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Untrimmed, undrest.
Unvalued, invaluable.
Upspring, a dance; also an upstart.
Urchins, hedgehogs.
Usance, usury,
Utis, usage, practice.
Utter, to vend.
Utterance, extremity, relating to


Unavoided, unavoidable.
Unbarbed, beardless, unshaven.
Unbated, not blunted.
Unbitted, unbridled.
Unbolt, to explain.
Unbolted, coarse.
Unbonnetted, without dignities.
Unbookish, unlearned.
Unbreathed, unpractised.
Uncape, to uncover, a term in

Uncharged, unattacked.
Unclew, to unwind.
Uncoined, unrefined, unadorned.

unpractised in worldly craft. Uncurrent, irregular. Undercraft, to wear beneath the

crest. Under generation, the antipodes. Undergo, to be subject to. Under-skinker, a tapster. Understand, stand under. Undertaker, the defender of an

other's quarrel. Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey. Uneath, scarcely. Unexpressive, inexpressible. Unfair, to deprive of beauty. Unhaired, youthful. Unhappy, unlucky, mischievous. Unhoused, free from domestic

V. Vail, to bow, to sink, to conde

scend to look. Vailing, lowering. Vain, vanity. Vain, lying. Valanced, fringed with a beard. Vanity, illusion. Vantage, opportunity, advantage. Vantbrace, armour for the arm. Varlet, a servant. Vast, waste, dreary. Vaunt, the avant, the forepart. Vaward, the forepart. Velure, velvet. Vent, rumour. Ventages, holes of a flute. Verbal, verbose. Verify, to bear witness. Venew, a bout (in fencing). Veneys, hits. Vengeance, mischief. Veronese, a ship from Verona. Versing, writing verses. Very, immediate, Via, a cant phrase of exultation. Vice, the fool of the old morali


Waist, that part of a ship betweer


Vice, grasp

Unhouselled, without having the

sacrament. Unimproved, not guided by know

ledge or experience. Union, a species of pearl. Unkind, unnatural. Unlived, lifeless. Unlustrous, without lustre. Unmanned, a term in falconry. Unmastered, licentious. Unowed, unowned. Unpregnant, not quickened. Unproper, common. Unqualitied, unmanned. Unquestionable, averse to con

versation, Unready, undrest. Unrespective, inattentive to con

sequences. Unrest, disquiet. Unrough, beardless. Unsisting, unresisting, unfeeling. Unsmirched, undefiled. Unsquared, unadapted. Unstanched, incontinent. Untempering, not softening. Untented, not probed, virulent. Untraded, not in common use.

Vie, to brag, or contend in ri

the quarter-deck and the fore

Waist, the middle.
Walk, a district in a forest.
Wanned, pale.
Wannion, vengeance.
Wanton, an effeminate man, oi

loose woman.
Wappened, decayed, diseased.
Ward, posture of defence
Ward, guardianship.
Warden, a pear.
Warder, a sentinel.
Warn, summon.
Warp, to change from the natural

Wassel-candle, a candle used at

Wassels, rustic revelry.
Watch, a watch-light.
Water-work, water-colours.
Wax, to grow.
Waxen, increase.
Waxen, soft, yielding.
Wear, the fashion.
Wee, very little.
Weeds, clothing.
Ween, to imagine.
Weigh, to value or esteem; to de-

Weird, prophetic.
Welkin, the sky.
Welkin-eye, blue eye.
Well-found, of acknowledged ex-

Well-a-near! lack-a-day!
Well-liking, plump.
Wend, to go.
Westward hoe, the name of a play

acted in Shakspere's time.
Wether, used for a ram.
Whelked, varied with protube-


Viewless, invisible.
Villain, a worthless fellow; also a

Vild, vile.
Violenteth, rageth.
Virginal, a kind of spinnet.
Virtue, valour; also the most effi-

cacious part.
Virtuous, healthy.
Virtuous, well-bred.
Vixen, or Fixen, a female fox.
Vizament, advisement.
Vox, tone or voice.
Vulgar, common.
Vulgarly, commonly.

Whe'r, whether.
Where, whereas.
Whiffler, an officer who walks first

in processions.
Whiles, until.
Whinidst, mouldy.
Whip, the crack, the best.
Whipstock, the carter's whip.
Whirring, hurrying.
Whist, being silent.
White, the white mark in the target.
White-death, the green sickness.
Whiting-time, bleaching-time.
Whitsters, linen-bleachers.
Whittle, a pocket-knife.
Whooping, measure and reckon-


W. Waft, to beckon. Wage, to combat Wages, is equal to.

Wondered, able to perform won

ders. Wood, crazy, frantic. Wooden thing, an awkward busi

Write, to pronounce contidenty.
Writhled, wrinkled.
Wrong, hurt.
Wroth, misfortune.
Wrought, worked; agitated.
Wrung, pressed, strained.
Wry, to deviate.


Wide, remotely from, wide of the

mark. Wilderness, wildness. Will, wilfulness. Wimple, a hood or veil. Winchester-goose, a courtesan. Winking-gates, gates closed in

haste from fear of danger. Winnowed, examined. Winter-ground, to protect against

winter. Wis, to know. Wise-woman, a witch, a fortune

Wish, to recommend.
Wit, to know.
Witch, to bewitch.
Wits, senses.
Wittol, knowing, conscious of; a

contented cornuto.
Witty, judicious, cunning.
Woe, to be sorry.
Woman-tired, henpecked.

Woodman, an attendant on the

Woolward, wearing wool.
Work, a fortification.
Workings, thoughts.
World to see, wonderful.
Worm, a serpent.
Worship, dignity.
Worth, wealth cr fortune; full

Worts, herbs.
Wot, to know.
Wreak, to revenge; resentment.
Wrest, an instrument for tuning

the harp.
Wrested, obtained by force.
Wretch, a term of fondness.
Writ, writing.

Yare, nimble, handy.
Yarely, nimbly, adroitly.
Yearn, to grieve or vex.
Yellowness, jealousy.
Yeoman, a bailiff's follower.
Yerk, to kick.
Yesty, foaming, frothy.
Yield, to inform of; condescend to.
Young, early.

Zany, a buffoon.
Zealous, pious.
Zed, a term of contempt.

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