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Robin Redbreast lost his heart :

He was a gallant bird ; He doff'd his hat to Jenny,

And thus to her he said :

My dearest Jenny Wren,

If you will but be mine, You shall dine on cherry-pie,

And drink nice currant-wine.

I'll dress


like a Goldfinch, Or like a Peacock gay; So if you'll have me, Jenny,

Let us appoint the day.”

Jenny blush'd behind her fan,

And thus declared her mind : " Then let it be to-morrow, Bob,

I take your offer kind ;

Cherry-pie is very good!

So is currant-wine; But I will wear my brown gown,

And never dress too fine."

Robin rose up early,

At the break of day; He flew to Jenny Wren's house,

To sing a roundelay.

He met the Cock and Hen,

And bade the Cock declare, This was his wedding-day

With Jenny Wren the fair.

The Cock then blew his horn

To let the neighbours know This was Robin's wedding-day,

And they might see the show.

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And first came Parson Rook,

With his spectacles and band;
And one of Mother Hubbard's books

He held within his hand.

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