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Pet. Is not this well ? come my sweete Kate. Better once then neuer, for neuer too late.


Actus Quintus.

Enter Baptista, Vincentio, Gremio, the Pedant, Lucentio,

and Bianca, Tranio, Biondello, Grumio, and widdow : the seruing men with Tranio bringing in a banquet.

Luc. At last, though long, our iarring notes agree,
And time it is when raging warre is come,
To smile at scapes and perils ouerblowne:
My faire Bianca bid my father welcome,
While I with felfe same kindnesse welcome thine :
Brother Petruchio, sister Katerina,
And thou Hortensio, with thy louing Widdow :
Feast with the best, and welcome to my house,
My banket is to close our stomakes vp
After our great good cheere : pray you sit downe,
For now we sit to chat as well as eate.

Petr. Nothing but fit and fit, and eate and eate.
Bap. Padua affoords this kindnesse fonne Petruchio.
Petr. Padua affords nothing but what is kinde.
Hor. For both our fakes I would that word were true.
Petr. Now for my life Hortensio feares his Widow.
Wid. Then neuer trust me if I be affeard.

Petr. You are very sensible, and yet you misse my sence: I meane Hortenfio is afear'd of you.

Wid. He that is giddie thinkes the world turns round.
Petr. Roundly replied.
Kate. Miftris how meane you that?
Wid. Thus I conceiue by him.
Petr. Conceiues by me, how likes Hortenfio that?
Hor. My widdow sayes, thus the conceives her tale.


Petr. Verie well mended : kisse him for that good widdow.

Kate. He that is giddie thinkes the world turnes round, I pray you tell me what you meant by that.

Wid. Your husband being troubled with a shrew,
Measures my husbands forrow, by his woe :
And now you know my meaning.

Kate, A verie meane meaning.
Wid. Right. I meane you.
Kate. And I am meane indeed, respecting you.
Petr. To her Kate.
Hor. To her Widdow.
Petr. A hundred marks, my Kate does put her down.
Hor. That's my office.
Petr. Spoke like an officer : ha to thee lad.

Drinkes to Hortensio.
Bap. How likes Gremio these quicke witted folkes?
Gre. Beleeue me sir, they but together well.

Bian. Head, and but an hastie witted bodie,
Would say your head and but were head and horne.

Vin. I mistris bride, hath that awakened you ?
Bian. I, but not frighted me, therefore Ile Neepe againe.

Petr. Nay that you shall not since you haue begun :
Haue at you for a better ieft or too.

Bian. Am I your bird, I meane to shift my bush,
And then pursue me as you draw my bow.
You are welcome all.

Exit Bianca.
Petr. She hath preuented me, here signior Tranio,
This bird you aim'd at, though you hit her not,
Therfore a health to all that shot and mist.

Tri. Oh sir, Lucentio flipt me like his gray-hound,
Which runs himselfe, and catches for his master.

Pet. A good swift fimile, but something currish.


Tra. 'Tis well fir that you hunted for yourselfe : *Tis thought your deere does hold you at a baye.

Bap. Oh, oh Petruchio, Tranio hits you now.
Luc. I thanke thee for that gird good Tranio.
Hor. Confesse, confesse, hath he not hit you here?

Petr. A has a litle gald me I confesse:
And as the ieft did glaunce away from me,
Tis ten to one it maim'd you too out right.

Bap. Now in good sadnesse sonne Petruchio,
I thinke thou hast the veriest shrew of all.

Petr. Well I say no: and therefore fir, assurance,
Let's each one send vnto his wife,
And he whose wife is most obedient,
To come at first when he doth send for her,
Shall win the wager which we will propose.

Hor. Content what's the wager?
Luc. Twentie crownes.

Petr. Twenty crownes.
Ile venture so much of my hawke or hound,
But twentie times so much vpon my wife.

Luc. A hundred then.
Hor. Content.
Petr. A match 'tis done.
Hor. Who shall begin?

Luc. That will I.
Goe Biondello, bid your mistris come to me.

Bior. I goe.
Bap. Sonne Ile be you halfe, Bianca comes.
Luc. Ile haue no halues : Ile beare it all myselfe.


Enter Biondello. How now, what newes ?

Bion. Sir, my mistris fends you word That she is busie, and shee cannot come.

Petr. How ? she’s busie and fee cannot come: is that an answere?

Gre. I, and a kinde one too :
Praie God fir your wife send you not a worse.

Petr. I hope better.

Hor. Sirra Biondello, goe and intreate my wife to come to mee forthwith.

Exit Bion. Pet. Oh ho intreate her, nay then she must needes come. Hor. I am affraid fir, doe what you can

Enter Biondello.

Yours will not be intreated : now where's my

wife? Bion. She sayes you haue some goodly ieft in hand, She will not come: fhe bids you come to her.

Petr. Worse and worse, she will not come :
Oh vild, intollerable, not to be indur'd:
Sirra Grumio, goe to your mistris,
Say I command her come to me.

Hor. I know her answere.
Pet. What?
Hor. She will not.
Pet. The fouler fortune mine, and there an end.


Enter Katerina.
Bap. Now by my hollidam here comes Katerina.
Kat. What is your will sir, that you send for me?
Petr. Where is your sister, and Hortensios wife?
Kate. They fit conferring by the parler fire.

Petr. Goe fetch them hither, if they denie to come,
Swinge me them foundly forth vnto their husbands :
Away I say, and bring them hither straight.



Lic. Here is a wonder, if you talke of a wonder.
Hor. And so it is : I wonder what it boads.

Petr. Marrie peace it boads, and loue, and quiet life,
An awfull rule, and right supremacie :
And to be short, what not, that's sweete and happie.

Bap. Now faire befall thee good Petruchio ;
The wager thou hast won, and I will adde
Vnto their losses twentie thousand crownes,
Another dowrie to another daughter,
For she is chang’d as she had neuer bin.

Petr. Nay, I will win my wager better yet,
And thew more signe of her obedience,
Her new built vertue and obedience.

Enter Kate, Bianca, and IViddow.

See where she comes, and brings your froward wiues
As prisoners to her womanlie perswasion :
Katerine, that cap of yours becomes you not,
Off with that bable, throw it vnder foote.

Wid. Lord let me neuer haue a cause to sigh,
Till I be brought to such a fillie passe.

Bian. Fie what a foolish dutie call you this ?

Luc. I would your dutie were as foolish too :
The wisdome of your dutie faire Bianca,
Hath cost me fiue hundred crownes since supper time.

Bian. The more foole you for laying on my dutie.

Pet. Katherine I charge thee tell these head-strong women,
What durie they doe owe their lords and husbands.

Wide Come, come, your mocking: we will haue no telling.
Pet. Come on I say, and first begin with her.
Wid. She shall not.
Pet. I say she shall, and first begin with her.
Kate. Fie, fie, vnknit that threatning vnkind brow,


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