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Extend, to seize.
Extent, violence, seizure.
Extern, external.
Extremity, calamity.
Expiate, to end.
Exposture, exposure.
Express, to reveal.
Expulsed, expelled.
Extracting, distracting.
Extravagant, wandering.
Eyas musket, a young hawk.
Eyases, nestlings.
Eyliads, eyes.
Eyne, eyes.
Eyry, a nest of hawks.
Eysel, vinegar.

Dotant, dotard.
Double, full of duplicity.
Double vouchers, a law term.
Doubt, to fear.
Dout, to do out, extinguish.
Dowle, a feather.
Down-gyved, hanging down, like

what confines the fetters round

the ancles. Draught, the jakes. Draw, to withdraw. Drawn, embowelled. Drawn fox, one which is trailed

over the ground to deceive the

hounds. Drachma, a Greek coin. Dressings, appearances of virtue. Drew, assembled. Drive, to fly with impetuosity. Drollery, a puppet-show. Drugs, drudges. Drumble, to act lazily. Ducadme (duc ad me), bring him

to me, the burthen of a song. Dudgeon, the handle of a dagger. Due, to endue, to deck. Duke, a leader. Dull, gentle, soothing. Dullard, a stupid person. Dumb, to make silent. Dump, a mournful elegy. Dup, to do up, to lift up. Durance, some lasting kind of


F. Face, to carry a foolish appear


E. Eager (from aigre, Fr.), sour,

Face-royal, a privileged face.
Facinorous, wicked.
Fact, guilt.
Factious, active.
Faculty, exercise of power.
Fadge, to suit.
Fadings, a dance.
Faith, fidelity.
Faithfully, fervently.
Fain, fond.
Fair, for fairness.
Faitors, traitors.
Falsing, falsifying.
Falsely, illegally, dishonestly.
Familiar, a demon.
Fancies and good-nights, little
Feeding, maintenance.
Feere, or pheere, a companion.
Feet, footing.
Fell, skin.
Fell of hair, capilitium, any part

Empery, sovereign power.
Emulous, envious, jealous.
Emulation, envy.
Encave, to hide.
Endart, to dart forth.
Enfeoff, to invest with posses-

Engross to fatten.
Engaged, delivered as an hostage.
Engrossments, accumulation.
Enkindle, to stimulate.
Enmesh, to inclose, as in meshes.
Enmew (in falconry), to force to

lie in cover.
Enridged, bordered.
Ensconce, to secure in a safe

place, to fortify.
Enseamed, greasy.
Enseer, to dry up.
Enshield, concealed.
Ensteeped, immersed.
Entertainment, pay ; also being

received into service.
Entreatments, favours; also ob-

jects of entreaty.
Envy, aversion, malice.
Enviously, angrily.
Ephesian, a cant term.
Erring, errant wandering.
Escape, illegitimate child.
Escoted, paid.
Esil, or Eisel, a river.
Esperance, motto of the Percy

Espials, spies.
Essential, existent, real.
Estimate, price.
Estimation, conjecture.
Estridges, ostriches.
Eterne, eternal.
Even, to make even, or evident.
Even christian, fellow-christian.
Evils, jakes.
Examined, doubted.
Excellent differences, distin-

guished excellences.
Excrement, the beard.
Execute, to use or employ.
Executors, executioners.
Exercise, exhortation.
Exhale, to breathe one's last.
Exhaust, to draw forth.
Exhibition, allowance.
Exigent, end, exigency.
Exorcism, the raising of spirits.
Expect, expectation.
Expedience, expedition.
Expedient, expeditious.
Expediently, expeditiously.
Expostulate, to discuss.
Exsufflicate, bubble-like.

