The library of medicine, arranged and ed. by A. Tweedie, Volume 6

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Page 121 - ... the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning, I drank it gratefully and was very sensible of his attention.
Page 298 - Remarks on Morbid Retentions of Urine," 1784. 2. " Review of Jesse Foot'* Observations on the Venereal Disease," (being an answer to his attack on John Hunter,) 1787. 3. " An Essay on the swelling of the lower Extremities incident to Lying-in Women,
Page 52 - Concurrently with the altered colour of the areola, the nipples and surrounding integuments become swollen, puffy, and more moist, secreting a fluid which stains the linen ; and the veins beneath the skin become more visible. Prominent points or glandular follicles, varying in number from twelve to twenty, project from the sixteenth to the eighth part of an inch, immediately around the base of the nipple. These changes, which are often well marked, are not, however, always so. The darkening of the...
Page 143 - Delays ; because my Father, Brothers, and my Self (tho none else in Europe as I know) have, by God's Blessing and our Industry, attained to, and long practised a way to deliver Women in this Case, without any Prejudice to them or their Infants ; tho all others (being obliged, for want of such an Expedient, to use the Common Way) do, and must endanger, if not destroy one or both with Hooks.
Page 26 - ... in its substance; they then expand or belly out a little, and again grow smaller towards their outer or uterine end, which, in by far the greater number of them, is an open mouth when separated from the uterus; how it may be while they are adherent I cannot at present say. Some of them, which I have found more deeply imbedded in the decidua, were completely closed sacs. Their form is circular, or very nearly so; they vary in diameter from the twelfth to the sixth of an inch, and project about...
Page 38 - ... furrow has been formed in it, in the bottom of which the primitive trace is situated ; about the twentieth hour this furrow is converted into a canal open at both ends, by the junction of its margins (the...
Page 253 - An Essay on the Uterine Haemorrhage which precedes the Delivery of the full-grown Foetus.
Page 132 - Naegele, on the mechanism of parturition, says, that "In every case, whether the nates have at first a completely transverse or oblique direction, they will be always found, on pressing lower into the superior aperture of the pelvis, to have taken an oblique position ; and that ischium which is directed anteriorly, to stand lowest. In the most common position, where the sacrum of the child is towards the left...
Page 287 - ... and in both moderately quick. The eye, instead of being suffused with a reddish or yellow tint, as in the others, is here generally pellucid, with dilated pupil, ' The countenance, instead of being flushed as in the others, is here pale and shrunk, with an indescribable expression of anxiety; an expression altogether so peculiar, that the disease could, on many occasions, be pronounced or inferred from the countenance alone. The surface of the body, instead of being as in the others, dry and...
Page 286 - Observations on the Utility and Administration of Purgative Medicines in several Diseases.

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