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' has not been inclined to sanction à, sects are derived from the same. compounding of creeds; and alo" source. It is, therefore, neces. though the sentiments put into her " sary that you should guard yout mouth by the bulls are fabrications, " respective flocks from the permis yet she has declared herself against “cious errors of those wbo have the fatal schemes of our bibliasts, by " swerved from the right way. forbidding, through a decree of the " You are admonished in the words congregation of Index, all transla-1" of our ordination service, Never tions of the bible in whatever vul “ to cease your labour, your care, gar tongue they may be, unless ap- and diligence, till you have done proved by the holy see, or accom- "all that lieth in you to bring all panied with notes from the holy fa. " such as are committed to your thers, or catholic authors. But why " charge onto that agreement in are catholics, or their spiritual chief," the faith and knowledge of God, singled out for their opposition to 1 or that there be no room left for er the mad schemes of bible enthusin "ror in religion.'..... Many excel. asts Are they the only class who." lent persons have connected them: disapprove of an indiscriminate disa selves with the bible society, ale tribution of the scriptures? If Mr. "Jured by the specious and flatter. Foster will take a survey among his "sing prospect of the conciliating protestant brethren, he will find as "effect which this union could not stout declaimers against his “poble" fail, as they supposed, to produce. association," in the episcopal order " But, if we examine its proceedof the establishment, as in any of "ings, we shall be at a loss to diše the catholic clergy. Ilas not Dr. )" cover any symptoms of conciliaHerbert Marsh been rewarded with " tion ; 'on the contrary, the acrimo. ia mitre for his defence of the church "nious and irritating language - against popery and bibliasm? Did 1" which, at the meetings of their not the bishop of Lincoln charge " auxiliary societies, is comnionly his clergy against the eril tendency " used towards those members of of the bible societies? The bishop " our establishment who have not -of Ely too 'has openly avowed his 's joined them, affords too plain an hostility to the spirit of the bibliacs, indication of a very different At the second quadreonial visitation " temper: the discord which has of his diocese in the present year," thus been introduced amongst us his lordship delivered a charge, " is, in my opinion, of itself sufficiwhich has been published at the ent to induce every churchman, 'request of the clergy. He therein “ whose endeavour it should be to says,

bin keep the unity of the spirit in "Let it not be supposed that we « the bond of peace,' to decline “ have sufficiently provided for the connecting himself with that sô,“ religion of the poor and unlearned | “ ciety." "members of our church, by mere- Now, it is impossible not to be ly giving them a bible, and ena- struck with the strong concurrence - "bling theiņ to read it. We are, of sentiment in the language adopt“indeed,' persuaded that the doc-ed by this prclate of the established 4 trines of our established church church' and the words which Mr. ' are founded upon the bible; bút Foster has imputed to the bishop of " We also know, that they who in Rome: One would almost imagine So their religious opinions differ most that a copy of the spurious bults had "" widely from us, Anabaptists, Uni- been sent to his lordship of Ely, and " tarians, Socinians, all' maintain, I that he had borrowed this part of " that the tenets of their respective this charge from them. What more

has the pope or any catholic clergy. 1 of that 'ill-fated monarch. From man advanced against the bible so this source originated all the in cieties than we find in the above ex pious and indecent frolios of the tract, delivered by, a protestant anabaptists in Germany -the civil bishop est cathedra ? -- The Ely wars of the covenanters and puritans clergy are exhorted to guard their of Scotland and Englanda-the canto respective flocks froin the “ perni, ing bypocrisy of the independenis cious errors" of those who have the extravagancies of the quakersies swerved from the right way; the and the anarchical "ravings of the primate of Poland is commended to | fifth-monarchy men. Dr. Fealty; do the same. The protestant pre- an eminent divine, quoted by Grey late recommends those who have in his Answer 'to Neal's History of unwittingly joined these societies to the Puritans, complains heavily of decline the connection ; the ci-do the consequences of the pernicious vaxt archbishop or Malines is ado | liberty of modelling and explaining vised to follow the saine steps. the scriptures. He says, '“ Theré Now, if catholics are still to be deo is not the meanest artizan, nor the prived of the rights and immunities most illiterate day labourer, but of British subjects, because the holds himself sufficient to be a mag. pope thinks it necessary to guard ter builder in the church of Christ: the Poles and Flemings against the I wonder that our doors and walls dangers of Mr. Foster's " noble as- do not sweat when such notices as sociation,” why, on the same print these are affixed to them : On such ciple, should not the bishop of Ely, a day suck a brewer's clerk exeyl and all those churchmen who think ciseth, such a tailor expoundeth; with him, be likewise disseized of such a waterman teacheth." 6 Thé their civil privileges, fur cautioning / same author (says Dr. Milner, in Englishmen to beware of the mis-his Letters to a Prebendary,)fur chief likely to ensue from this brile | nishes us with the most extraordis liant « ornament of our times?!!- wary instances that can be conceived To act with consistency and justice, l of the prevailing blasphemies, im one party ought to suffer on this pieties, crimes, and follies, proceed: ground, as well as the other. For ing from the unrestrained licence my part, I rejoice to see the clergy which every one then claimed of exof the established church awakening plaining the scriptures for himself. to a sense of their danger, and I'Salınon, a preacher at Coventry, agree with the British critic of last | taught his people to curse, swear, month, “that no good.can arise to and commit whoredom. At Dover, the church of England (and I will a woman cut off her child's head, add, lo mankind at large) from the pretending a particular command. exertions of the bible society, but like Abraham. Another woman that much evil has already resulted, was condemned at York, in March, and that much more may be ex- | 1617, for crucifying her mother, pected to result; from its opera and sacrificing a calf and a cock. tions,'! The downfall of the esta. Olher extravagancies were'as laughblished church, and the murder of able as these were terrible. Some our first Charles, was principally have killed their cats for catching occasioned by the baneful circula mice on a Sunday, but scrupulously tion of the scriptures, and the still deferred the execution till Monday. more baneful doctrine of self-inter for fear of incurring similar guilt pretation. From hence sprung all nay, one Precisian, as he is called, the seditions, tümults, and rebel. knocked out the head of his barré) Jions, which characterized the reign of beer for working on the saba ORTHOD. JOUR. Vol. V,