Eanlings, lambs.
Ear, to plough.
Ear-kissing, whispering.
Easy, slight, inconsiderable.
Eche, to eke out.
Ecstacy, madness.
Effects, affections; also actions,

deeds effected.
Eftest, readiest.
Egypt, a gipsy.
Eld, old time; also aged persons.
Element, initiation.
Elf, done by elves, or fairies.
Elvish-marked, marked by elves.
Emballing, distinguished by the

ball, the emblem of royalty.
Embare, to expose.
Embarquements, impediments.
Embossed, inclosed, swollen,

Embowelled, exhausted.
Embraced, indulged in.
Empericutick, empirical.

poems so called.
Fancy, love.
Fancy-free, clear of love.
Fang, to seize.
Fans, ancient.
Fantastical, imaginative.
Fantasticoes, affected persons.
Fap, beaten, drunk.
Farced, stuffed.
Fardel or Farthel, a burthen.
Fashions, the farcens, a disease of

Fat, dull.
Favour, countenance.
Favours, features.
Fear, to intimidate, danger.
Feared, afraid.
Fearful, timorous; also formid.

Feat, dexterous.
Feated, made neat.
Feature, beauty.
Federacy, confederate.
Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow.
Feeder, a dependant.

covered with hair.
Fell-feats, savage actions.
Fence, the art of self-defence.
Feodary, a confederate.
Festinately, hastily.
Festival terms, elegant phrase.
Fet, fetched.
Few, in brief.
Fico, a term of contempt.
Fielded, in the field of battle.
Fights, clothes hung round a ship

to conceal the men from the

enemy. File, a list. Filed, defiled. Filed, gone an equal pace with. Fills, the shafts. Filths, common sewers. Finch-egg, a gaudy fellow. Fine, the conclusion, to make

showy, artful. Fine issues, great consequences. Fineless, boundless, endless. Finer, final. Firago, for Virago. Fire-drake, will-o'-the-wisp, or a

fire-work. Fire-new, quite new. Firk, to chastise. First-house, chief branch of the

family. Firstlings, first produce. Fit, a division of a song. Fitchew, a polecat. Fit o' the face, a grimace. Fits o'the season, disorders of the

Gallow, to scare. Gallowglasses, Irish foot-soldiers. Garboils, commotions. Gaping, shouting. Garish, gaudy. Garnered, treasured up. Gasted, frighted. Gaudy, a festival. Gaunt, meagre. Gawd, a bauble. Gaze, attention. Gear, things or matters. Geck, a fool. General, generality. Generosity, high birth. Generous, nobly born. Gennets, Spanish horses. Gentle, noble, high-born. Gentry, complaisance. German, akin. Germins, seed begun to sprout. Gest, a stage or journey. Gib, a cat. Giglot, a wanton. Gilder, a coin, value two shillings. Gilt, gold money. Gimmal, a ring or engine. Ging, a gang. Gird, a sarcasm. Glaire, a sword. Gleek, to joke. Glib, to geld. Glooming, gloomy. Gloze, to expound. Glut, to swallow. Gnarled, knotty. God 'ield you, God yield you. Gongarian, Hungarian. Good-deed, indeed. Good-den, good evening. Good-jer, gougere, a disease. Gorbellied, corpulent. Gospelled, puritanic. Goss, furze. Gossamer, atoms that float in the

Gourds, false dice.
Gouts, drops.
Go your gait, go away.
Grained, furrowed, like the grain

of wood; also dyed in grain.
Gramercy, great thanks.
Grange, a lone farm-house.
Gratillity, gratuity.
Grats, pleases.
Gratulate, to be rejoiced in.
Grave, to entomb.
Grave-man, a man in his grave.
Graves or Greaves, leg-armour.
Greasily, grossly.
Greek, a pander.


