The shipwreck, with life by R. Carruthers, illustr. by B. Foster

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Page xxix - To the antiquary and artist, sixteen columns are an inexhaustible source of observation and design; to the philosopher, the supposed scene of some of Plato's conversations will not be unwelcome; and the traveller will be struck with the beauty of the prospect over " Isles that crown the JEgean deep:" but, for an Englishman, Colonna has yet an additional interest, as the actual spot of Falconer's shipwreck.
Page 72 - The glassy ocean hush'd forgets to roar, But trembling murmurs on the sandy shore: And lo! his surface, lovely to behold! Glows in the west a sea of living gold! While, all above, a thousand liveries gay The skies with pomp ineffable array. Arabian sweets perfume the happy plains; Above, beneath, around enchantment reigns!
Page 158 - O'er the dire prospect as for life he strives, He looks if poor Palemon yet survives : " Ah wherefore, trusting to unequal art, Didst thou, incautious ! from the wreck depart ? Alas ! these rocks all human skill defy ; Who strikes them once, beyond relief must die : And now sore wounded, thou perhaps art tost On these, or in some oozy cavern lost.
Page 155 - To wake to sympathy the feeling heart; Like him the smooth and mournful verse to dress In all the pomp of exquisite distress ! Then, too severely taught by cruel fate To share in all the perils I relate, Then might I with unrivalled strains deplore The impervious horrors of a leeward shore.
Page 151 - He guides the unhappy victim to the shroud, " Hie thee aloft, my gallant friend," he cries; " Thy only succour on the mast relies." The helm, bereft of half its vital force, Now scarce subdued the wild unbridled course; Quick to the abandoned wheel Arion came, The ship's tempestuous sallies to reclaim.
Page 75 - With cordage fasten'd to the lofty prow, Aloof to sea the stately ship they tow. The nervous crew their sweeping oars extend ; And pealing shouts the shore of Candia rend. Success attends their skill ; the danger's o'er : The port is doubled and beheld no more. Now morn, her lamp pale glimmering on the sight, Scatter'd before her van reluctant night.
Page 91 - As in pursuit along the aerial way With ardent eye the falcon marks his prey, Each motion watches of the doubtful chase, Obliquely wheeling through the fluid space ; So, govern'd by the steersman's glowing hands, The regent helm her motion still commands.
Page 156 - Then downward plunge beneath the involving tide ; Till one, who seems in agony to strive, The whirling breakers heave on shore alive : The rest a speedier end of anguish knew, And prest the stony beach — a lifeless crew ! Next, O unhappy chief, the eternal doom Of Heaven decreed thee to the briny tomb.
Page 135 - A milk-white lion of stupendous size, Of antique marble : hence the haven's name, Unknown to modern natives whence it came. Next, in the gulf of Engia, Corinth lies, Whose gorgeous fabrics seem'd to strike the skies ; Whom, though by tyrant victors oft subdued, Greece, Egypt, Rome, with admiration view'd.
Page 152 - The fore-mast totters, unsustain'd on high ; And now the ship, forelifted by the sea, Hurls the tall fabric backward o'er her lee ; While, in the general wreck, the faithful stay Drags the...

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