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been publishing as true, the falsehoods discrepancy between the war-office esof the Trust.

timate and the actual number of sol

diers was of itself sufficient to wreck GERMANY and France have not yet every calculation as to results of the come to terms regarding Morocco.

clash of the two nations. Besides, the In consequence of the possibility of

officers were not supplied with maps of war, the French banks are withdrawing France. Maps of Germany were furtheir gold from Germany. It comes as

nished, for it was to be an "On to Bera surpri-e to learn that the latter coun

lin” campaign. The officers and soltry is heavily in debt to the former.

diers of France fought with the utmost That France should have so complete. heroism, but they had no chance. It is

different now. lv recovered from the disaster of 1870, when her capital was occupied by conquering Germans; and when a huge THE Russian Premier, Stolypin, has war indemnity of a billion dollars was

been assassinated. The motive was exacted by the relentless victors, is one political. With all the barbarism of of the marvels of modern history. Ap- Ivan the Terrible, Stolypin has crushed parently, France has the men and the every "disorder” throughout the Emmoney, ready for war, while Germany, pire. By “disorder," such despots as having the men, is without the money.

the Russian Premier meant uprisings in The fantastic Kaiser has blustered, favor of Democracy. He has shed blood as usual, but the French diplomats and like water in the effort to drive the peocabinet officers have manifested perfect ple back into medieval submission to coolness and resolution.

the “Divine Right" of Kings.

Nobody can tell what is the real ef. IN Mr. Taft's speech at Detroit, he cut fectiveness of either army, German or

out the following paragraphFrench. The war machine which Von “I am glad to be able to add that if Moltke operated was perfect. The Ger- Congress shall continue needed appromans of 1870 were prepared, in every priations, every trust of any size that respect; and the two wars—the one violates the statute, before the end of with Denmark and the other with Aus- this Administration in 1913, will be tria—had seasoned the troops and giv- brought into court and acquiest in a en practical experience to the officers. decree of disintegration by which com

On the contrary, the rottenness of petition between its parts shall be rethe Second Empire had gangreened stored and preserved under the perthe entire military system of the suasive and restrictive influence of a French.

permanent and continuing injunction.” Soldiers were sent to the battle line who did not know how to use the new

Why did he cut it out! Because rifles. In some cases, the gun barrels Wall Street did not like it, and wired would be at one depot and the plungers him to that effect. In talking to the at another. In other cases, the wheels farmers,” Mr. Taft is acting the comof the commissariat wagons would be

edian in a worn-out farce. in one place and the frame-work and bodies somewhere else.

The President challenges Mr. Bryan Vast accumulations of food were to name any Trust that would not be stored so blunderingly that the soldiers broken up, under the recent decision of went hungry in the midst of plenty. the U. S. Supreme Court. In that deThe ammunition was inferior; and the cision, the Jesuitized court changed the wording of the Statute, from "any com- many. This threw the country into a bination in restraint of trade,” to “any panicky condition. Instead of issuing unreasonable combination in restraint fiat paper money, as England did durof trade.” The viciousness of this Jes- ing the Napoleonic wars, the silly Kaisuit decision is, that the Federal judges er issued treasury notes, redeemable in are made the arbiters of what consti- gold on a certain day. (Monday, Sept. tutes an "unreasonable” restraint of 18, 1911.) This was a fearful mistake. trade. The had no such power under It put Germany at the mercy of private the Sherman law. Congress never en- bankers who had the gold. That's trusted them with it; the Supreme where Morgan and Rockefeller got their Court legislated it to them.

opportunity to dictate. Cable dispatchAs Mr. Taft's challenge is not to Bry- es assert that the German Government an only, but to all others, I will take it virtually went on its knees to these priup.

vate bankers, and that J. P. Morgan The Shipping Trust, of New York, fixed the time limit for the acceptance was before the Federal courts some by Germany of France's terms. weeks after Jesuit White had an- Dear me! It hasn't been six months, nounced his decision; and the Shipping either, since Morgan was presenting to Trust got off, scot free, because the Fed- the Kaiser that Martin Luther letter, eral judge held that its combination in as a token of Morgan's profound rerestraint of trade was not "unreason- gard for him, the said Kaiser! able.” If Mr. Bryan has forgotten the case, THERE has been rioting

in the streets I hope that one of our readers will jog of Vienna, Austria, because of the his memory

high price of food. Troops were called

out; the people were fired upon, and THE Virginia courtesan, Beulah Bin- many killed or wounded.

ford, was not wanted in New York. Spain is rocking with agitation, and Not even her pictures could be toler- the throne is in peril. When a Kinglet, ated.

like the decadent Alfonso, openly assoThe European courtesan, Gaby Des- ciates with actresses of evil repute, and lys, was very much wanted in New disappears from public view in the York; and her lewd face appears pic- company of a paramour, it is not to be tured in all the papers.

wondered at that such a throne is in The Binford had no money; the Des- danger. Recently he plunged the lys had oodles of it; besides, jewels that whole of officialdom into consternation a sap-headed King gave her.

by being lost from sight for a day and The morals of New York, like its night. He turned up, laughing at his politics, are never understood by out- adventure, and the dismay it had siders.

caused. His companion in seclusion As to the morals, however, it appears

was a notorious actress who had been that the having, or not having, of mon

starring at San Sebastian. ey is the criterion.


