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Psalm 52. Quid gloriaris? heaven upon the children of WHY boastest thou thyself, men, to see if there were any thou tyrant, that thou canst do that would understand, and seek

after God. mischief? 2 Whereas the goodness of

4 But they are all gone out God endureth yet daily.

of the way, they are altogether 3. Thy tongue imagineth become abominable ; there is wickedness, and with lies thou also none that doeth good, no

not one. cuttest like a sharp razor.

5 Are they not without uneousness more than goodness, derstanding that work wickedand to talk of lies more than ness, eating up my people as if righteousness.

they would eat bread ? they have 5 Thou hast loved to speak

not called upon God all words that may do hurt, O

6 They were afraid, where thou false tongue.

no fear was; for God hath 6 Therefore shall God de- broken the bones of him that stroy thee for ever; he shall besieged thee; thou hast put take thee, and pluck thee out

them to confusion, because God

hath despised them. of thy dwelling, and root thee

ng O that the salvation were out of the land of the living.

7 The righteous also shall given unto Israel out of Sion! see this, and fear, and shall o that the LORD would deliver laugh him to scorn:

his people out of captivity !

8 Then should Jacob rejoice, 8 Lo, this is the man that

and Israel should be right glad took not God for his strength; but trusted unto the multitude Psalm 54. Deus, in nomine. of his riches, and strengthened

SAVE me, O God, for thy himself in his wickedness.

name's sake, and avenge me in 9 As for me, I am like a green olive-tree in the house of thy strength.

er 3 Hear my prayer, o God, God; my trust is in the tender

and hearken unto the words of mercy of God for ever and ever.


mouth: 10 I will always give thanks

3 For strangers are risen up unto thee for that thou hast done ; and I will hope in thy have not God before their eyes,

against me; and tyrants, which name, for thy saints like it weli.

seek after my soul.

4 Behold, God is my helper;

the LORD is with them that Psalm 53. Dixit insipiens.

uphold my soul. THE foolish body hath said 5 He shall reward evil unto in his heart, There is no God. mine enemies : destroy thou

2 Corrupt are they, and them in thy truth. become abominable in their 6 An offering of a free heart wickedness; there is none that will I give thee, and praise thy doeth good.

name, O LORD; because it is 3 God looked down from so comfortable.


7 For he hath delivered me adversary that did magnify out of all my trouble ; and mine himself against me; for then cye hath seen his desire upon peradventure I would have hid mine enemies.

myself from him :

14 But it was even thou, my Psalm 55. Exaudi, Deus.

companion, my guide, and mine HEAR my prayer, O God, own familiar friend. and hide not thyself from my 15 We took sweet counsel petition.

together, and walked in the 2 Take heed unto me, and house of God as friends. hear me, how I mourn in my 16 Let death come hastily prayer, and am vexed.

upon them, and let them go 3 The enemy crieth so, and down quick into hell ; for the ungodly cometh on so fast; wickedness is in their dwellings, for they are minded to do me and among them. some mischief, so maliciously 17 As for me, I will call upon are they set against me. God, and the LORD shall save

4 My heart is disquieted me. within me, and the fear of death 18 In the evening, and mornis fallen upon me.

ing, and at noon-day, will I 5 Fearfulness and trembling pray, and that instantly; and are come upon me, and an horri- he shall hear my voice. ble dread hath overwhelmed me. 19 It is he that hath delivered

6 And I said, Othat I had my soul in peace, from the wings like a dove! for then battle that was against me; for would I flee away, and be at rest. there were many with me.

