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Then on her finger fair

Cock Robin put the ring ; “ You're married now,” says Parson Rook :

While the Lark aloud did sing,

Happy be the Bridegroom,

And happy be the Bride !
And may not man, nor bird, nor beast,

This happy pair divide.”

The birds were ask'd to dine;

Not Jenny's friends alone, But every pretty songster

That had Cock Robin known.

They had a cherry-pie,

Besides some currant-wine, And

every guest brought something, That sumptuous they might dine.

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They each took a bumper,

And drank to the pair, Cock Robin the Bridegroom,

And Jenny the fair.

The dinner things removed,

They all began to sing; And soon they made the place

Near a mile round to ring.

The concert it was fine ;

And every bird tried Who best should sing for Robin,

And Jenny Wren the Bride.

When in came the Cuckoo,

And made a great rout ; He caught hold of Jenny,

And pulld her about.

Cock Robin was angry,

And so was the Sparrow, Who fetched in a hurry

His bow and his arrow.

His aim then he took,

But he took it not right; His skill was not good,

Or he shot in a fright;

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