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cate its youth on the modern deisti- | itself, nay, of what was going on in oal plan of the bible alone, to the their own body (except when the exclusion of catholic pastors and gentleman alluded to was pleased to catechisms. Things being so, I wish publish a Blue Book, *) as of the conto ask sincere catholics, whether it is sultations of the emperors of China the part of charity to alarm them, at and Tartary: now they are regularly the danger to which their religion is made acquainted with these particuexposed, as tlre Orthodox Journal | lars to the gentleman's great annoy· has been in the babit of doing, for ance, for the reason expressed in St.

the purpose of obviating it, or to let John's gospel, c. iii. v. 20. the mischief take its course, to the

I am, your's, &c. J.M. certain injury and possible ruin of W n, July 5, 1817. that which is most dear to them.This gentleman and his knot of supporters have three daily papers in

To the Editor of the Orthodox pay, The Press, The Globe, and The

Journal. New Times ; it would be hard, indeed, if we could not have some ac

SIR,-A neighbouring gentleman, count of our affairs to be depended

who is, I believe, a meniber of what is opon once in the month.

called the British Catholic Board, I do not here undertake the defence

lately shiewed me the minutes of its of every paragraph which has appear.

proceedings from last May 7th, to ed during these four years in The Or.

June 16th, some of which are highthodox Journal; a periodical editor

ly interesting to the English catholic would be more than may, who never

body, and more particularly to me published any thing which, on ma

and my congregation, wbo encouTure reflection, he would not wish to

raged and supported that board herehave suppressed : much less am I

tofore by 'a liberal contribution. The throwing any indirect censure on its

minutes I particularly refer to are concomitant print, The Catholicon,

the two following :-“ June 8th.which is highly valuable on many

that it is expedient to appoint sub. accounts. I sincerely wish well to

| committees of British catholics in the editors of them both, and re

different parts of Great Britain, joice that their differences have now

for the purpose of collecting and subsided; but I undertake the de

coinmunicating more effectually the fence of the Journal from having

sentiments of the body on all sublately witnessed some outrageous, je

jects of moment; that, to effect this and, at the same time, groundless pat

less purpose, it is desirable that a subsortees made against it by catholics

* Having been informed that this proof influence and power, and I fear Jific writer has lately given a new edition not to tell the catholic public, in the of his works, and, not being inclined to go face of the forıner, that they are to the price of purchasing it, I shall

obliged to any of your correspondents who under the greatest obligations to the

will take the trouble of informing me editor of this print, first for his re whether the Blue Books are contained in ligious and well-written essays, and that edition, as likewise -bis little New next for the very important informa

bery spiritual books, particularly his

Treatise on Mystical Divinity, being some tion he conveys to them in almost

thing about the purgative way, something all his numbers. Before he set up about the illuminative way, something about his periodical work, they, for the the unitive way; something about the plea. most part, knew as little of what | sures, and something about the pains, El

perienced in each of those ways, something was going on respecting their reli

about Thaulerus, &c. Such is the title of gion in Ireland, France, and Rome | the book.

committee be formed in each of the failed, it publicly thanked Messrs. principal towns in which the cathor Canning, Butler, and lord Castle, lic population is considerable; of reagh, for framing and advocating it, wbich the chairman and secretary, at and it disgracefully turned out one least, shall be members of the board, of the venerable vicars apostolic and with whom alone official commu- for opposing it. Its first resolupication shall be held." *"Juue tion in the present paper is an act 16th, -That the two subscriptions of adhesion to the same system, raised for the benefit of the catholics and one of its last consists of thanks of Great Britain, through the me- 10 Mr. Grattan, who, in our name dium of this board, since its institu, offered this and any other securities tion in 1808, being not only exhaust- for which protestant bigotry might ed, but a balance of several hun. ask. In its course it has invaded dred pounds being due to our secre- the sacred ministry, deciding on the tary for monies actually advanced by expediencey of instructing our peo, lim, exclusive of debts contracted ple by the English bible, and under, on account of the buard, it'is neces- taking to do this, for which purpose sary, for the welfare of the catholics, it has expunged from our old cathor that a new or third subscription be lic testament the notes, which were inimediately opened, and that our most necessary to be retained in iç. secretary be requested to communi. Now, all these proceedings are notocate the foregoing resolution to all rjously opposite to the sentiments of the members of the British catholic the body at large, and they have une board, and, through them, to the fortunately rendered it a scene of disbody at large, observing that at no sension and confusion ever since the period was the press more actively period in question. In the mean employed in diffusing libels, and pro- time, what temporal benefit has the pagating mistatements on the cha | board procured for us? It acknowracter and principles of catholics, ledges that libels and opposition inand that there never was a time which crease, while the votes iu parliament called for the exertions of all catho- in our favour decrease; in short, lics, from the highest to the lowest, emancipation appears farther rethan the present.