Fives, a distemper in horses.
Fixure, position.
Flap-drag inflammable stuff

Foin, to thrust in fencing.
Foizon, plenty.
Folly, depravity.
Fond, foolish.
Fools' zanies, baubles surmounted

with a fool's head.
Foot-cloth, horse-covering.
For, because.
Force, to stuff.
Forced, false.
Forbid, accursed.
Fordid, destroyed.
Fordo, to undo.
Fordone, to overcome.
Forfended, forbidden.
Forepast, already had.
Fore-slow, to loiter.
Forgetive, inventive.
Forked, horned.
Formal, in form.
Former, foremost.
Forspent, exhausted.
Forspoke, contradicted.
Forslow, delay.
Forwearied, worn out.
Fox, a sword.
Foxship, mean, cunning.
Frampold, peevish.
Frank, a sty.
Franklin, a small freeholder.
Frayed, frightened.
Free, artless.
Fret, the stop of a musical in-

Friend, a lover.
Friend, for friendship, to befriend.
Frippery, an old clothes shop.
Frize, a Welsh cloth.
From, in opposition to.
Fronted, opposed.
Frontier, forehead.
Frontlet, a forehead cloth.
Frush, to break or bruise.
Fullam, false dice.
Fulsome, obscene.
Furnishings, colours, pretences.
Fustilarian, fusty fellow.
Fulfilling, filling to the brim.
Full, complete.
Fumiter, fumitory.
Furnished, dressed.

swallowed by topers.
Flap-jack, a pancake.
Flaw, a sudden gust of wind.
Flecked, spotted, streaked.
Fleet, for float.
Fleshment, performance.
Flewed, deep-mouthed.
Flibbertigibbet, a fiend.
Flickering, fluttering.
Flight, a sort of shooting.
Flote, wave.
Flourish, to ornament; also to

Flout, to wave in mockery.
Flush, mature.
Foeman, an enemy in war.

Gabardine, a loose cloak.
Gad, a sharp-pointed instrument.
Gain-giving, misgiving.
Gamester, a wanton.
Gait, passage.
Galliard, a dance.
Galliasses, ships.
Gallimaufry, a medley.

Greenly, unskilfully.
Green-sleeves, an old song.
Grise or Grize, a step.
Grossly, palpably.
Groundlings, those who sat or

stood on the ground in the old

theatres; the common people. Guard, to fringe. Guarded, ornamented. Guerdon, a reward. Gules (in heraldry), red. Gulf, the swallow, the throat. Guiled, treacherous. Guinea-hen, a prostitute. Gun-stones, cannon-balls. Gurnet, a fish. Gust, to taste. Gyve, to shackle. Gyves, shackles.

Hoar, hoary, mouldy.
Hob-nob, as it may happen.
Hoist, hoisted.
Hold, to esteem.
Holdtaking, bear-handling.
Holla! a term of the manege.
Holy, faithful.
Hoodman-blind, blindman's-buff.
Horologe, clock.
Hot-house, a bagnio.
Hox, to hamstring.
Huggermugger, secretly.
Hull, to float without guidance.
Humming, overwhelming.
Humorous, humid.
Hungry, unprolific.
Hunt-counter, worthless dog.
Hunt's-up, a hunting tune.
Hurly, noise.
Hurtle, to dash against.
Hurtling, boisterous merriment.
Husbandry, thriftiness.
Huswife, a jilt.
Hyen, hyæna.

H. Hack, to become cheap. Haggard, wild; also a wild hawk. Hair, complexion, or character. Halcyon, a bird. Hall! make room. Hallidom, doom at judgment-day. Handsaw, hernshaw (a hawk). Hangers, that which suspends the

Indigest, shapeless.
Indite, to convict.
Induction, preface, prelude.
Indurance, delay.
Informal, deranged.
Infinite, extent or power.
Ingaged, unengaged.
Ingraft, rooted.
Inhabitable, not habitable.
Inherit, to possess.
Inhibit, to forbid, decline.
In his eye, in his presence.
Inhooped, inclosed.
Inkhorn mate, a book-mate.
Inkle, worsted-tape.
Initiate, young.
Inland, civilised.
Innocent, a fool.
In place, present.
Insane, that which makes insane.
Insanie, insanity.
Insconce, to fortify.
Insculped, engraven.
Inseparate, inseparable.
Instances, motives.
Insuit, solicitation.
Integrity, consistency.
Intend, to pretend.
Intending, regarding.
Intendment, intention.
Intention, eager desire.
Intentively, attentively.
Interessed, interested.
Intergatories, interrogatories.
In that, because.
Intrenchant, which cannot be cut.
Intrinse, intricate.
Inwardness, intimacy.
Iron-clad, in armour.
Irregulous, licentious.
Issues, consequences.
Iteration, repetition.
Itination, recitation.

