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Sat cracking his nuts

Over-head in a tree.

Then out came the Spider,
With fingers so fine,
To show his dexterity

On the tight line;

From one branch to another His cobwebs he slung, Then as quick as an arrow

He darted along.

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Hung suspended in air
At the end of a thread.

Then the Grasshopper came
With a jerk and a spring,
Very long was his leg,

Though but short was his wing;

He took but three leaps,
And was soon out of sight,

Then chirp'd his own praises
The rest of the night.


And went in his own

Little chamber to bed.

Then as evening gave way
To the shadows of night,
The watchman, the Glow-worm,

Came out with his light:

Then home let us hasten
While yet we can see,
For no watchman is waiting

For you and for me.

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