batha !"" Disgusting and abhorrent., admitted the allegation of the insaas these transactions of the sixteenth nity of the pannel to be fully esta. century must be to an upright and blished, and the jury accordingly intelligent mind, similar scenes of acquitted him. During the trial the folly and wickedness disgrace the prisoner is stated to have been quite age in which we live, notwithstand. indifferent as to the proceedings, ing we are supposed to be under the and was occupied in reading or lookinfluence of " education” and “su- | ing in a BIBLE, which he held in perior reason." Have we not had his hand during the whole witness the frenetick reveries of Numerous other instances we may Joanna Southcot and her believers find detailed in the public journals and do we not now behold the ridi. of the dismal and mischievous doings culous and eccentric ceremonies of of biblical enthusiasm ; and can we the methodists, jumpers, shakers, wonder then that the catholic cler. &c. ? Nay, the foreign papers of gy, or any man of unclouded under. last April announced the forming of standing, should endeavour to stop a new sect in Austria, from the read the progress of a system fraught ing of the bible, whose tenets em- with so much evil to mankind i braced the equalization of property, Mr. Foster may flatter himself with agd the sacrificing of human beings the foolislı idea that the efforts of for the purpose of purifying others the bible society will stand forth from their sins. These mad fana- amidst “ the glories of our country" tics, like the protestant reformers, as “ the brightest ornament of our wanted to use violence and coercion times ;' but before he can get the to make proselytes of their more man of sound religion to join with reasonable neighbours, who would him, he must eradicate from the pot listen to their extravagancies ; 1 page of history the disgraceful and but happily the Austrian govern- horrible transactions committed by ment sent a military force among | the disciples of bible self-expound. them, who arrested their founder, ers, and remove from bis observa. one Petzel, and 86 of his followers, tion the rapid and lamentable and we have heard no more of their growth of impiety and licentiousness horrible atrocities; they having im. | amongst the present generation of molated one virgin of 13 years of Euglishmen. age, and seven men! To this we niay add a circumstance recorded in Rev. MR. GANDOLPHY's Works. The Courier London evening paper Conjoined with the intolerance of the 9th instant. It is there of the forged bulls stands the ap. stated, that at the circuit court of probation given by the theologians Justiciary at Inverness, in the pre- of Rome to the controversial ser. ceeding week, a man of the name mons of Mr. Gandolphy. On this of Adam Mackay was brought to subject the learned senator expresses the bar, accused of the murder of a himself thus: poor old woman on the 1st of Au. “An elaborate work, in four vo. gust last. The prisoner pleaded 1's lumes, has lately issued from the not guilty; and his counsel stated," press of this country, to which I that he should rest his defence on a " shall now beg leave to direct your. total denial, but should thai fail, he attention, SA Defence of the should set up he plea of religious " Ancient Faith,' by Dr. Gandolinfatuation, which subjecled the phy. In general, I feel as strongaccused 10 occasional fits of insanity. ly as any one the injustice of enThe public prosecutor, after the exa " deavouring to affix upon a large wination of witnesses, is said to have party the sentimenta of an india

