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We have obtained over a thousand signatures to the petition which is printed at the bottom of this page, and we are assured that ten thousand more stand ready and willing to sign it.

A temporary organization will be effected as soon as possible, and in the meantime the work of organizing the counties of Georgia will begin. We would like to hear from all who are interested, and especially from those who are willing to give us their active assistance to build up the League, anywhere in the United States.

Such an organization is absolutely necessary if we expect to bring the work of Watson's Magazine and The Jeffersonian to a successful issue. For the last five years our publications have been carrying on their work of education, and it has had its influence on the half-million people who are regular readers.

When all these voters, whom we have educated, are organized in a solid phalanx, they will exercise their real power. Without organization, their every effort at influencing legislation is lost and their strength dissipated.

You, who read these pages, know the crying need for the work of reform. Unaided, you cannot lift the burden of the tariff on necessities—the high cost of living—from your shoulders. United, you are helping yourself and your brothers, and you will become a power to be reckoned with by every member of Congress.

Sign the coupon and mail it to us.

Believing it necessary to have an organization, in order that the people may be properly represented in Congress; and that the present iniquitous tariff system, which taxes the food and clothing of the poor nan to increase the gigantic fortunes of the rich, may be swept away; and to bring the government closer to the people, we agree to act together and work as a unit to secure the triumph of Progressive Democracy; and for that purpose we hereby enroll our names.

Our key-note will be "Reciprocity." We will stick together in defense of Jeffersonian principles. We will do our best to support the Jeffersonian publications and to extend their circulation. In our business dealings we will give the preference to those who advertise in our papers and magazine, and we hereby pledge ourselves to get all our friends to do the same.

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Something Extraordinary


By that well-known Authoress and Lecturer, Mrs. Florence Edyth Blake-Hedges. Begins in March

Number of the Lyceum World.

A REMARKABLE SERIES ON PSYCHOTHERAPY. The following series of articles on Psychotherapy will prove among the most interesting ever published, and all students of the New Psychology, New Thought, Mental Healing, Immanuck Movement, etc., should make sure to read thene articles which bring the LATEST news on these subjects.

These articles will be written by that SPECIALIST In this realm, Mrs. Florence Edythe BlakeHedges, author of the great psychological novel “I AM,” lecturer on Psychotherapy, and writer for the leading magazines in the country. These articles will cost about two thousand dollars, and you get them, and many other fine things, for one dollar for year's subscription to THE LYCEUM WORLD. Subscribe NOW and tell your friends. PSYCHOTHERAPHY.

3. Auto-Suggestion: 1.–The Superstition of Mankind.

(1) Desire—to get well.

(2) Faith. 1. Ancient systems successful in curing dis

(3) How to suggest to one's self. ease.

(4) The A, B, C of Suggestion, 2. Strange theories prevalent in Highest

(5) Reiteration, Civilization.

4. Uses of Suggestion: 3. Primitive minds of today.

(11 Rebuilding character.

(2) Affecting Heredity. 4. Effects of diseased Conditions point to

(3) Suggestions for healing disease. un! ersal law.

(4) Suggestions for curing habits. 5. The Law-Man's Mind has a region below the threshold of normal consciousness.

5. Personal "Magnetism" and Self-Control 6. The Duality of Mind.

VI.-Personal Power11.-The Riddle of Personality: The Sphinx.

1. Bodily Health:

(1) Dietetics. 1. The Subjective Mind and its various

(2) Breathing. names.

(3) Food. 2. Laws of the Subjective Mind.

(4) Elimination. (1) Memory.

2. Suggestion and Dyspepsia. (2) Reasoning powers, etc.

3. Suggestion and Nervous troubles: 3. Fundamental use of the Subj. Mind.

Sure Remedy. 4. Constructive and Creative powers of

No Nervous Prostration.
Curing and Recreating.

Insomnia, etc. 5. Telepathy

4. Insanity: (1) Mind reading.

(1) Alarming Increase in America. (2) Death messages, etc.

(2) People must awaken to the Remedy

5. Perfect Poise. III.-The Origin of the Soul1. Mind and Body.

VII.-Psychotherapy2. Mind not in Brain alone.

1. Truth and Error in Decapitated Animals.

(1) Christian Science. 3. Mental activity transformed into Physical

(2) Theosophy. activity.

