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Addressed to the Conductors of the Fuse-press.


1 KNOW that it is loss of time, and a loss to the public,—impatient for a paper in which they yeah- first discovered the outlines of their country's rights, and from whence they daily expect new illustrations, on the most important subjects,—to take up the Freeman's Journal with idle controversy. Were controversy alone the subject, I should be the last to enter the list.

In your paper, which has already made its way to the continent, on account of the late exertions of the Irish, and which should contain nothing unworthy the nervous eloquence and liberal principles of your numerous and learned

correcorrespondents, Mr. Wesley, in a syllogistical method, and the jargon of the schools, has arraigned the Catholics all over the world, with their kings and subjects, their prelates and doctors, as liars, perjurers, patentees of guilt and perjury, authorized by their priests to violate the sacred rules of order and justice; and unworthy of being tolerated even by Turks and Pagans *. Such a charge carries with it, its own confutation. But are there not prejudiced people still in the world? The nine skins of parchment, filled with the names of petitioners against the English Catholics, owe the variety of their signatures, to pulpit declamations and inflammatory pamphlets, teeming with Mr. Wesley's false assertions: and, to the disgrace of the peerage, in this variety of signatures, is not the lord's hand-writing stretched near the scratch of the cobler's awl? For the parchment would be profaned, if the man who does not know how to write, made the sign of the-f.

I am a member of that communion' which Mr. Wesley aspersed in so cruel a manner. I disclaimed upon oath, in presence of judge Henn, the creed which Mr. Wesley attributes to me. I have been the first to unravel the intricacies of that very oath of allegiance

proposed * See Mr. Wesley's letter, page 193.

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