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Ścilens. A firra quoth a, we shall do nothing but eate and make good cheere, and praise God for the merry yeere, when flesh is cheape and females deare, and lusty laddes roame here and there fo merely, and euer among so merily.

Sir John. Theres a merry heart, good M. Silens, lle giuc you a health for that anon.

Shal. Giue master Bardolfe some wine, Dauy.

Dauy. Sweet fir sit, Ile be with you anon, most sweet fir sit, master page, good master page fit: proface, what you want io meate, wecle haue in drink, but you must beare, the heart's al.

Shal. Be mery master Bardolfe, and my litle souldier there,

be merry

Scilens. Be merry, be mery, my wife has all, for women are throwes both short and tall, tis merry in hal when beards wags all, and welcome mery Shrouetide, be mery, be mery.

Falst. I did not thinke malter Scilens had bin a man of this mettall.

Scilens. Who I? I haue beene mery twice and once ere



Enter Dauy.
Dauy. Theres a dish of lether-coates for you.
Shal. Dauy ?

Dauy. Your worship: Ile be with you sraight, a cup wine fir.

Scilens. A cup of wine thats briske and fine, and drinke vato the leman mine, and a mery heart liues long a.

Falft. Well said master Scilens.

Scilens. And we shall be mery, now comes in the sweete a'th night.

Falt. Health and long life to you master Scilens.

Scilens. Fill the cuppe, and let it come, Ile pledge you a mile too'th bottome.

QO 2


Shal. Honest Bardolfe, welcome, if thou wanuft any thing, and wilt not call, beshrew thy heart, welcome my little tiny theefe, and welcome indeede too, Ile drinke to master Bar. delfe, and to all the cabileros about London.

Dauy. I hope to see London once ere I die.
Bar. And I might see you there Dauy.

Shal. By the mas youle cracke a quarte together, ha will you not master Bardolfe?

Bar. Yea fir, in a portle pot.

Sha. By Gods liggens I thanke thee, the knaue will sticke by thee, I can assure thee that a wil not out, a tis true 'bred!

Bar. And Ile sticke by him fir. One knockes at decre

Sha. Why there spoke a king: lacke nothing, be mery, Looke who's at doore there ho, who knockes?

Falft. Why now you haue done me right.

Silens. Do me right, and dub me knight, famingo: ist nor so ?

Falst. Tis fo.
Silens. If so, why then say an olde man can do fomewhat.

Dauy. And't please your worship, theres one Pijtoll come from the court with newes.

Enter Pistol.

Fals. From the court? let him come in, how now Pind?
Pistol. Sir Tolm, God faue you.
Falst. What wind blew you hither Pistol?

Pifol. Not the ill winde which blowes no man to good: sweete knight, thou art now one of the greatest men in this realme.

Silens. Birlady I thinke a be, but goodman Puffe of Barlis.

Pisto. Puffe? poffe ith thy teeth, most recreant coward, base, fir Ihn, I am thy Pitel and thy frend, and helter skelter,


hate I rode to thee, and tidings do I bring, and luckie ioyes, and golden times, and happy news of price.

lohn. I pray thee now deliver them like a man of this world.

Pifel. A footre for the world and worldlings base, I speake of Affrica and golden ioyes.

Lohn. O base Ajirian knight! what is thy newes ? let king Couetua know the truth thereof.

Scilens. And Robin Hood, Scarlet, and Ichn.

Pistol. Shal dunghill curs confront the Helicons ? and shall good newes be baffled ? then Pistoll lay thy head in furies lap:

Shal. Honest gentleman, I know not your breeding.
Piftol. Why then lament therefore.

Shal. Giue me pardon sir, if sir you come with newes from the court, I take it theres but two wajes, either to viter them, or conceale them, I am fir vnder the king in some authoritie.

Pistol. Vnder which king, Bifonian? speake, or die.
Shal. Vnder king Harry.
Piftol. Harry the fourth, or fift?
Shal. Harry the fourth.

Pit. A fowtre for thine office: sir Iohn, thy tender lambkin now is king : Harry the fifts the man: I speake the truth: when Pistol lics, do this, and fig me, like the bragging Spaniard,

Falft. What is the old king dead?
Pift. As nayle in doore, the things I speake are ius.

Fal. Away Bardolfe, faddle my horse, M. Robert Shallow, choose what office thou wilt in the land, ţis thine: Pistol, I will double charge thee with dignities.

Bard. O joyful day! I would not take a knight for my fortune.

Pistol. What? I do bring good newes.

Falst. Carry master Scilens to bed : master Shallow, my lord Shalow, be what thou wilt, I am fortunes steward, get

on thy boots, weel ride al night : û sweet Piftol, away Bardolf, com Pistol, vtter more to me, and withall, denise fomething to doe thy felfe good, boote, boote master Shallow, I know the yong king is sicke for me: let vs take any mans horses, the lawes of England are at my commandement, blessed are they that haue bin my friends, and woe to my lord chiefe justice.

Pift. Let vultures vile seize on his lungs also : where is the life that late I led, say they, why here it is, welcome these plesant dayes.


Enter Sincklo and three or foure officers. Hoft. No, thou arrant knaue, I would to God that I might die, that I might haue thee hangd, thou hast drawn'my shoulder out of ioynt,

Sincklo. The constables haue deliuered her ouer to mee, and shee shall haue whipping cheere I warrant her, there hath beene a man or two kild about her.

Whoore. Nut-hooke, nut-hooke, you lie, come on, Ile tell thee what, thou damnd tripe visagde rascall, and the child I go with, do miscarry, thou wert better thou hadit strook thy mother, thou paper-facde villaine.

Hoft. O the Lord, that sir Iohn were come ! I would make this a bloody day to some body: but I pray God the fruite of her wombe miscarry.

Sincklo. If it doe, you shall haue a dozzen of cushions againe, you haue but eleuen nowe : come, I charge you both goe with mee, for the man is dead that you and Pistoll beat amongst you.

Whoore. Ile tell you what, you thin man in a censor, I will haue you as soundly swingde for this, you blewbottle rogue, you filthy famisht correctioner, if you be not swingde, lle forsweare halfe kirtles. Sinck. Come, come, you shee-knight-arrant, come.


H. O God, that right should thus ouercom might! wel, ef fufferance comes ease.

Whoore. Come you rogue, come bring me to a iustice.
Hoft. I come, you starude blood-hound.
Whoore. Goodman death, goodman bones.
Hoft. Thou atomy, thou.
Whcore. Come you thinne thing, come you rascall.
Sinck. Very well.

Enter strewers of rules. 1 More rushes, more rushes. 2 The trumpets haue founded twice.

3 Twill be two a clocke ere they come from the coronation, dispatch, dispatch.

Trumpets found, and the king, and his traine passe ouer the stage : after them enter Palstaffe, Shallow, Pistol, Bardolfc, and the boy.

Falft. Stand heere by me maister Shallow, I will make the king doe you grace, I will leere vpon him as a comes by, and do but marke the countenaunce that he will giue me.

Pift. God blesse thy lungs good knight.

Falt. Come heere Pistoll, stand behindemee. O if I had had tiine to haue made new liueries: I woulde haue bestowed the thousand pound I borrowed of you, but tis no matter, this pogre shew doth better, this doth inferre the zeale I had to see him.

Pift. Ic doth so,
Falt. It shewes my earnestnesse of affection,
Pift. It doth fo.
Falt. My deuotion.
Pist. It doth, it doth, it doth.

Fal. As it were to ride day and night, and not to deliberate, not to remember, not to haue pacience to shift me.



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