moved from us than ever. I have The resolution of June 8th, seems said that the resolution seems to proto promise something beneficial to mise something beneficial ; in fact, the body, where it speaks of collect- it barely states the expediency of ing and communicating their senti- appointing sub-committees; that is ments. The fact is, we, the catho- to say, the board is to appoint them, lic clergy and laily of the kingdoin not we to elect them, particularly the complain, that the London board chairman and the secretary, who never pays anv attention to our sen- inust necessarily be its own miembers. timents, which are at all times de- | Permit me here, my lords and geņa , cidedly for the purity and freedom tlemen, with all the respeçt that is of our religion; but acts iu direct due to you individually, to ask you opposition to them. It began by what you are as an aggregate body? publicly engaging itself and us to ac- Are you our legal masters ? No. cept of the unconditional Veto, for Are you our chosen representatives ? sucb was the acknowledged seose of No. You are nothing but a comthe fifth resolution. It next sup- mittee b.y courtesy. As such, then, porled a bill founded on this basis, to present to dictate rules for our but containing other and still more local inee tinge and deliberations, grieyous clauses, and, when this had throughout the extent of the island,

is as absurd as it is unjust. It is at-it: all that we have learnt is, that tempting to produce the shadow of there is a committee of finance, coma shade! It inay answer your pur- | posed of members of the board. I pose of deceiving the nation into an am as far, sir, from doubting of the opinion that you are the catholics of soundness of the catholic board, as I England, but the hundreds of thou- am of the soundness of his majesty's sands, who really constitute this board of exchequer ; but as the sysbody, must and will, for the safety of tem of implicit confidence is justly their religion, resist the attempt. - exploded with respect to the finances It appears from your printed paper of the nation, so it ought to be with that two country gentlemen, the respect to those of our little body, Rev. Mr. Dunn, of Preston, and Mr. Perhaps a few leading questions or Rosson, of Liverpool, were active in hints may shorten the proposed incarrying the resolution. What the vestigation. Mr. Silvertop, the former good-natured gentlemau may mover of the resolution, pleads the effect for the board in his former necessity of money, in order to refute congregation I cannot tell: he may the encreasing libels and misstateengage them, for any thing I know, ments on the character and princito consent to all the reformations de ples of catholics. But whal refutavised by the busy baronet, and, tions of this kind has he or his friends among the rest, for the persecution of the board put forth since their asof a certain meritorious budy of sociation. The editor of the Ortho, ecclesiastics, which is known to be an dox Journal indeed, is month after essential part of his plan; but, I month laudably and powerfully emcan venture to say, that Mr. Rossonployed in publishing such essays; will never engage any comparative but I have no reason to believe that number of the catholics of Liverpool | the finances of the board are one shilto bind themselves to the resolves of ling the poorer for any thing which the junto which voted the 5th reso- he has received from it. About two lution and the bill of 1813. , years ago a learned gentleyan of the . Come we now to the business of catholic party, J.J. D. insisted upon