(3) Spiritism. 4. Mind influencing body. Limitation

Nemesis of


2. Divine Healing.

3. The Emmanual Movement. 5. Connection of Nerve Centers and Cells.

4. The March of the 20th Century. 6. Therefore-Mind may influence any Living Cell in the body.

Note--Besides the above, Prof. Joseph T. Spen

cer continues his Shakespearean articles, and IV.-Hypnotism

Rev. W. F. Hertel begins his startling series of 1. Early phases of.

articles on HOW WHITE SLAVES ARE PRO2. Mesmer and his cures. Explosion or Fluidic theory.

CURED, in which he tells in detail just how 3. Pioneers of hypnotism in France.

girls are trapped into a life of shame.

To stop. 4. Libault, Braid, Myres, etc.

this crime, know how it is fed and stop its feede. 5. America in Arrears-Drs. Prince, Sidis;

ers. Every earnest person should read these ar. Profs. James, Hyslop, etc.

ticles and help keep our girlsand boys, too. 6. Hypnotism today

from a life of shame. (1) Uses, good and bad-Vicious Habits. Send today one dollar for a subscription to (2) Charlatan and Showman.


ARTHUR E. GRINGLE, Editor 1. The subjective ever receiving Suggestion. Department J

Indianapolis, Ind.. 2. Telepathic Suggestion.

No tree sampler. Specimen copy, 15c.
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National Surgical Institute

72 S. Pryor St., Atlanta, Ga.



Writo for a Free Trial Box.
(Sold by Druggists)

Estab. 1889



The services of a representa

tive to look after our old customers and prospective buyers of our Modern Simple Tax-free Industrial Alcohol Distilling Apparatus, but special successful demonstrative methods for making Alcohol, Apple Jack, Aguardiente, Mescal, Teguila, Peach Brandy, Solidified Alcohol in Cubes, Essential Oil, Cedar Oil, Denatured Alcohol. Most modern, simple 5-Gallon Still and all sizes to 500-Galloon daily capacities. Good commission. Address The Wood Waste Distilleries , Company, (Inc.)

Wheeling, W. Va., U. S. A.

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Every Woman


is interested and should know
about the wonderful

Whirling Spray
Marvel Douche


Ask your druggist for
it. If he cannot sup-
ply the MARVEL, accept no
other, but send stamp for illus-
trated book--sealed. It gives
full particulars and directions
invaluable to ladies.

MARVEL CO., 44 E. 22d St., New York



Read Up on the Utilization of Farm
Waste and Wood Waste by Distillation

A general consideration of the NEW INDUSTRY,

A Sweet Song by including a full description of the distilling apparatus used and the principle involved, also method of chemical control and disposal of the

S. WILLIS THOMAS products; first edition illustrated by seventy-four engravings, 156 pages. This book is cloth bound. It will be sent to any address postpaid on receipt

Music by Dugdale Ten Cents of $3.20.

Stills, 5-Gal. Tax-Free, Cost $135.00, pays for itself every month. Alcohol Solidified, 32 Solid Sample Cubes, 194-proof and its Formula, including one Alcohol Stove, postpaid for $2.00. Address JEFFERSONIAN PUBLISHING CO. Wood Waste Distillieries News Co. Wheeling, W. Va.

Thomson, Georgia
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200,000 Americans


Ridpath's History of the World

This means that practically as many Americans have bought Ridpath as have bought the great Encyclopedia Britannica and the Country Dictionary combined. Can you imagine any greater testimonial for any book?

Dr. Ridpath's Immortal Work commands the admiration of the English-speaking world. It is endorsed by the scholarship of the world, and by the great American people, as the only history of the world worth having.


Places in our hands the remaining sets of this great publication 9 Massive Royal Octavo Volumes. 4,000 double-column pages, 2,000 superb illustrations, brand new. latest edition down to date, beautifully bound in Half Morocco. We are selling these sets, while they last,

At LESS than even DAMAGED SETS were ever sold We will name our price only in direct letters to those sending us the Coupon below. Tear off the Coupon, write name and address plainly and mail to us now before you forget it.

Here is your opportunity to secure Ridpath's History of the World at the lowest price ever offered-and on easy terms. It will

cost you nothing to inspect the beautiful specimen pages and let us mail you full particulars of our offer. The sample pages are free.

