tolls on broall-wheel carriages.

Increasing the tolls on narrowo-wheel carriages. · Where and how the tolls may be diminisheit.

Letting the tolls. Compounding for tolls. Penalty on evading tolls. Subscribers to the repuir of roads, and mortgagees of tolls. ). Toll-gatherers.,

1. Tables of tolls to be set up at each turnpike gate.

The trustees of every turnpike road within England, shall tuse to be put up, and continued upon every toll.gate within leir districts, a table of the tolls payable at sich gate, distinnishjug each toil, and the different sorts of carriages for which ey are to be puid, where there shall be any variation therein ;

the for, &c. [slate the material part of the title of the act], held at

on the

day of Qu: thoi. sand seven hundred

it was requested by several persons, that liberty should be given to draw carriages with fel. lies of the breadth of six inches, by horses in pairs ; and the state and condition of the said thropike-soad being taken into consideration, and it appearing to us that the said request may be granted without prejudice to the said turnpike-roads, we do hereby authorise all persons, who shall, use carriages with fellies of the breadth of six inchis upon the said turn. pike road, to draw such carriages with horses in pairs if they shall think fit, from and after the - day or next, pursuant to the power given to us by an act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his majesty king George' the third, for regulating turnpike-roads.'

['This meeting must consist of scven or more trustees.

and also a table (IX) of weights allowed for each carriera with the loading thereof in summer and winter. 13 Ges. S. c. 81. s. 16.

And in all carriages, wherein oxen or neat carile shall be used, two oxen or neat cattle shall be considered as one horso with respect to tolis and other things. s. 67.

2. Exemplions from tolls.

No carriages As there are in several acts, exemptions from tolls, in pus: with wheels of 6 ticular cases and liberties, to pay less than are charged u less breadth

on other carriages :' it is enacted that no person shall by than six inches so have the be- said acts have the benefit of any exemption, unless such as nefit of any ex-gon, wain, cart, or other carriage, have the sole of the batter emption. of the fellies of the wheels thereof of the breadth of six ineka

or upwards (except carts, and carriages employed in carrying

corn in the straw, hay, straw, fodder, dung, lime, for the 'improvement of land, or other manure, or any implements et husbandry only.') s. 2.

Provided that no person be allowed to take the benefit such exemptions, in respect of any carriage having the Felipe of the wheels thereof of the breadth of six inches, unless the fellies, and the tire upon such fellies, shall lie flat. 5. 25.

And the 16 Gco. 3. C. 39. s. 2, declares that all we

(IX) Tables of weights allowed in winter and summer la

riages directed to be weighed, including the carriage and loading, by the act of the thirteenth George the third,

Tigta. Tous. (w





Tons. Cpt
To every waggon upon rollers, of the
breadth of sixteen inches

8 0
To every waggon with pine inch

wheels, rolling a surface of sixteen
inches on each side

6 10
To every waggon with nine inch

To every cart with nine inch wheels 3
To every waggon with six inch whe ls 4 5
To every waggon with six inch wheels,
rolling a surface of eleven inches 5

To every cart with six inch wheels 2 19
To every waggon with wheels of less
breadth than six inches

3 10
To every cart with wheels of less
breadth than six inches

1 10







of the breadth of six inches, the fellies or tire whereof shall not deviate more than one inch from a flat surface, shall be deemed fat. And all waggons, carts, or carriages moving upon rollers, Sixteen-inch the breadth of sixteen inches on each side thereof, with flat wheels to pay rfaces, shall pass upon any turnpike-road, apon paying only half toil.

much of the tolls as shall not exceed one half of the full toll yable by this or any turnpike act, for waggons, &c. having e fellies of the wheels of the breadth of six inches from sido side, or for the horses drawing the same, and not rolling a rface of sixteen inches on each side thereof; and no more an half toll shall be paid in respect of waggons having the lies of the breath of nine inches, and rolling a surface of sixteen :hes on each side thereof, after the commencement of this act. 25. Nothing herein shall extend to any chaise-marine, coach, General excepdan, berlin, chariot, chaise, chair, calash, or hearse, or to

carriage of such ammunition or artillery as shall be for his jesty's service, or to any cart or carriage drawn by one 'se, or two oxen, and no more,; or to any carriage having

sole of the fellies of the breadth of nine inches, which shall laden with one block of stone, one piece of marble, one cable e, one piece of metal, or one piece of timber. s. 27. ind if any person shall take the benefit of any exemptions, Penalty on any er this or any other act, in any fraudulent manner, such parsons traudus son shall forfeit not exceeding 5l. or less than 40s.

S. 28.

lenily taking

the benefit of And by 18 Geo. 3. 63, No toll shall be demanded or taken

ary exemp. virtue of any act made for repairing any public roads within cions. kingdom, for horses belonging to officers or soldiers upon Military horses rmarch or upon duty, or for any horses, cattle, or carri, and carriages i, employed in carrying the arms or baggage of such oficers

It tu pay toll. oldiers, or in carrying any sick, wounded, or disabled offi.

or soldiers. 8. 2. for shall toll be collected for carriages solely employed in Carriages used ying materials for the repair of any turnpike road or pub. in getting ma

terials for highway, or for going to, or returning after having been

roads, m.ployed. 13 Geo. 3. c. 84. s. 60. ind by 25 Geo. 3.c. 57, All carriages whatsoever, or horses Mail coaches, Joyed in conveying from one part of this kingdom to ther, the mail, or packet, shall be exempted from the payit of any tolls for the passage through any turnpike toll gale, sar; and all turnpike keepers, or toll collectors are to persuch carriages and horses to pass, without demanding toll. od by 17 Geo. 3. c. 16, after reciting, that an exemption Cattle going to ym toll by several particular acts hath been granted for cat. or from water

going to and from water and pasture, it is enaceed, That or pasiure. Il cases where any exemption from toll for cattle going to from water or pasture, is given by any act, such exemption I only extend to such cattle as shall be driven to and froin er or pasture, from one parish to the next adjoining parish,

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