June 16th, in which I and a great being paid £300 for alledged service, many more of my friends and neigh- and I believe he actually recovered bours, including several of the clergy, that sum from the board. They are deeply interested. It seems, ihei, may know what this gentleman's serthat the funds to wbich we have con- vices are, but, I am contident, the tributed are exhausted, that the se body knows of none. Again, it is cretary has been obliged to advance publicly known that Mr. M.Pherson several hundreds of his own, and came express from Rome lo bring that, after all, large debts, due from signior Quarantotti's famous rescript, the board, remain to be paid. In the same which the pope soon after short, we are called upon, from the disavowed, and that he was sent back highest to the lowest, at this time of thither, post haste, to help the same general distress, to contribute our cause of the veto; as was, soon after, money, in order to relieve the wants another more respectable character; of the board. Things being so, I and, though a special subscription am bold to say, Mr. Editor, that, if was set on foot for the latter, there is there ever was a matter which de- / reason to believe that it was far from manded inquiry, it is this. So far covering his expenses. Again, the

from knowing how our money has above-named Scotchman is said pub: been spent, we have hitherto not licly to declare himself, and to act as known who has had the spending of the official envoy of the whole cathosíc body! Now all this, Mr. Editor, 1 P.S. One of the resolutions 'ren clearly announces a very great ex- | ferred to consists of a high-flown but penditure, which must be made good equivocal vote of compliments, which, by the committee of finance, at the from the recorded sentiments of its sanie time that the expenditure is movers, cannot be understood withobviously made contrary to the out an explanation. In short, it is known wishes and true interests of one of those compliments which a the catholic body. I have also heard celebrated author says, makes a of bills brought in and paid for tra- Frenchman smile and bow, but velling and other expences on other which makes an Englishman knit still more important occasions, of his brows and think ! which I will say no more than that they are precisely the occasions on Forma Declarationis a R. D. Petro which we would wish not to hear of Gandolphy Eliciendæ. . any money transactions. But, to make an end, I strongly protest, Mr. Ego infrascriptus ardenter cupiEditor, that I will not promote or ens Rmo. ' Dno. episcopo Haliensi countenance in my populous parish , vicario apostolico Londi:ii, præsuli any such sub-committee of the Lon- | meo, ex animo reconciliari, fateor, don board, as it has resolved on ap ac declarn, mihi ab aliquibus perpointing; and that I am determined suasum fuisse, approbationem meonot to raise oradvise the contribution rum operum, quibus titulus - Exof any money among the catholics positio Liturgiæ et Defensio antito whom my influence extends, for quæ Fidei, quam Romæ a Rmo. the use of the board, until it gives a S. P. A. Magistro obtinui, idem plane satisfactory account of the monies esse ac sedis Aplicæ. adprobationem: it has already received, and until qua opinione fretus, putavi, opera there is a sufficient pledge that what ipsa immerito ab antistite meo damit may receive in future shall be ex- nari, ac prohiberi, eique propterea pended according to the known wishes me objeci. At fateor, me deceptuin of the catholic clergy and laity of the fuisse,et quam obtinui adprobationem, kingdom. These sentiments, I am talem non esse, ut vere dici possit well assured, are those of nearly all suprema ac definitiva S. sedis adthe catholic clergy and laity in Eng- probatio. Re enim vera aliquando and and Scotland.

opera, quæ cum venia ejusdem R. I fear, Mr. Editor, that your pub Magistri edita sunt, -- judicio S S. lishing this plain but unanswerable Congregum. vetita deinde, atque imletter will encrease the outcry that | probata fuerunt. Nunc igitur errore is raised by a certain party, who, in-detecto, in queni me adduxerunt, vestead of refuting your arguments niam humiliier peto ab eodem Rmo. endeavour to stifle your voice; but Episcopo de nea inobedientia, ac de let such persons reflect for a moment üs omnibus, in quibus illuni quoquo on the inconsistency of their conduct. modo offendi, ejusque restiti auctoriThey incessantly reproach parliament tati; et quidquid in monito a me with injustice for refusing certain edito ad populum die 5 Octobris, constitutional rights, in the mean 1816, et in aliis quibuslibet, vel in , time they are exerting a domestic illum, vel in aliquos ex clero protuli, tyranny over the mass of their own sponte revuco, ac retracto. Proinit. people, and trying to rob us of the to me imposterum onine obsequiuin, first of our constitutional privileges, ac subjectioneni eidem sincero animo the liberty of the press. I am, sir, præstiturum; et menda quæque sive truly, A COUNTRY CATHOLIC errores, qui in iisdem operibus a S.