I. Icebrook, a brook of icy qualities. Idle, barren. Ifecks, in faith. Ignomy, ignominy. Ill-inhabited, ill-lodged. Images, children, representatives. Imbare, to expose. Immanity, barbarity. Immediacy, close connexion. Imp, progeny. Impair, unsuitable, unequal. Impartial, partial. Impawned, wagered. Imperious, imperial. Impetticos, to impetticoat, or

impocket. Importance, importunity. Important, importunate. Impose, injunction. Impositions, commands. Impossible, incredible. Imp out, to supply the deficiency. Impress, a device or motto. Incapable, unintelligent. Incarnadine, to dye red. Incensed, incited. Inclip, to embrace. Include, to conclude. Inclusive, inclosed Incompt, subject to account. Incony, or kony, delicate, pretty. Incorrect, ill-regulated. Indent, to sign an indenture. Index, something preparatory. Indifferent, impartial.

J. Jack-a-Lent, a puppet thrown at Journal, daily. Jump, to suit, just. Justicer, a judge. Jut, to encroach. Jutty, to project. Juvenal, a youth.

Happily, accidentally.
Happy, accomplished.
Hardiment, bravery.
Harlocks, wild mustard.
Harlot, a cheat.
Harlotry, vulgar, vile.
Harness, armour.
Harrows, subdues.
Harry, to harass.
Hatch, to engrave.
Having, possessions.
Haviour, behaviour.
Haught, haughty.
Haughty, elevated.
Haunt, company.
Hay, a fencing term.
Heat, heated.
Hebenon, henbane.
Hefted, heaved, agitated.
Hell, a dungeon in a prison.
Helmed, steered through.
Hence, henceforward.
Henchman, a page of honour.
Hent, to seize.
Herb of grace, rue.
Hermits, beadsmen.
Hest, command.
Hight, called.
Hilding, a poltroon.
Hiren, a harlot.
His, often used for its.

in Lent.
Jack-guardant, a jack in office.
Jack-sauce, a saucy fellow.
Jaded, worthless.
Jar, the noise made by the pene

dulum of a clock.
Jaunce, jaunt.
Jauncing, jaunting.
Jay, a wanton.
Jesses, straps of leather fastened

round hawks' legs.
Jest, to play a part in a mask.
Jet, to strut.
Jig, a ludicrous dialogue in verse.
Jovial, belonging to Jove.

Lustic, lusty, cheerful.
Lusty, saucy.
Luxurious, lascivious.
Luxury, lust.
Lym, or lyme, a bloodhound.

Kam, awry.
Keech, a lump of tallow.
Keel, to cool.
Keisar, Cæsar.
Kernes, light-armed soldiers.
Key-cold, cold as iron.
Kicksy-wicksy, term of endear-

ment for a wife.
Kindly, natural.
Kinged, ruled.
Kirtle, a woman's garment.
Knap, to break short.
Knave, servant.
Knots, figures planted in box.
Know, to acknowledge.
Know of, to consider.

L. Labras, lips. Laced-mutton, a courtesan. Lackeying, moving like a lackey. Lag, the rabble. Lakin, ladykin, or little lady. Lances, lance-men. Lands, landing-places. Land-rakers, wanderers on foot. Large, licentious. Lass-lorn, forsaken by his mis

tress. Latch, to lay hold of. Latched or letched, licked over. Lated, benighted. Lathen, thin as a lath. Launch, lance. Laund, lawn. Laundering, wetting. Lavolta, a kind of dance. Lay, a wager. Leaguer, a camp. Leasing, falsehood. Leather-coats, a species of apples. Leavened, matured. Leech, a physician. Leer, feature, complexion. Leet, petty court of justice. Leg, obeisance. Legerity, nimbleness. Leges, alleges. Leiger, resident. Leman, a lover or mistress. Leno, a pander. Lenten, short and spare. Let, to hinder.

