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A is for Ann, who is milking a cow.
B is for Benjamin, making a bow.
C is for Charlotte, gathering flowers.
D is for Dick, who is one of the mowers.
E 's for Eliza, feeding a hen.
F is for Frank, who is mending his pen. .
G's Georgiana, shooting an arrow.
H is for Harry, wheeling a barrow.
I 's Isabella, gathering fruit.
J is for John, who is playing the flute.
K is for Kate, who is nursing her dolly.
L is for Lawrence, feeding Poor Polly.
M is for Maja, learning to draw.
N is for Nicholas, with a jackdaw.
0 's for Octavius, riding a goat.
P 's for Penelope, sailing a boat.
Q is for Quintus, armed with a lance.
R is for Rachel, learning to dance.

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