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Book-plate of OLIVER CROMWELL from
his copy of Magia Adamica' (1650)
in the Editors Library. See Memoir
of Thomas Vaughan Eugenius
Philalethes) in Appendix

to Vol II

VI. Lumen de Lumine: or a new Magicall Light discovered, and Communicated to the World. By Eugenius Philalethes. London, Printed for H. Blunden at the Castle in Corne-hil. 1651. [120]. Collation: Title-page--Epistle-dedicatory 3 leaves (unpaged] - Latin Verses on Bodley 1 leaf (unpaged]– to the Reader 3 leaves (unpaged] — Treatise pp. 97. An Appendix entitled “ Aphorismi Magici Eugeniani”, pp. 99-101 is often awanting

VII. The fame and confession of the fraternity of R:C: Commonly, of the Rosie Cross. With a preface annexed thereto, and a short Declaration of their Physicall Work. By Eugenius Philalethes. London, Printed by J. M. for Giles Calvert, at the black spread Eagle at the West end of Pauls, 1652. [16mo.] Collation. a. 1 blank, a. 2 titlepage. Publisher to the reader. a. 3-8 6 leaves : the Preface 28 leaves : the Treatise 28 leares : a short advertisement to the reader 4 leaves.

VIII. Aula Lucis, or the House of Light : a Discourse written in the year 1651, By S. N. a Modern Speculator. London, Printed for William Leake, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Crowne in Fleet Street, between the two TempleGates, 1652. [120.] Collation : Title-page a 1: To my best and noblest friend Saleucus Abantiades A 2-4 : to the present Reader, reverse of A. 4 and 5: Aula Lucis a 6-1 19 leaves, 1 page : a Post Script to the Reader, reverse of 1—5, 1 page, 3 la 104, 1 page: Couigencla and Advertisement of Icoks printed or soll by William Leake, &c., 2 shoorn. . ;. *. lplesents Thomas] Vaugha[n]: see Wood's Athenæ, 8. n.

IX. The Chymists Key to shut, and to open: Or the true doctrine of Corruption and Generation, in ten brief Aphorismes, illustrated with most and faithfull commentaries out of the pure light of Nature. By that Judicious and Industre01's Anti-t, llenry Nollivs. Published by Eugenius P'lelies. London, Printed by E. B. for I Lord at the Castle in Cornhill. 1657. [18mo.] (lation: Title-page-to the Reader 5 leares [uupaged]-Treatise pp. 63.


Posthumous. X. A Breif Natural History intermixed with raricty of Philosophical Discourses: and Observations upon the Burnings of Mount Etna. With Refulations of such Vulgar Errours as our modern Authours have omitted. By Eugenius Philalethes. London, Printed for Samuel Smelt, next door to the Castle near Moor-gate, 1669 [120]. Collation : Title-page-To the Reader 6 leaves [unpaged]— Treatise pp. 120.1

XI. Euphrates or the Waters of the East: Being a short Discourse of that Secret Fountain, whose Water flows from Fire; aud carries in it the Beams of the Sun and Moon. By Eugenius Philalethes. London, Printed for Robert Boulter, at the Turk'shead in Cornhill, over against the Royall Exchange. 1671.2 [120]. Collation: Title-page-To the Reader 6 leaves (unpaged]-Treatise pp. 124.

I add the title-pages of Dr. Henry More's two Attacks on Eugenius Philalethes :

1. Observations upon Anthroposophia Theomagica, and Anima Magica Abscondita. By Alazonomastix Philalethes. Printed at Parrhesia, but are to be sold by 0. Pullen, at the Rose in Paul's Churchyurd, 1650. [120]. Collation : Titlepage - Epistle two leaves (unpaged] – Treatise pp. 91– blank leaf-Verses to the Author, two leaves (unpaged].

| Wood in AthenÆ states that Olor Iscanus (i. e. Henry Vaughan) had not included this in the list of his brother's books, and so he assigns it to some other. Its whole substance and style are in accord with his previous writings, and it might readily be by inadvertence omitted.

2 Mr. Lyte dates this 1653, but I believe this to be a mistake. My copy is of 1671 without any intimation of a prior edition.

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