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Confefüons of Faith,
Books of DISCIPLINE, &°C.

Of publick Authority in the
Church of Scotland :

Together with
All the gas of Allembly, which are

STANDING Rules concerning
of the CHURCH of SCOT:


Vol. II.

È DI Ñ B v Ř G H,
Printed by JAMES WATSON His Majesty's Printer.


110. K 730.

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II. The Confession of the Faith and Do=

Etrine, belevit and profesië be the

Protestantis of Scotland, &c. P. 13. The English is printed according to the Copy which is in Sir John Skeno's Edition of the A&s of Parliament compared with many other Editionis, particularly, with that in the Acts of Parliament printed in the Saxon Character ; from which it differs only in the Syllabication of foine Words. The Latin is according to Leckprevik's Impression 1572. It waz done by Mr. Patrick Adamson at the Defire of the Kirk, and is a much better Vertion than that which is in the Syntagma Confclionum. The Scriptures are according to Tindal's and Coverdale's Verfion of the Bible, which was commonly used by the Proteftants in Britain at the Reformation,

P, 103,

JII. A general Confession of trew Chri

stian Faith and Religion, according to Godis Word and Acts of Parliament, subscribit be the King's Majefty and his Houspald, &c,

This is printed according to an old Manufcript, come pared with a great many Copies, particularly, that which is in the Graduation Book of the Univeriity of Edinburgh, written 1585. The original Parchment, in Sir John Maxwel of Pollock's Hands, fiibscrived at Holy-rood-house, the 25 of February 15€3. by the King, Le:mox, Huntley, the Cnancellor and about 95 other persons : 'And with the Copyp inted by Robert Waldgrav, 1581. The Acts of Allembly prefixed to it, are pri ted from the Manu, fcript Ads of Aliembly, The King's Proclamation is in all the old Editions.

IV. A general Band made for Maina

tenance of the trew and Christian
Religion, and the King's Majesties
Person and Estate ; and withstand-

P, 108.

ing, &c.

This is printed from an old Manuscript,, compared
with several Copies, particularly, with the original
Parchment, which is in the Library of the University of
Glasgopo, subscribed by the King, and divers of the

V. The national Covenant, or the ge-

neral Confession of Faith of the Kirk
of Scotland, &c. as it was subscrim
bed, 1638 and 1639.

P. 120.
This is printed from a Parchment subscribed by a great
many Hands, compared with two or three others of the
same Kind. The latter Part of it is carefully compared
with the Aas of Parliament. See the Note | Pag. 125.
The Ads of Allembly prefixed to it, are in the printed
Ads of Assembly

VI. Calvin's Catechism.

P. 139.

According to a Copy printed' 1600. with the Psalm
Book and Book of Common Order, compared with
two other Copies, and with the French and Latin Cate
chitm; of the French Church.

VII. The

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