7 Lo, then would I get me 20 Yea, even God that enaway far off, and remain in the dureth for ever, shall hear me, wilderness.

and bring them down; for they 8 I would make haste to will not turn, nor fear God. escape, because of the stormy

21 He laid his hands upon wind and tempest.

such as be at peace with him, 9 Destroy their tongues, Os and he brake his covenant. LORD, and divide them ; for I 22 The words of his mouth have spied unrighteousness and were softer than butter, having strife in the city.

war in his heart; his words 10 Day and night they go were smoother than oil, and yet about within the walls thereof; they be very swords. mischief also and sorrow are in 23 O cast thy burthen upon the midst of it.

the LORD, and he shall nourish 11 Wickedness is therein ; thee, and shall not suffer the deceit and guile go not out of righteous to fall for ever. their streets.

24 And as for them, thou, O 12 For it is not an open God, shalt bring them into the enemy that hath done me this pit of destruction. dishonour ; for then I could 25 The blood-thirsty and have borne it :

deceitful men shall not live out 13 Neither it mine half their days : nevertheless,



my trust shall be in thee, O pay my vows; unto thee will I LORD.

give thanks.

13 For thou hast delivered

my soul from death, and my THE ELEVENTH DAY.

feet from falling, that I may

walk before God in the light Psalm 56. Miserere mei, Deus. lof the living. BE merciful unto me, O God,

PSALM 57. Miserere mei, Deus. for man goeth about to devour me; he is daily fighting and BE merciful unto me, O God, troubling me.

be merciful unto me; for my 2 Mine enemies are daily in soul trusteth in thee; and under hand to swallow me up; for the shadow of thy wings shall they be many that fight against be my refuge, until this tyranny me, O thou Most Highest.

be overpast. 3 Nevertheless, though I am 2 I will call unto the most sometimes afraid, yet put I my high God, even unto the God trust in thee.

that shall perform the cause 4 I will praise God because which I have in hand. of his word: I have put my 3 He shall send from heaven, trust in God, and will not fear and save me from the reproof what flesh can do unto me. of him that would eat me up.

5 They daily mistake my 4 God shall send forth his words; all that they imagine is mercy and truth; my soul is to do me evil.


lions. 6 They hold all together, 5 And I lie even among the and keep themselves close, and children of men, that are set mark my steps, when they lay on fire, whose teeth are spears wait for my soul.

and arrows, and their tongue a 7 Shall they escape for their sharp sword. wickedness? Thou, o God, in 6 Set up thyself, O God, thy displeasure, shall cast them above the heavens, and thy down.

glory above all the earth. 8 Thou tellest my wander- 7 They have laid a net for ings: put my tears into thy my feet, and pressed down my bottle : are not these things soul; they have digged a pit noted in thy book ?

before me, and are fallen into 9 Whensoever I call upon the midst of it themselves. thee, then shall mine enemies 8 My heart is fixed, O God, be put to flight: this I know; my heart is fixed; I will sing, for God is on my side.

and give praise. 10 In God's word will I 9. Awake up, my glory; rejoice; in the LORD's word awake, lute and harp: I myself will I comfort me.

will awake right early. 11 Yea, in God have I put 10 I will give thanks unto my trust; I will not be afraid thee, O LORD, among the peowhat man can do unto me. ple ; and I will sing unto thee

12 Unto thee, O God, will I l among the nations.


11 For the greatness of thy

10 So that a man shall say, mercy reacheth unto the hea- Verily, there is a reward for the vens, and thy truth unto the righteous; doubtless there is a clouds.

God that judgeth the earth. 12 Set up thyself, O GOD, above the heavens, and thy glory above all the earth. Psalm 59. Eripe me de inimicis.

DELIVER me from mine PSALM 58. Si vere utique.

enemies, O God; defend me ARE

your minds set upon from them that rise up against righteousness, O ye congre- me. gation? and do ye judge the 2 O deliver me from the thing that is right, Õ ye sons wicked doers, and save me from of men ?

the blood-thirsty men. 2 Yea, ye imagine mischief 3 For lo, they lie waiting for in your heart upon the earth, my soul; the mighty men are and

your hands deal with wick- gathered against me, without edness.

any offence or fault of me, O 3 The ungodly are froward, LORD. even from their mother's womb; 4 They run and prepare as soon as they are born, they themselves without my fault; go astray and speak lies. arise thou therefore to help me,

4 They are as venomous as and behold. the poison of a serpent, even 5 Stand up, O LORD God of like the deaf adder, that stop- hosts, thou God of Israel, to peth her ears ;

visit all the heathen, and be not 5 Which refuseth to hear the merciful unto them that offend voice of the charmer, charm he of malicious wickedness. never so wisely.

