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LITERARY RECORD. — The BROTHERS HARPER have brought to an end, and now present to the public in three exquisitely beautiful volumes their ' Pictorial Shakspeare,' containing the Histories, Tragedies and Comedies of the Great Bard. A work like this, illustrated with many hundred woodcuts, executed in the first style of the art of celature, after designs by the most approved artists. edited by a ripe American scholar, whose researches, critical acumen, and fine taste are every where apparent in his selected and original notes and critical introductions; such a work, embodying in its externals the triumphs of pictorial and typographical art, must not be passed over with this mere glance at its great merits. It will form the subject of an elaborate notice hereafter in these pages. Judge STORY'S 'Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States,' with an appendix containing important public documents illustrative thereof, which we have from the same house, is a very valuable, and to a well-informed American, almost an indispensable work. Another little volume, from the same uptiring press, we can commend to our readers, upon the mere verdict of two little girls hereabout, who are loud at this moment in its praise : "Scripture Illustrated by interesting Facts and Anecdotes,' by Rev. CHESTER FIELD, of Massachusetts. The little book is warmis conmended by the Rev. Dr. TODD, as one' which may be read and studied by children with great interest and equal profit. ...'A Summer in the Wilderness,' embracing a Canoe Voyage up the Mississippi around Lake Superior, is the title of a small volume from the house of the Messrs. APPLETON. It is by Mr.CHARLES LANMAN, author of 'Essays for Summer Hours,'a work greatly inferior to the volume before us, which has so little of the apostrophic, and so few examples of pumped-up feeling,'that one almost doubts whether it could be by the same writer, so marked is the improvement. There is a great variety of pleasant iocident, several clear pictures of natural scenery, and one or two lndian stories, which are quite above the limit which we had assigned to Mr. Laxxas's artistic powers. The volume is one which, so far at least as our previous impressions are concerned, certainly does the writer not a little credit. . . . Two valuable and very handsome volumes have reached us from the old-established and popular press of Messrs. CAREY AND HART, Philadelphia. They contain Memoirs of the Queens of France,' dedicated to the QUEEN of the French, and containing a Memoir of her French Majesty, reprinted from the second edition, which was speedily called for in England and France. The work is replete with historical interest, has good portraits, and great luxury of typography. ... 'An Overland Journey round the World' during the years 1841 and 1842, by Sir GEORGE SIMPSON, Governor-in-Chief of the Hudson's Bay Company's Territories, is a very instructive and uncommonly interesting work. LEDYARD and COCHRANE are the only travellers who accomplished what our author achieved, and be accomplished more than either of them; for in addition to the Russian empire he has embraced within his range Upper California and the Sandwich Islands. The author gives great life and spirit to his Darrative by confining himself to what he saw and hoard, seldom introducing any extraneous matter, and sparing no pains to separate truth from error. The American edition is admirably printed from the author's ow script. . . . We are glad to be able to announce, from the press of Messrs. GATES AND STEDMAN, a second edition of The Poets of Connecticut,'a large and very handsome volume, the interesting and varied contents of which have heretofore been noticed in these pages. The beauty of its ma. tériel and externals leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.... It is conclusively proved, to our conception, in a little pamphlet before us, by Mr. HORACE WELLS, of Hartford, (Cons.) giving a History of the Discovery of the Application of the Nitrous Oxide Gas, Ether and other Vapors,'that to Dr. E. E. MARCY, a physician of eminent science and skill in Hartford, and Mr. HORACE WELLS, a dentist of the same city, the public are indebted for the discovery of the 'Letheor. which has excitedl so great an interest in the medical circles of England, France and America. The proofs of this fact advanced by Mr. WELLS strike us as irrefragable.... MR. MARTIN, in Joha. street, continues the publication of his Pictorial Devotional Family Bible.' There is not the slightest falling off in the excellence of the paper, the beauty of the typography, or the superior beauty of the engravings. The numbers of a series of such excellence should, and we doubt not do, secure a wide sale. ... ARE you fully aware, reader, how much Hon. JOHN S. SKINNER and Messrs. GREELEY AND M'ELRATH are doing in their Farmers' Library and Monthly Journal of Agri. culture,' for the farming and other kindred interests in the country? We may well doubt whether there is a better publication of its class in the world. It is replete with every variety of useful information in its sphere, written with great clearness, and it is beside most liberally illestrated with good engravings. The work well deserves its great success. . . . DR. TURNER, a faithful disciple of Dr. DICKSON, and an energetic promulgator of his Chrono-T'hermal doctrines and practice, has issued a pamphlet which is very full upon the qualities and success of this new system of medical observance. Dr. TURNER likes opposition, he says, 'for out of it springs truth.'

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