Lethe, death.
L'envoy, end of a poem.
Lewd, idle.
Libbard, or lubbar, a leopard.
Liberal, licentious in speech.
Liberty, libertinism.
License, licentiousness.
Liefest, dearest.
Lieger, an ambassador.
Lifter, a thief.
Light o' love, a dance tune.
Lightly, commonly.
Like, to compare.
Liking, condition of body.
Likelihood, similitude.
Likeness, speciousness.
Limbeck, a vessel used in distil-

ling. Limbo, a place supposed to be near

M. Mace, a sceptre. Mad, wild, inconstant. Magnifico, a Venetian potentate. Magnificent, boastful. Magot-pie, a magpie. Mailed, wrapped in armour. Make, to bar, to shut. Makeless, mateless, widowed. Male, a bag. Malkin, a trull. Mallecho, mischief. Maltworms, tipplers. Mammering, stammering. Mammets, puppets. Mammock, to tear. Man, to tame a hawk. Manacle, a handcuff. Mandragora, a soporific plant. Mandrake, a root. Mankind, masculine. Manner, in the fact. Man-queller, a man-killer. Marches, confines. Marchpane, a sweetmeat. Margent, margin. Martial hand, a careless scrawl. Martlemas, the latter spring. Mated, confounded. Material, full of matter. Maugre, in spite of, notwithstandNovice, a youth. Nowl, a head. Nuthook, a thief.

Lime, birdlime; to cement.
Limited, appointed.
Limits, estimates.
Lined, delineated.
Linstock, the staff to which the

match is fixed when ordnance

is fired.
List, limit.
Lither, flexible.
Little, miniature.
Livelihood, appearance of life.
Livery, a law phrase.
Living, estate, property.
Living, speaking, manifest.
Loach, a small prolific fish.
Lob, a dullard, a looby.
Lockram, a kind of linen.
Lode-star, the polar star.
Loffe, to laugh.
Loggats, a game.
Long-purples, a flower.
Longing, belonging.
Longly, longingly.
Loofed, brought close to the wind.
Loor a base fellow.
Looped, full of apertures.
Lop, the branches.
Lordling, a little lord.
Lot, a prize.
Lottery, allotment.
Love-in-idleness, a flower.
Lover, sometimes for mistress.
Lowt, a clown.
Lowted, treated with contempt.
Lozel, a worthless fellow.
Lullaby, cradle.
Lunes, lunacy.
Lurch, to win, to purloin.
Lure, a decoy for a hawk.
Lush, rank, luscious.
Lust, inclination, will.

Maund, a basket.
Meacock, a dastard.
Mealed, mingled.
Mean, the middle; the tenor in

Means, interest.
Measure, the reach; a solemn

dance ; means.
Meazels, lepers.
Medal, portrait
Meddle, to mingle.
Medicine, a female physician.
Meet, a match,
Meiney, domestics.
Memories, memorials.
Memory, memorial.
Mends, the means.
Mephistophilus, name of a familiar

Mercatante, a merchant.
Merchant, a low fellow,
Mere, entire, absolute.
Mered question, the only question.
Mince, to walk affectedly.
Minding, reminding.
Minnow, a very small fish.
Minstrelsy, office of minstrel.
Minute-jack, jack-o'-lantern.
Miscreate, illegitimate, spurious.
Misdoubt, to suspect.
Miser, a miserable or avaricious

Motive, a mover.
Mouldwarp, the mole.
Mouse, to tear to pieces.
Mouse, a term of endearment.
Mouse-hunt, a weasel.
Moy, a piece of money; also a

measure of corn.
Much, strange, wonderful.
Muckwater, drain of a dunghill.
Muffler, a wrapper for the lower

part of the face. Muliters, muleteers. Mulled, softened. Multiplied, multitudinous. Multiplying, multiplied. Multitudinous, full of multitudes. Mure, a wall. Murky, dark. Must, a scramble.

