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Entered according to the Act of the Parliament of Canada in the year Eighteen Hundred and Eighty-eight by the Baptist Book and Tract Society in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture at Ottawa.




The demand for a new collection of Hymns for the use of Canadian Baptist Churches has been for several years growing more and more imperative. It has been felt that no one of the Hymn-Books which have filled a most honourable place in our Service of Song was adapted to the needs of the Churches. Besides, since the publication of these books, some of the hymns suited to give the fittest and fullest expression to the devotional feeling of the worshipper have been composed.

With these thoughts in mind, the Directors of the Baptist Book and Tract Society determined to undertake the work of preparing a Hymn-Book specially adapted to the needs of the Churches, provided that the Baptist Convention would sanction the enterprise. At the annual meeting of that body, held in Halifax, August 1883, approval of the undertaking was expressed, and a Committee appointed to co-operate with the Society, viz., Rev. J. E. Hopper, D.D., Rev. G. O. Gates, M.A., Rev. F. D. Crawley, B.A., Rev. J. E. Goucher, Rev. J. A. Gordon, Rev. S. B. Kempton, M.A., Rev. A. H. Lavers, and William Ackhurst, Esq.

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