6 They go to and fro in the 6 Break their teeth, O God, evening, they grin like a dog, in their mouths; smite the jaw- and run about through the city. bones of the lions, O LORD: let 7 Behold, they speak with them fall away like water that their mouth, and swords are in runneth apace; and when they their lips ; for who doth hear? shoot their arrows, let them be 8 But thou, O LORD, shalt rooted out.

have them in derision, and thou 7 Let them consume away shalt laugh all the heathen to like a snail, and be like the scorn. untimely fruit of a woman; and 9 My strength will I ascribe let them not see the sun. unto thee; for thou art the God

8 Or ever your pots be made of my refuge. hot with thorns, so let indigna- 10 GOD showeth me his nation vex him, even as a thing goodness plenteously: and God that is raw.

shall let me see my


upon 9 The righteous shall rejoice, mine enemies. when he seeth the vengeance ;

11 Slay them not, lest my he shall wash his footsteps in people forget it; but scatter the blood of the ungodly. them abroad among the people,


and put them down, O LORD, divide Sichem, and mete out our defence.

the valley of Succoth. 12 For the sin of their mouth, 7 Gilead is mine, and Manasand for the words of their lips, ses is mine; Ephraim also is the they shall be taken in their strength of my head; Judah is pride: and why? their preach- my law-giver; ing is of cursing and lies. 8 Moab is my wash-pot; over

13 Consume them in thy Edom will I cast out my shoe; wrath ; consume them, that Philistia, be thou glad of me. they may perish, and know that 9 Who will lead me into the it is God that ruleth in Jacob, strong city? who will bring me and unto the ends of the world. into Edom?

14 And in the evening they 10 Hast not thou cast us out, will return, grin like a dog, and O God? wilt not thou, O GOD, will go about the city.

go out with our hosts? 15 They will run here and 11 O be thou our help in there for meat, and grudge if trouble; for vain is the help of they be not satisfied.

16 As for me, I will sing of 12 Through God will we do thy power, and will praise thy great acts; for it is he that shall mercy betimes in the morning; tread down our enemies. for thou hast been my defence

Psalm 61. Exaudi, Deus. and refuge in the day of my trouble.

HEAR my crying, O GOD, 17 Unto thee, O my strength, give ear unto my prayer, will I sing; for thou, O God, 2 From the ends of the earth art my refuge, and my mercisul will I call upon thee, when my God.

heart is in heaviness.

3 O set me up upon the rock Psalm 60. Deus, repulisti nos.

that is higher than I ; for thou O GOD, thou hast cast us out, hast been my hope, and a strong and scattered us abroad; thou tower for me against the enemy. hast also been displeased : 0 4 I will dwell in thy taberturn thee unto us again. nacle for ever, and my trust

2 Thou hast moved the land, shall be under the covering of and divided it: heal the sores thy wings. thereof, for it shaketh.

5 For thou, O LORD, hast 3 Thou hast showed thy heard my desires, and hast given people heavy things; thou hast an heritage unto those that fear given us a drink of deadly wine. thy name.

4 Thou hast given a token for 6 Thou shalt grant the king such as fear thee, that they may a long life, that his years may triumph because of the truth. endure throughout all genera

5 Therefore were thy beloved tions. delivered : help me with thy 7 He shall dwell before God right hand, and hear me. for ever; O prepare thy loving

6 God hath spoken in his mercy and faithfulness, that they holiness, I will rejoice and I may preserve him !

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