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“Oh, ho!” said the Fox, “it’s but a short mile
From this unto yonder town, e-oh"

The Fox when he came to the Farmer's gate,

Who should he see but the Farmer's drake;

“I love you well for your master's sake,
And long to be picking your bones, e-oh"

The grey goose ran right round the hay-stack,

“Oh, ho!” said the Fox, “you are very fat;

You'll do very well to ride on my back
From this into yonder town, e-oh l’”

The Farmer's wife she jump'd out of bed,
And out of the window she popp'd her head;

“Oh, husband 1 oh, husband the geese are all dead,

For the Fox has been through the town, e-oh "

The Farmer he loaded his pistol with lead,

And shot the old rogue of a Fox through the head: “Ah, ha!” said the Farmer, “I think you're quite dead,

And no more you'll trouble the town, e-ohl”

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Mother Goose had a house, ’twas built in a wood, 4. Where an owl at the door for sentinel stood.

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