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Write for Particulars of Easy Payment Plan. Agents Wanted. Address Book Department, JEFFERSONIAN PUBLISHING COMPANY, Thomson, Ga. The American Federation of Catholic Societies began, some months ago, a systematic persecution of this magazine.

They first tried to have it excluded from the mails. Failing in that, they influenced the American News Co. and its subsidiaries, to refuse to sell it on their news-stands. But the independent news dealers are handling it, successfully..

Then Anthony Matre, of St. Louis, Mo., Secretary of the Federation of Catholic Societies, began to persuade or intimidate our advertisers. In the Catholic papers and magazines, the priests are jubilating over the amount of damage they have done me.

They publish a list of the names of our patrons whom they have scared off.

Here is a list of the frightened: 1. National Casket Co., New York City. 2. American National Bank, Nashville, Tenn. 3. Loughlin Mfg. Co., Detroit, Mich. 4. Warren Paint & Color Co., Nashville, Tenn. 5. George Frost Co., Boston, Mass.

(He's the Garter Man.) 6. Fourth National Bank, Nashville, Tenn. 7. National Bank of Commerce, Norfolk, Va.

As other cowards expose themselves, their names will be added to

The Roll of Dishonor If the priests can scare off every advertiser that we've got, my exposure of them and their idolatrous paganism would go right on.



have been established over 60 YEARS. By our systen of payments every fami'y in moderate circumstances can

own a VOSE Piano. We take old in truments in exchange and deliver the new piano in your home free of expense. Write for Catalogue D and explanations. VOSE & SONS PIANO CO., Boston, Mass.


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We offer you a chance to become part owner of a profitable business, which has cost years of hard work and much money to put on a paying basis.

Magazine, paper and book publishing is one of the most profitable , industries in the country. In no other department of legitimate business is the percentage of success so high and the profits on the capital investment so large as in that of supplying monthly and weekly periodicals to the American public.

In the last ten years the aggregate circulation of weekly publica. tions of the magazine class has multiplied ten times, and the monthly magazines show an increased circulation seven times as great. This is proof that the publishing business is one of constantly increasing value.

The Watson publications have a practically unlimited and exclusive field. When we took over the Taylor-Trotwood subscription list Watson's became the dean of Southern magazines. The oldest magazine of general interest and influential circulation, ours is the only representative Southern publication. The Eastern magazines have never given the South the consideration that its importance de

When they treat Southern subjects at all, it is usually from a hostile and unsympathetic standpoint.

The exormous and startling industrial growth of the South in the last few years has created a demand for advertising mediums with a large and widely distributed circulation.

The capital of the Jeffersonian Publishing Company is $100,000. The value of the shares is set at $5.00, so as to give the smallest investor a chance. We have over $100,000 worth of assets. Our plant, the largest and most up-to-date in the South, is all paid for. We don't owe a cent, except our monthly bills for running expenses. We have installed a new press, the largest of its kind ever built. Its capacity it 20,000 papers per hour.

“THE JEFFs' paid, regularly and punctually, eight per cent. interest on their bonds, and there is every reason to believe that we can pay higher dividends on our stock. Applications are being received by every mail, and every share will be sold at par.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, write at once for detailed statements and application blanks.


Jeffersonian Publishing Co.

Thomson, Georgia

“The Artist
in Our Literature”

We will wager that you have no complete set of the works

of the man whom Lord Tennyson called "the literary

glory of America"—the man who wrote the most effective example of fugitive poetry ever published in the United States—the man who gave fresh life to the “short story”—the man who invented the detective story and the tale of mystery-America's first real critic :

EDGAR ALLAN POE Poe was the most cosmopolitan of American writers. His best work belongs to the highest domain of art. His stories have admittedly served as models to such creators. as Sir Conan Doyle, and some of his verse is not excelled by any in our languange for music and imagination. His strong originality, his firm, fine touch, and his sombre, yet beautiful, temperament, combine to throw a spell over his readers and, as it were, transport them to another world.



WE have an edition of POE'S works that

we have called the FORDHAM EDITION; for it was in his tiny cottage at Fordham that Poe composed “ The Raven." This set is in ten volumes, and contains over 3,000 text pages-each one printed in two colors with an ornamental border. The set is illustrated by 36 full-page designs in photogravure on Japan vellum with printed tissues. The majority of these illustrations are by eminent hands and interpret Poe in his various moods with unusual power. The books are bound in threequarters leather, octavo, with silk headbands. An introduction is given by Nathan Haskell

Dole, the well-known editor; and there are brief appreciations by Longfellow, Burroughs, Tennyson, Doyle, Whittier, Browning, Hawthorne and others. Of this edition, only 60 sets are actually left in our stock roommere fragment remaining from a special printing, the balance of which we have recently disposed of. One of these 60 sets may be yours-a beautiful and fascinating possession

- if you let us know now. In a few days more they will be gone.

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Set Sent Free-No Money Now
We offer to send to you the set of 10 vol-

umes, charges paid, for your careful examination. You can look them over much more thoroughly than you would be able to do in a bookshop. Upon acceptance of them, all you need to do is to send us a first payment of $1.00. The balance may be paid at the rate of $2.00 per month until the entire set has been paid for. If, for any reason, you decide not to retain them, they may be returned to us at our expense, Simply notify us and we shall provide for taking them back.

While they last, these 60 sets, which will be shipped in order exactly as requests are received, will be sold without reserve at $16.50

per set. This is a remarkable sacrifice and places a beautiful set of this great American classic easily within your reach. You owe it to yourself to secure a set of the masterpieces of this distinguished American while you have the chance-NOW.

NOTE THESE TITLES This edition-de-luxe contains such worldfamous stories as “The Fall of the House of Usher," "The Tell-Tale Heart," The Black Cat," “ The Gold Bug." “ The Mystery of Marie Roget,"

The Pit and the Pendulum," * The Purloined Letter," 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue," "The Descent into the Maelstrom," "The Assignation," “The Strange Case of M. Valdemar," etc., etc.; such great poems as "El Dorado," The Bells,

Annabel Lee," "The Haunted Palace," "The Raven," etc. etc; and such noteworthy critical articles as “The Philosophy of Composition," and “The Poetic Principle." A general index is included in the tenth volume.


W.M 10-11 The University Society,

New York, N. Y. Send me for examination, charges paid, one set (10 vols.) of POE'S

WORKS, Fordham Edition. If it is satisfactory, I shall send $1.00 on acceptance and $2.00 monthly thereafter until $16.50 has been paid. If not, I shall notify you.





In writing to advertisers please mention Watson's,

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