0. Obligations, bonds. Obsequious, funereal. Observation, celebration. Obstacle, obstinate. Occupation, mechanics. Occurrents, incidents, Odd-even, the interval between

twelve at night and one in the

morning. Od's-pitikins, God me pity. Oeiliads, glances of the eye, O'ercrow, overcome. O'erlooked, fascinated. O'er-parted, having too consider

able a part

Merely, entirely.
Merit, a reward.
Mermaid, a syren.
Metaphysical, supernatural.
Mete-yard, a measuring yard.
Mewed, confined.
Micher, a truant.
Miching mallecho, a secret mis-

N. Napkin, a handkerchief. Napless, threadbare. Native, naturally. Nature, natural parent. Naughty, unfit. Nay-word, a by-word. Neb, the mouth. Neelds, needles. Neglection, neglect. Neif, the fist. Nephew, a grandson, or any lineal

O'er-raught, over-reached.
O'er-wrested, wrested beyond the

Misery, avarice.
Misprised, mistaken.
Misprising, despising.
Missives, messengers.
Mistempered, angry.
Mistful, ready to weep.
Misthink, to think ill.
Mistress, the jack in bowling.
Mo, more.
Mobled, veiled, muffled.
Model, a mould.
Modern, new-fangled.
Modesty, moderation.
Module, model.
Moe, to make mouths.
Moiety, a portion.
Moist star, the moon.
Mollification, softening.
Mome, a blockhead.
Momentany, momentary.
Monster, to make monstrous.
Month's-mind, a Catholic observ-


Nether.stocks, stockings.
Newness, innovation.
Newt, the eft.
Next, nearest.
Nice, trifling
Nick, to set the mark of folly on;

Night-rule, frolic of the night.
Nighted, made dark as night.
Nill, shall not.
Nine-men's morris, a country

Noble, a coin.
Nobless, nobleness.
Noble-touch, unalloyed metal.
Noddy, a fool, also a game at

Noise, music.
Nonce, the occasion.
Non com, nonplus.
Nook-shotten, that which shoots

into capes.
Northern man, a clown.
Note, notice.
Nott-pated, round-headed.
Nourish, to nurse.
Nousle, to fondle as a nurse.
Novum, a game at dice,

Of, through.
Offering, the assailant.
Office, service.
Offices, culinary apartments.
Of all loves, by all means.
Old, frequent.
Old age, ages past.
Once, sometime.
Oneyers, bankers.
Opal, a precious stone of almost

all colours.
Operant, active.
Opinion, obstinacy, conceit,
Opposite, adverse.
Opposition, combat.
Orbs, fairy circles.
Orchard, a garden.
Ordinance, rank.
Order, measures.
Or e'er, before.
Orgulous, haughty.
O's, circles, pockmarks.
Osprey, an eagle.
Ostent, ostentation.
Ostentation, showy appearance.
Overblow, to drive away.
Overscutched, whipped at a cart's

Overture, opening, discovery.
Ounce, a tiger-cat.
Ouph, fairy.
Ousel-cock, the cock blackbird.
Out, full, complete.
Outvied, defeated, a term at the

game of gleek.
Outward, not in the secret.
Owe, to possess, to own.
Oxlip, the great cowslip.

Mood, anger, manner.
Moody, melancholy.
Moonish, variable.
Mops and moes, ludicrous antics.
Moral, secret meaning.
Morisco, Moorish.
Morris-pike, Moorish-pike.
Mort of the deer, a tune on the

death of the deer.
Mortal, murderous, fatal.
Mortal, abounding.
Mortal-staring, killing by a look.
Mortified, ascetic.
Most, greatest.
Mot, a motto.
Mother, the hysteric passion.
Motion, divinatory agitation.
Motion, desires.
Motion, a puppet.
Motions, indignation.

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