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Ernest C. Mobley


VERY student of sociology con- spirit of the Douma will march on forversant with international condi- ever.

tions must admit to certain revo- Organized, entrenched state Sociallutionary tendencies, as evidenced by ism is thundering at the gates of the the unmistakable dissatisfaction in sev. German Riechstag with increasing eral countries.

power. Germany's record of peace and The tyranny under the Czardom of prosperity under the reign of the Iron Russia is experiencing evolutionary Duke was phenomenal. When Emprocesses of a radical revolutionary peror William was a young Prince, character, because of the transforming Germany had 36,000,000 people; today, power of Count Tolstoi's writings. the Fatherland has a population of

This Christian iconoclast who has 65,000,000, and claims the world's been the master literary stylist of the trophy for peace. Notwithstanding the past two generations, devoted his su- splendid intellectual, diplomatic and perb talents to the amelioration of the executive powers, and commanding downtrodden masses.

The inspiring personality of the Emperor, Germany classics from his trenchant pen are be

is not in the masterly grasp of a Bisqueathed to unborn generations for the marck at this critical crisis. The Ememancipation of the multiplied millions peror and his suave nephew, Prince von of the world's oppressed.

Buelow, schemed to crush, at one fell As Christ walked the Via Dolorosa swoop, the power of that detestable in order to become the world's perfect type of Socialism, by dissolving the Savior, Count Tolstoi voluntarily went Riechstag. The Emperor found himself the way of the unrecognized peasant in the dilemma of accepting a modthat he might become Russia's practical

erate form of constitutional government emancipator. That greatest weapon

or accepting definitely prescribed limthe pen, has done more

itations of power. The political Chesfor the populace of Russia than all terfield, Chancellor von Buelow, exother agencies combined. Tolstoi elo- perienced a sudden transition in favor quently championed the


of a delighted successor. Democracy and helped to precipitate

The London Times unearthed the measures fraught with incalculable correspondence between the Emperor worth to his country. Permanent revo

and the highest official of the English lutions travel the sure road of inevit- navy. A young German editor pumped able evolution. Tolstoi has wrought the scathing criticisms into the Emperor's inception of a far-reaching reforma

vulnerable castle until a mild retraction tion. Russia is under the spell of a

was issued, while Dame Rumor whispersweeping transition. The cryptic in- ed, across seas, that the Emperor was troduction before the preliminary Peace laboring under a species of insanity. Conference by Sir Henry Campbell- The dominant type of German Bannerman, "The Douma is dead; long Socialism is known as State Socialism, live the Douma," is pregnant with a and is heavy with the poison of destrucprofounder meaning than at first ap- tion of the home, church, and state. pears. The ruthless abolishing of the This subtle influence spreads like a Douma was significant of the passing deadly menace over everything. of the ancient order, but the dauntless France, with $117 per capita, and

known to man,


11,000,000 families owning their homes of peace for more than a generation, out of a total of 12,000,000 families, but the Emperor seems to be itching seems thrifty, prosperous and contented. to even old scores with the German But France is seething in the throes of blood that reigns on the English throne a national experiment by reason of and rules the high seas. the separation of church and state. The The mongrel character of the popucountry is Catholic to the core, with lation of the government on whose ter28,000,000 adherents. The wedge of ritory the sun never sets, superinduces Socialism entered and the leaders be- unavoidable elements of palpable income tired of being ruled from Rome. compatability. India, Egypt, Africa, M. Briand, the recently resigned and Canada would swing, under sufficPremier, was a pronounced Socialist. ient provocation, into the column of in

Conservative, impregnable, impene- dependent governments. Like rocks on trable, unchanging old England is on the edge of a high boulder, when one the brink of a social revolution and is starts all immediately follow. literally honey-combed with the per- Organized Socialism has put its forating influences of Socialism. representatives into the Imperial Par

Minimize as we may the apparent in- liament of Great Britain, while milidications of internal revolution of an tant suffragetism bombards the legislaimperial character and external clash tive and judicial departments with reof far-reaching consequences, and still peated onslaughts. The ancient regime Great Britian is siding up to a situation is slipping from beneath their feet, that is destined, sooner or later, to leaving its advocates to reel under the break the bond of Empire and change intoxication of a tantalizing uncerthe whole map of Europe. A seething tainty. volcano is smouldering beneath the

I shudder to think of what the next citadel of the world's greatest empire. ten years will write on the page of EngA combination of heterogeneous forces lish history. The Hague may postconspire to consummate the greatest im- pone matters by amicable arbitrary perial catastrophe of all history. Every measures, but the ultimate consequences nation grows its own seed of destruc- must eventually come. tion. The empires of the past planned A descendent of the old Hapsburg their own overthrow by an insatiate line startled the world with the point craving for expansion. In the whisper- of his Spanish pen by signing a pecuing galleries of the centuries, the liar document concerning the church graphophone of history repeats itself and state in the land of the Alhambra. with invariable accuracy.