vidual ; but this • Defence of the “ established church, and such “ Ancient Faith' comes attended by “ hopes and predictions of its down“ some circumstances, which enti- “ fall, such views of the British con. “tle it to particular credit. The "stitution, as might well induce a S publication appears to have been protestant to pause before he could “ disapproved of, and its circula. “ admit that principles like these “tion prohibited, by Dr. Poynter," can safely be admitted into the " the ecclesiastical superior of the guidance of our councils, and the "author. Dr. Gandolphy' tells us, " enactment of our laws." " that 'to this he submitted, ex Here we have another instance of “pecting justice at Rome. To the fatality of the " compounding “ Rome he accordingly went, system which the leaders of the “where his character carried bim self-named board have been endea" through every difficulty, and he | vouring to establish, for the purpose “ returned with the approbation of of inducing our adversaries to take "his works by the proper autho- them under their protection, and “rity, that authority, without permit them to taste of the flesh-pots “ whose approbation the pope him of Egypt. In touching on one part "self cannot publish !' This au- of this passage, I know I tread on " thority, it appears, was the mas. very tender ground ; but as I am the " ter of sacred theology, and the only catholic bookseller in this més "! professor of the sacred scriptures, tropolis who publicly sell the works " at Rome. The former states, of Mr. Gandolphy, and as I know ""that the author has undertaken inany individuals, whom I respect, "to explain and illustrate every | wonder at my conduct, justice to “point of doctrine wbich has given myself impels me to say a few words " rise to controversy between catho. I on this subject, which otherwise I "lics and protestants; and, as far should have passed over without noof as it is possible to succeed, has tice. In doing this, I shall proba. "rendered the articles of catholic bly incur the displeasure of some of “faith clearer than the light. He my friends, and, I have no doubts " adds, that, after rigidly exami. the increased wrath of my persecu, !! ning the whole composition, he is turs ; however, I have only to beg, far from discovering any thing in that the former will give me credit " it contrary to the pure faith and for the purity of my motives, and “ doctrine of the catholic church.? | that the latter will wreak all their

“ 'The approbation of the other vengeance, on me alone, as I only "censor is still more decisive. He am responsible for whatever may

states, that the author has carafall from my own pen. It is unne. sried the war of controversy into cessary here to remind the catholic " the fortresses of the enemy; and il public how much they are indebted " in that lạnd, once the fruitful pallo the indefatigable labours, and "rent of saints, has triumpbanily powerful writings of the venerable " raised the catholic standard of and eminently gifted vicar-apostolic “ victory over his discomfitted and of The Midland district, in defence "confuted opponents; and declares, of their faith and principles. The " that multiplied editions of this forcible arguments of this learned "' work, so worthy to be cased in ce-writer, the stubborn facts he ad. " dar and gold, will be highly ad. duced to support them, and the un"' vantageous to the catholic church.' ceasing activity of his capacious

" This work so sanctioned, exhi. mind, gave our opponents no chance " bits such sentiments towards of vilifying us without detection, !' Rome, such feelings towards our Blending the abilities of a statesman

with the qualities of a divine, he, vility and dishonourable cringing to stood forth the champion of our ci-1 protestant ascendency." About yil privileges as well as of our reli- a month afurihe latter date I comgious doctrines; but exercising his menced this journal, and but'a short great powers with a vigour and in time elapsed before I had demon“ tegrity which put the wily machi-strative proof that some of the leadnations of our pretended friends of ing.clergy had lent their influence both factions to the blusb, our board to assist the lay-board in artempting men were threatened with the loss to suppress every wock which might of their advocacy in parliament, un | be deemed offensive to our protestloss some means were adopted to ant task-masters; and i hus, by si. prevent that rising spirit in the ca- ) lencing the catbolic press of the me tholic press which Dr. Milner had l tropolis, keep the wbole of our body onkindled and so long maintained in a state of ignoravce as 19 the in. by his unanswerable and unequalled trigues of the latter, except what theological and political writings. might be judged by themselves reAlarmed at this disposition of their quisite to be knowo 10 promote their senatorial dictators, the board-men selfish views. Threats and intimi. entered into a resolution on the 29tb , da'ions were employed wo reduce me of May, 1810, which ehey renewed into a state of subjection, but with on the same day of the month in out effect : they made no imprese 3813, to the following purport, and sion on me, as the dictum uf autho. caused the same to be inserted in rity,'unaccompanied with the voice the public papers at each period :- of reason, is not calculated to con. 16 That we do not consider ourselves | vince me of error in watter of opi. as implicated in, or any ways re. nion, Foiled in beirexpectations, sponsible for, the political opinions, the wealthy layman was employed conduct, or writings, of the right to intimidate, such of the clergy as reverend Dr. Milner, vicar aposto

were, favourably inclined towards lic of the Midland district." The me, by threatening to withhold reason given by these gentlemen for their pecuniary assistance; and renewing this specimen of their those of the clergy who were opfolly is, that it had been pnblicly posed to me recommended their pe. stated that they were, and had been. Ditents not to read my writings.under the political influence of the Thus stood matters with regard to patriotic and disinterested prelate. my publication, when I found that By whom this idle report was I private endeavours had been used to spread we are not informed, but this prevent the circulation of the work mucb is certain, the tenour of the complained of by Mr. Foster, and learned prelate's writings bore testi. that the clerical individuals who mony of its fallacy, and all who were engaged in this task did not loved the purity and integrity of proceed by the rules of canonical their religion not only lamented the authority, but by brow-beating or circumstance, but were desircus of cajoling those who were ready to having them under his influence : submit to their injustice. Onder and much more would it have been these circumstances, it was impossito their honour and credit, had they ble for me not to look upon this at. suffered themselves to be directed tempt to prohibit the sale of the by his superior knowledge and judy-works in question as arising from the ment. In this case they would not smothering” system adopted by now be placed in that contemptible the board, and seconded by their clesituation they have unfortunately rical auxiliaries, rather than from & brpuglit themelves to, by their ser, sincere desire of guarding the purity

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