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Page 109 - The praise of Bacchus then the sweet musician sung, Of Bacchus ever fair, and ever young. The jolly god in triumph comes ; Sound the trumpets, beat the drums ; Flushed with a purple grace He shows his honest face : Now give the hautboys breath ; he comes, he comes.
Page 18 - To smooth and lengthen out the unbounded space, And spread an area for all human race. Now monuments prove faithful to their trust, And render back their long committed dust. Now charnels rattle ; scatter'd limbs, and all The various bones, obsequious to the call, Self-moved, advance ; the neck perhaps to meet The distant head ; the distant legs the feet. Dreadful to view, see through the dusky sky Fragments of bodies in confusion fly, To distant regions journeying, there to claim Deserted members,...
Page 49 - When, pain'd with hunger, the wild raven's brood Loud calls on God*, importunate for food; Who hears their cry, who grants their...
Page 27 - Thy pow'r, my weakness, may I ever see, And wholly dedicate my soul to thee. Reign o'er my will ; my passions ebb and flow At thy command, nor human motive know ! If anger boil, let anger be my praise, And sin the graceful indignation raise. My love be warm to succour the distress'd, And lift the burden from the soul oppress'd.
Page 192 - A friend, which bless'd him with a smile When gasping with his wound. On earth nought precious is obtain'd But what is painful too ; By travel, and to travel born, Our sabbaths are but few : To real joy we work our way, Encountering many a shock, Ere found what truly charms ; as found A Venus in the block. In some disaster, some severe Appointment for our sins, That mother blessing (not so call'd,) True happiness, begins.
Page 20 - No spot on earth but has supplied a grave, And human skulls the spacious ocean pave: All's full of man; and at this dreadful turn The swarm shall issue, and the hive shall burn.
Page 10 - Of earth dissolved, or an extinguish'd sun ; (Ye sublunary worlds, awake, awake ! Ye rulers of the nation, hear, and shake !) Thick clouds of darkness shall arise on day ; In sudden night all earth's dominions lay ; Impetuous winds the scatter'd forests rend ; Eternal mountains, like their cedars, bend ; The valleys yawn, the troubled ocean roar, And break the bondage of his wonted shore ; A sanguine stain the silver moon o'erspread ; Darkness the circle of the sun invade ; From inmost heaven incessant...
Page 9 - While the still busy world is treading o'er The paths they trod five thousand years before...
Page 82 - Will oft the smiling face of heaven deform ; The winds with violence at once descend, Sweep flowers and fruits, and make the forest bend ; A sudden winter, while the sun is near, O'ercomes the season, and inverts the year.
Page 50 - While far she flies, her scatter'd eggs are found, Without an owner, on the sandy ground ; Cast out on fortune, they at mercy lie, And borrow life from an indulgent sky: Adopted by the sun in blaze of day, They ripen under his prolific ray.

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