Glaucus: Or, The Wonders of the Shore

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Macmillan, 1855 - Marine animals - 165 pages

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Page 94 - Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever the earth and the world were made : thou art God from everlasting, and world without end.
Page 3 - AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE LUNAR THEORY, with a Brief Sketch of the Problem up to the time of Newton. Second Edition, revised. Crown 8vo. cloth. 5*. 6d. Hemming.— AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS, for the Use
Page 33 - And also those which wonne in th' azure sky : For much more eath to tell the starres on hy, Albe they endlesse seeme in estimation, Then to recount the Seas posterity : So fertile be the flouds in generation, So huge their numbers, and so numberlesse their nation. Therefore the antique wisards well invented That Venus of the fomy sea was bred, For that the seas by her are most augmented : Witnesse th' exceeding fry which there are fed, And wondrous sholes which may of none be red.
Page 12 - THRUPP.— Antient Jerusalem : a New Investigation into the History, Topography, and Plan of the City, Environs, and Temple. Designed principally to illustrate the records and prophecies of Scripture. With Map and Plans. By JOSEPH FRANCIS THRUPP, MA 8vo. cloth, 15». THRUPP.— Introduction to the Study and Use of the Psalms. By the Rev. JF THRUPP, MA 2 vols. 8vo. 21».
Page 4 - JEWELL.— An Apology of the Church of England, and an Epistle to Seignior Scipio concerning the Council of Trent, translated from the original Latin, and illustrated with Notes, chiefly drawn from the Author's
Page 6 - FREDERICK M°CoY, FGS, Hon. FCPS, Professor of the Natural Sciences in the University of Melbourne ; formerly Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the Queen's University in Ireland; author of "Characters of the Carboniferous Limestone Fossils of Ireland ;" " Synopsis of the Silurian Fossils of Ireland ;" " Contributions to British Palaeontology,
Page 3 - Analysis of the Civil Law. In which a comparison is occasionally made between the Roman Laws and those of England. A new Edition, with alterations and additions, being the heads of a Course of Lectures publicly delivered in the University of Cambridge, by JW GELDART, LL.D.
Page 6 - M'Coy's British Palaeozoic Rocks and Fossils," &c. M'COY. — Preparing for Publication, in One Volume, crown 8vo. with numerous Illustrations, An Elementary Introduction to the Study of Palaeontology. With numerous Figures illustrative of Structural Details. *»* This little Work is intended to supply all that elementary information on the Structure of Fossil Animals, with reference to the most nearly allied existing types, illustrated explanation of technical terms, &c. which the beginner may require,...

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