July 10, 1817. CLERGYMAN. sede,' vel a præsule meo notati fue

. riut, me prompte, ac fideliter correc- ! I have advanced in my printed adturum. Interim a promovenda eorum- dress to the public of the 5th of dum operum evulgatione, quantum October, 1816, and in any other of in me est, penitus abstinebo, donec my publications, either against him ea legitine castigata non fuerint. or against any of the clergy. I proDenisse rogo præsulem meum, ut mise that I will in future sincerely mribi clementer ignoscat, et in suam show him all obedience and subjecgratiam, ut spero, benigne recipiat. rion, that I will readily and faithfully

PETRUS GANDOLPHY. correct any mistakes or errors, which Londini, die Sva Julii, 1817. | shall be pointed out in the same

works by the holy see or by my own & TRANSLATION. prelate. In the mean time, as far as

it depends upon me, I will entirely Form of Declaration to be made by refrain from promoting the circulathe Rev. Peter Gandolphy. tion of the same works as long as

they shall not have been lawfully I, the undersigned, ardently wish- corrected. I humbly entreat my preing to be sincerely reconciled to my late that he will kindly forgive me, prelate, the right reverend lord bishop and, as I hope, graciously receive me of Halia, the vicar apostolic of l.on-into his favour. don, do profess and declare, that I was by some persons, led into the THE HAPPY NOVICE.--AN AIR. persuasion, that the approbation of ...

1 When reflection recalls those sad hours I've my works, entitled “ Exposition of "

I squandered, [the tears flow; Liturgy" and " Defence of the An- How swells my sad heart, and how fast cient Faith,” which I obtained, at A stranger to peace and content have I Rome, from the most reverend mas


[never no!

Can I e'er cease regretting? () no, ter o mne sacred apostolic parace, In pursuit of a phantom whole years have was exactly the same as the appro

I wasted,

[show; bation of ihe apostolic see; on the I sought it in pleasure, amusement and ground of which opinion, I thought But ne'er in those scenes any sweets have

I tasted, that these works were undeservedly Or found but affliction- no, never no! condemned and prohibited by my bishop, and on that account s op- | At length in Religion's sure path having


[low; posed him. But I acknowledge that I find all that bliss I can hope for beI was deceived, and that the appro- In my God all my hopes, all my joys are bation which I obtained, was not now centred,.

[ver so! such as may be truly called the suwwch ac mu ho truly matter the end! Can I e'er cease to love him ? O no, ne.

| To serve such a master, in joy or in sorrow, preme and definitive approbation of All love and obedience in future I'll show, ihe holy see. For in reality some And ne'er feel a pang for the fate of to. times works, which have been pub

morrow, lished with the licence of the same! Or repent of my.vows-q no, never no! reverend master, have been afterwards When death with its terrors shall hang on probibited and condemned by a seni my pillow,


Undisturb’d at his dart I'll meet the dire tence of the sacred congregations.

* Resigning my bones to lie under the wil. Now, therefore, having detected the

[never no! error, iuto which they led me, I bum- Where nought shall disturb thein- no, bly beg pardon of the same right That God for whose sake worldly toys I

have quitted, ' ' [do bestow, reverend bishop, for ny disobedience,

Who rewards even here hundred folds and for every particular in which will Helet my soul die unpardon'd,unpitied, have in any manner offended him, Or refuse me his mercy? O no, never 10. and resisted bis authority; and I

* A willow overspreads the burying grouoed of willingly recall and retract whatever la Convent.

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