Definite The almond-eyed statesmen of the causes are certain to produce definite Celestial Kingdom are twisting the tail effects.

of the sleeping giant by contending for Germany is overpopulated and must

a constitutional form of government. have territory for colonization pur

The insurrectionists of the unspeakposes. The only way to acquire terri- able Turkish tyranny wrought a martory is to cross some English possession. velous part in the affairs of the mysteWhen the German army marches across rious Ottoman government. In their English territory, it will be to the tune new Parliament they are driving the of artillery that will shake all nations chariot of state directly to the goal of and reverberate around the world. Ger- constitutional government. many has the best drilled standing Our Republic, the eighth wonder of army on earth today, and the govern- the world, is drifting among the politment has built up since 1848 a marvel- ical shoals of a national upheaval. The qus navy. They have followed the ways ship of state has left its old moorings and is out among the floating timbers the old Volunteer State to join forces without any sure place of anchorage. against an unscruplous Governor who Confusion grows worse confounded. trampled their honor and good name The party that has held power, prac

beneath his unhallowed feet. tically for a half century by its solid- Socialism in this country is on trial arity, is now irreconcilably rent in in its administration of the municipal twain. The brave insurgents have affairs of the cosmopolitan city of Milrolled up surprising victories and the waukee. battle has just begun. Stereotyped The hand of destiny on the dial of party lines are rapidly disappearing. fate points to high noon. The hour has An absolutely new alignment, possess- struck. The dogs of war have been ing adaptability to conditions, seems in- turned loose. The army of toilers is evitable. Democracy bids fair to rule marching to battle. “Equal rights to in the halls of congress again. The door all and special privileges to none,” is of hope stands ajar. The White House the war cry of the tramping millions. appears in the dreams of her majesty There are but two roads by which a of the Southland. Her magic wand revolution travels. The one is by the failed to bind the “Solid South” when ballot box. The other is by the canapparently insurmountable barriers non's mouth. The first is always preblocked the road to decency and prin- ferable. The second sometimes becomes ciple. The Cromwellian spirit incar- necessary. May the power of the unnated in the machine-conquering soul tramelled ballot prevail is the soul-cry of Carmack-called the Democrats of of our glorious uncrowned queens.

Lilies of Love

Alonzo Rice

In garden-depths fair flowers lift

The regal crowns they wear;
The roses from the lattice drift

Sweet petals on the air;
But from the dark and sluggish tide,

The lilies lean in garments white,
And they who wander there will bide

Awhile to view the sight.

So down my stream of life that glides,

Reflecting somber skies
(A cheerless prospect on all sides,

Except to thy fond eyes),
My own dear sweetheart, far above,

I know enraptured thou canst see
The fair, pure lilies of my love

Lift their white hands to thee!

Stephen M. Young, Jr.


OLONIES abroad," "Expan- and Mr. Morgan—not we-would be sion," "World Power," and ex- loft "waiting at the church.”

pressions of similar ilk have a Mr. Morgan needs the big navy more sort of magnificent suggestion to the than he needs anything else. · Sixteen ordinary man--the man who works and battleships carrying the stars and sweats and fights and tries to keep his stripes around the world helps him, not rent up and to pay his debts. To him us. We pay for the navy; he and other these and like expressions impart Wall Street pirates use it. We pay for strength and wealth; imperialism to the Philippines—in blood and money. him is something to brag about. This We have been paying for them ever I might call the Imperialistic Delusion, since that last night in April when for it surely is a delusion, and one, I Dewey steamed into Manila Bay, and am sorry to say, that a great many of we are still paying; but, the Morgans us entertain.

get the benefit. Those islands, ten The American "benevolent assimila- thousand miles from our nearest coast, tion" of the Philippines and Filipinos helps the Steel Trust and the Tobacco has not brought us strength. It has Trust to pay fine dividends on watered brought us weakness. It has not brought stock, but we pay more than ever beus wealth, but on the contrary has in- fore for steel, and a five-cent plug of creased, and is increasing, our national tobacco is smaller now than it was deficit by millions. It is enriching twenty years ago. Morgan and Carnegie and their asso- In a moral sense, we have no right ciates, but I fail to see that it has taken to the Philippine Islands. A republic any burden from our shoulders. I fail cannot have colonies; it is contrary to to see that it is helping US.

