The Publications of the Surtees Society, Volume 80

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Report of Society appended to many volumes.

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Page 341 - There were also four or five in the same parish that were reputed all of them to be 100 old or within two or three years of it, and they all said he was an elderly man, ever since they knew him, for he was born in another parish, and before any...
Page 16 - Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to inquire into the Bankrupt Laws ; and i This and the two preceding motions were lost by large majorities.
Page 266 - Egyptians called this figure, Hemptha ; the Greeks, in abbreviated writing used it for Daimon, or the good genius ; the Brachmans, in the East Indies use it ; the Chinese, the ancient Persians, with whom it still remains at Persepolis ; the Americans, our Britons ; this shows it was extremely ancient ; but of all nations, our ancestors have had the greatest veneration for it, that they have expanded it in so laborious a picture, three miles...
Page 403 - ... top to bottom. The second was, that in another tree of the same height, the thunder had cut out a piece of the same breadth and thickness, from top to bottom, in a spiral line, making three turns about the tree, and entering into the ground above six feet deep. The third was the horn of a large deer found in the heart of an oak, which was discovered in cutting down the tree.
Page 341 - Whether the king was there ? ' He said, ' No, he was in France, and the earl of Surrey was general.
Page 12 - Westminster, and usually rung at the coronation and funerals of princes, having this inscription about it, " King Edward made me Thirty thousand and three ; Take me down and weigh me, And more shall you find me...
Page 169 - Tibba's well, was consecrated by our pious ancestors to St. Eabba. Then this ford over the river, before the bridg was built, would be called St. Eabba's-well-ford, corrupted into Stablesford. This same spring now is called by the shepherds Jacob's well, and that probably is but a corruption of St. Eabba's well.
Page 340 - Conyer's menial servants. Being one day in my sister's kitchen, Henry Jenkins coming in to beg an alms, I had a mind to examine him : I told him he was an old man who must soon expect to give an account to God of all he did or said ; and I desired him to tell me very truly how old he was ; on which he paused a little, and then said, that, to the best of his remembrance, he was about 162 or 163.
Page 140 - She wondered I never travelled abroad. I answered that I loved my own country, and that there was curiosity and antiquity enough at home to entertain any genius...
Page 483 - ... was inconsistent with his principles ; and therefore, since he could not have the honour of serving his country in person, he would endeavour to do it by his example.

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