R. TAFT'S speeches in advocacy THE HE latest from the France-Germany of partial free trade with Canada

tangle is, that Morgan and Roths- had the effect of defeating reciprocity. child dictated terms to the fantastic The Canadians believed that our PresKaiser.

ident told the truth when he declared France, England and Russia acted in that the treaty was wholly beneficial to concert to withdraw gold from Ger- the United States, and altogether detrimental to Canada. Evidently, the Can- trimmer who stands between the exadians have yet to learn just what sort tremes, he has shown himself to be as of a President we have got.

stalwart a stand-patter as Aldrich and If Mr. Taft had contented himself Cannon themselves. His prompt apwith the statement that the treaty was proval of the Payne-Aldrich bill, and good for both countries; and that our his equally prompt vetoes of the bills farmers would gain more on free lum- which sought to lower the enormous ber than they would lose on meats and Payne-Aldrich duties prove that. Mr. flour, he would have told the whole Taft cannot talk away his official rectruth, and Canada might have voted ord. Nobody can again put faith in any for the pact. As it is, reciprocity is promises he may make. He has none dead, and Mr. Taft padly disfigured. but himself to thank for having entire

ly lost the confidence of the people. What did the people get from the extra session of Congress? Nothing. It would seem that Maine went “wet” And who is to blame for this barren by 20 majority. Such an election record! Mr. Taft. Claiming to be a settles nothing.

The Baby Show


will notice, by the number of was readily obliterated and it has been a babies we are showing this month, hard task sometimes to decipher the

we are doing our very best to get names. all the little ones in. And it's a hard Again-relatives other than parents task, I assure you.

would send in photographs, and only Some of the babies "group" beauti- the name of the sender would be on the

picture. This made a very awkward fully, and that is why we gathered those

situation for a young bachelor photoon page 518, which is really a “page of smiles."

grapher of a handsome pair of twins.

We can imagine his embarassment when Aren't they the best-natured looking we evolved a “Mrs." and added her to lot you ever saw? Boys are smiling as

his initials. happily as the girls, and it seems too

And the parents of the twins were bad that the boys so soon outgrow their just as much upset as the bachelor smiles.

photographer. Some parents are growing impatient In the September number, the group at the length of time which has elapsed picture had one baby named wrong; as since they sent their baby's picture, and all the pictures are on one plate, it is they are urging us to hurry up and impossible to run this little girl's phopublish their particular one.

tograph again, as her mother requested. trying now to close the Baby Show, but The name should have been Lula Lothere are still a large number to pub- retta Milleson, and she was the happy lish.

little mortal numbered nine, on page There have also been a number of 142. complaints because the babies were We had a number of other pictures sometimes given tho wrong names. As to show in this month's issue, but our the majority of the photographs had space was limited, and we could prethe names written in lead pencil, this sent only two "page babies.”

We are

[graphic][subsumed][ocr errors][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

1. William Wirt Ramsay, nineteen months, Carrolton, Ga.: 2. Kate Zeigler, two years, Ogeechee, Ga.; 3, Norman Joseph Brite, nine months, Springfield, Mo.; 4, Hepzibah Jones, eighteen months, Cordelia, Ga.; 5, Anabet Davis, De Kalb, Miss.; 6. Lyle Cherrington Harvey, fourteen months, Des Moines, Ia.; 7, Hazel Lorena Arnold, ten months, Atlanta, Ga.; 8, Gladys Cox, seven months, Canton, Ga.; 9. Mildred Waters, five months, Sylvania, Ga.; 10, Howard Watson Logan, ten months, Altus, Ark.; 11, John Will McLean, fifteen months, Anderson, s, C.; 12, Walter Mims Zeigler, nine months, Sylvania, Ga.

[graphic][ocr errors][subsumed][merged small]

1, Tom Watson Gunn, three months, Warrenton, Ga.; 2, Baby Combs, four months, Beaumont, Miss.; 3, Brewer Causey, ten months; 4, Ruby Pipkin, Fitzgerald Ga.; 5. William Franklin Watson, six months, Dallas, Tex.; 6, Bonnie Elma Nevels, five months, Moultrie, Ga.; 7, Annie Laurie Watson Hartley, six months, Atlanta, Ga.; 8, Dorr Horton Smith, Luneburg, Ark., 9, Ruth McCarty, seven months, Monroe, Ga.; 10, Duplicate by mistake of number seven; 11, Otto Mason, four months, Royston, Ga.; 12, Andrew Jackson Phillips, Louisa, La.

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