fundamental principles. A republic The United States Steel Corporation, rests upon the consent of the governed; that is, J. Pierpont Morgan and others a colonial government rests upon force. of his stripe, believe in our being a Once, under a man named Washington, "World Power.” It helps them to mar- we fought for the principle of a colonket the products of their various ial possession, obtaining its inalienable monopolies. They have to have foreign right to a voice in the shaping of its markets as our home market cannot own affairs. Is it right for us to deny absorb all of the manufactured pro- that inalienable right, now? This same ducts of this country, and if poor, Washington, in his farewell address, simple old Uncle Samuel owns the for- the grandest address ever made to a eign market, that makes it all the better people, warned us against foreign alli---for Morgan. Why? Don't you see ances and possessions. All of our why? It's simple. . If we did not have glorious past, the monopoly-throat-cutpossessions abroad we would not have ting present, as well as the ominous a big navy, and if we did not have a future, warns us against colonial exbig navy our Morgans could not obtain pansion, nevertheless we are a “World trade advantages in the East. It takes Power.” a Big Stick to enforce the Open Door Chief Justice Taney, in deciding the and secure trade advantages in the East case of Dred Scott vs. Sandford, said: and without the backing of a big navy “There is certainly no power given by cur merchants would be left at the pole the Constitution to the Federal Governby those of Germany and England; ment to establish or maintain colonies


bordering on the United States or at a needed to recover the large imperialism distance, to be ruled and governed at deficit. It is hard to conceive him as its own pleasure; nor to enlarge its ter- turning right around and alleging that ritorial limits in any way except by the our Philippine policy costs only a small admission of new states. *

A amount, six millions of dollars, anpower in the general government to ob- nually. However, our Washington tain and hold colonies and dependent statemen(?) often make strange and territories, would be inconsistent with

unaccountable errors in arithmetic in its own existence in its present form.” defense of their friends of Wall Street.

There are other warning voices from The ominous future warns us against the past. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “If retaining the Philippine Islands. It there can be one principle more deeply seems to tell us that the American blood written in the mind of every American, already spilled over there will be as a it is that we should have nothing to do drop in a bucket to what will be spilled with conquest.” Henry Clay said, “Of if we insist on continuing our present all the dangers and misfortunes which policy of domination and oppression. could befall this nation, I should re

There are many who say our navy must gard that of its becoming a warlike and be doubled in size so that we may betconquering power the most direful and

ter protect these islands in the Orient. fatal.” The great Lincoln may be They assert that Japan wants the Phi!quoted time and again against imperial- ippine Islands and wants them badly ism, and Daniel Webster, the expounder enough to fight for them. If that be of the Constitution, exclaimed, “Under

true, it is the very reason we should our Constitution there can be no de

make them an independent nation. Cerpendencies;” and it seems to me that a

tainly, the Filipinos would be in a betcertain recent result, namely, a distin

ter position to defend themselves as an guished and well advertised gentleman independent country than as a dependgetting it good and hard directly back

ent colony. As an independent people of his Adam's apple, prove that there they would have an army, guns and are many who still prefer “Old Consti- munitions and possibly a navy; as a tutionalism” to this un-American "new benevolent assimilator engaged in an nationalism."

"altruistic experiment” we could not Our present Chief Executive, that afford to allow them such things. Our "good natured gentleman surrounded government, too, would be in a much by determined men who know just better position to defend the islands if what they want,” calls our retention of they were independent. We, as a prothe Philippine Islands “one of the most tector, could detail offiecrs to train the interesting experiments in national Filipino soldiers, and when we consider altruism ever undertaken,” and he is, how stubbornly they resisted the Spanof course, heartily in favor of keeping iards and later, our own soldiers, we them as a colonial possession; yet, not- can appreciate the fight they will make withstanding this statement, anti-Im- when any other nation attempt to rob perialists may well use words from his them of their independence. As allies, own lips as an unanswerable argument the Filipinos would be valuable aids to show the necessity of our allowing to us in a war in the Far East; as subthe Filipinos to govern themselves as jects they would probably take advantan independent nation. Two years ago age of our situation and strike for freeat Washington President Taft an- dom. However, it is practically certain nounced himself as opposed to a tax on that if we would announce our definite tea and in favor of a tax on corporation policy to make the Filipinos independdividends in order to raies the money ent, we could secure, by agreement with

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