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Royal octavo volumes, encyclopedia size, 11 in. tall, 8 in. wide, 2 in, thick, weighs 55 lbs.

dain at France which says, "You shall not." Washtakes you back to the dawn of his- ington is there four square to all winds," grave tory, long before the Pyramids of Egypt were built, down thoughtful, proof against the wiles of British strategy through the romantic troubled times of Chaldea's grandeur and the poisoned darts of false friends; clear-seeing and Assyria's magnificence; of Babylonia's wealth and lux- over the heads of his fellow-countrymen and on ury; of Greek and Roman splendor; of Mohammedan cul- into another century, the most colossal worldture and refinement; of French elegance and British power; figure of his time. to the rise of the Western World including the complete his

He covers every race, every nation, every

FREE tory of the United States and every other nation down to the time, and holds you spellbound by his close of the Russia-Japan war.

wonderful eloquence. Nothing more

COUPON He throws the mantle of personality over the old heroes of interesting, absorbing and inspiring

Western Newshistory. Alexander is there,-patriot, warrior, statesman, was ever written by man.

paper Association diplomat, -crowning the glory of Grecian history. Xerxes Ridpath should be in your

204 Dearborn St., from his mountain platform sees Themistocles, with three home. It is a work that you

Chicago, III. hundred and fifty Greek ships, smash his Persian fleet of will value as long as you


mail. without over a thousand sail and help to mold the live and read over and

cost to me, sample pages language in which this paragraph is written. over again.

of Ridpath's History containRome perches Nero upon the greatest throne



ing his famous "Race Chart," on earth, and so sets up a poor madman's Send Coupon

in colors, map of China and Japan,

To-day Brings the name to stand for countless centuries as the

diagram of Panama Canal, etc., and Complete Set) synonym of savage cruelty. Napoleon fights

write me full particulars of your special Balance Waterloo again under your very eyes, and

offer to Watson's Magazine Readers. Small Sums

reels before the iron fact that at last the end
of his gilded dream had come. Bismarck is

there-gruff, overbearing, a giant pugilist in
the diplomatic ring-laughing with grim dis-


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We're telling the Nation about Texas"

Use Our Free Information Bureau


The Land of Sunshine"

Where the Fortune Making Orange, Grain, Fruit, Truck, Livestock, Cotton, Fig, and Bermuda Onion lands can be purchased at very low prices.

The Texas Magazine

Tells You All About Them

Each issue contains several full-page and scores of smaller illustrations of typical Texas crop growing scenes. It is the finest and most profusely illustrated magazine of its class in America.

SPECIAL OFFER-Send 50c. for a trial three-months subscription and ask our Information Bureau any question about Texas, free of charge.

Single copies, 15c. Per year, $1.50 THE TEXAS MAGAZINE, Houston, Texas


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1 Madison Avenue

(Box 160)

Formerly Director of the Bureau of Commerce, Navigation and Statistics, U. S. Treasury Department;

Commissioner to Italy, Holland and Russia; Member of the U. S. Monetary Commission, etc.
The Empire and Worship of Augustus Cæsar; derived from recent studies in the great

Libraries and Archæological Collections of Europe; including a New Chronology

of History and Religion. 8vo, pp. 400; cloth, $3. The Middle Ages Revisited; or the Roman Government and Religion from Augustus

to the Fall of Constantinople; 8vo, pp. 400; cloth, $3. Ancient Britain; in the light of Modern Archæological Discoveries; 8vo, pp. 250;

cloth, $2. A History of Monetary System; or a record of actual experiments in Money, made by

various States of the Modern World, as drawn from their statutes, customs, treaties, mining regulations, jurisprudence, history, archæology, coins, num

mulary systems, and other sources of information; pp. 450; cloth, $2.50. History of Money in America; from the Spanish Conquest to the Foundation of the

American Constitution; 8vo, pp. 200; cloth, $1.50. History of Money in the Netherlands; pamphlet; 8vo, pp. 32; 50 cents. The Venus de Milo, its History and its Art; illustrated, 8vo, pp. 50. Edition de Luxe,

50 cents. The Science of Money; or the Principles Deducible from its History, ancient and

modern; third edition; 8vo, pp. 226; cloth, $2. A History of the Precious Metals; from the Earliest Times to the Present. Second

edition, complete in one volume; pp. 500, 8vo, cloth and gold, $3; half morocco, $4. This is not a recension of the First Edition (London, 1880), but an entirely

new work constructed on an improved plant by the same author. Life of Hon. Alex. Del Mar, by J. K. H. Wilcox; 8vo. pamphlet; third edition, 50 cents.

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