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Jenny Wren fell sick upon a merry time,
In came Robin Redbreast, and brought her


and wine.

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“Eat well of the sop, Jenny, drink well of the wine.” “Thank you, Robin, kindly, you shall be mine.”


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Then Jenny she got well and stood upon her feet, And told Robin plainly she loved him not a bit.

Robin being angry,

Hopp'd upon a twig, Saying, “Out upon you, ,

Fie upon you, bold-faced jig!'

Jenny Wren fell sick again,

And Jenny Wren did die : The doctors vow'd they'd cure her,

Or know the reason why.

Doctor Hawk felt her pulse,

And shaking his head,
Says, “I fear I can't save her,

Because she's quite dead.”


“ She'll do very well,” says sly Doctor Fox, “ If she takes but one pill from out of this box.”

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