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however, as those changes appear, on, which Mr. - Pitt grounds the expediency of a change of mea)

sures, though they have even encreased, since hisi times, beyond every thing that could be foreseen ora conjectured ; not a writer among those who haves engaged in this controversy, deems it necessary tot take them into consideration; or searches much beni low the epoch of the Reformation, for the weapons with which he combats, though time has impaired their brightness and temper. ; ! ! Blir en stor

On taking a retrospective view of the topics which I have thus briefly discussed, I may be allowed to presume, until it is controverted, the position which I formerly laid down; is adequately established “That whatever obligation is conceived to exist in “the coronation oath is virtually in favor of concession to the R. Catholic claims; which no valid objection in law appears to dissuade, while it is recommend‘ed by the strongest considerations in policy:

By the person who arrives at this conclusion, some surprise may be naturally felt, as to the end, at which the editor aimed, by whom “ the Correspondence” from which it is deduced, has been ushered into the world, and, it would seem with a different object. But it will probably subside, when the shameless arts are considered, to which the members of a club, calling themselves by the name of Pitt, have resorted, in order to prove that minister of their faction, while the very badge and watch-word of their caste is “no Popery.” Nor will it long appear astonishing, while they thus vilify and belie that able statesman, that they dare to brand the principles common to him and his great ally and successor Mr Burke and Mr Canning, as jacobinical; the lightning of whose eloquence was ever dirccted against the anarchist and leveler.

Ence of the King is equally binal


The editor of the Correspondence," whose prin- ' ciples were cast in a different mould, assures us, it is true, that " it now in an eminent degree continues to be the boast of every loyal Englishman, that his Sovereign feels and acknowledges the full force of that Divine Sanction which is equally binding on the conscience of the King and the lowliest of his people." Let him glory in this boast; we too have our source of exultation; not merely that our gracious Sovereign shares any quality with the lowliest of his people," or possesses the negative merit of reverencing an oath, but that he participates in the attributes of Him, whom he acknow. ledges as his only Superior, and above all, in that divine attribute, which Nos, os

becomes : du 17 «The throned Monarch better than his crown; i I 18. Whose sceptre shews the force of temporal power, si

The attribute to awe and Majesty,
Whereon doth sit the fear and dread of kings :

. But Mercy is above this sceptred sway, .
175! It is enthroned in the hearts of Kings. : 37

It is an attribute of God himself.”

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Tri Prittlewell: at the private press of the Rev. Fred. Nolan.

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