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1. Let us rejoice in Christ the Lord, Who claims us for his own ; The hope that's built up

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1 Let us rejoice in Christ the Lord,

Who claims us for his own;
The hope that's built upon his word,

ll: Can ne'er be overthrown. :||
2 Though many foes beset us round,

And feeble is our arm,
Our life is hid with Christ in God

11: Beyond the reach of harm. :||
3 Weak as we are, we will not faint,

Or, fainting, cannot fail ;
Jesus, the strength of every saint,

11: Must in the end prevail. : || 4 As surely as he overcame,

And conquered death and sin,
So surely those that trust his name

11: Will all his triumph win. ://
1 No longer far from rest I roam,

And search in vain for bliss ;
My soul is satisfied at home ;

11: The Lord my portion is. :||
2 Jesus, who on his glorious throne

Rules heaven, and earth, and sea, Is pleased to claim me for his own,

11: And give himself to me. : || 3 His person fixes all my love ;

His blood removes my fear ; And, while he pleads for me above, 11: His arm preserves me here. : ||

1 Behold where, in a mortal form,

Appears each grace divine ;
The virtues, all in Jesus met,

ll: With mildest radiance shine. : ||
2 To spread the rays of heavenly light,

To give the mourner joy,
To preach glad tidings to the poor,

ll: Was his divine employ. :// 3 Midst keen reproach and cruel scorn,

Patient and meek he stood ;
His foes, ungrateful, sought his life ;

11: He labored for their good. :|| 4 Be Christ our pattern and our guide ;

His image may we bear;
O may we tread his holy steps,

11: His joy and glory share! :||
O happy they who know the Lord,

With whom he deigns to dwell! He feeds and cheers them with his word,

ll: His arm supports them well. : //
2 His presence sweetens all our cares,

And makes our burdens light;
A word from him dispels our fears,

11: And gilds the gloom of night. :|| 3 Lord, we expect to suffer here,

Nor would we dare repine, But give us still to find thee near, 11: And own us still for thine. ://



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Used by per. of OLIVER Ditson Co.

I bid fare - well



ery fear; My wants are

well sup-plied.

1 While my Redeemer's near,

My Shepherd and my Guide, I bid farewell to every fear;

My wants are well supplied. 2 To ever fragrant meads,

Where rich abundance grows, His gracious hand indulgent leads,

And guards my sweet repose. 3 Dear Shepherd, if I stray,

My wand'ring feet restore ;
And guard me with thy watchful eye,
And let me rove no more.

1 Jesus, thou Source divine,

Whence hope and comfort flow; Jesus, no other name than thine

Can save from future woe. 2 None else will heaven approve ;

Thou art the only way, Ordained by everlasting love,

To realms of endless day. 3 Here let our feet abide,

Nor from thy path depart:
Direct our steps, thou gracious Guide,

And cheer the fainting heart.
1 The Lord my Shepherd is,

I shall be well supplied ;
Sir is ine, and I am his,

What can I want beside ?

2 He leads me to the place

Where heavenly pasture grows ;
Where living waters gently pass,

And full salvation flows.
3 If e'er I go astray,

He doth my soul reclaim,
And guides me, in his own right way,

For his most holy name.
4 While he affords his aid,

I cannot yield to fear; [dark shade,
Though I should walk through death's

My Shepherd's with me there.
1 Like sheep we went astray,

And broke the fold of God;
Each wand'ring in a diff'rent way,

But all the downward road.


2 How dreadful was the hour,

When God our wand'rings laid, And did at once his vengeance pour

Upon the Shepherd's head ! 3 How glorious was the grace,

When Christ sustained the stroke! His life and blood the Shepherd pays,

A ransom for the flock.


4 But God shall raise his head

O'er all the sons of men,
And make him see a num'rous seed
To recompense his pain.


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The foe be - fore his

ban-ner Aies, And vic - to - ry





216 1 Arise, ye saints, arise !

1 Our heavenly Father calls, The Lord your leader is ;

And Christ invites us near ; The foe before his banner flies,

With both, our friendship shall be sweet, And victory is his.

And our communion dear. 2 We follow him, our Guide,

2 How large his bounties are ! Our Captain, and our King;

What various stores of good, We follow him, through grace supplied Diffused from our Redeemer's hand, From heaven's eternal spring.

And purchased with his blood ! 3 We soon shall see the day

3 Jesus, our living Head, When all our toils shall cease ;

We bless thy faithful care ;
When we can cast our cares away,

Our Advocate before the throne,
And dwell in endless peace.

And our Forerunner there. 4 This hope supports us here ;

217 It makes our burdens light;

1 Thou very Paschal Lamb, 'T will serve our drooping hearts to cheer Whose blood for us was shed, Till faith shall end in sight.

Through whom we out of bondage came, T. KELLY.

Thy ransomed people led. 215 1 Thou, Lord, art gone on high,

2 Angel of gospel grace, To realms beyond the skies ;

Fulfill thy character, And round thy throne unceasingly To guard and feed the chosen race, The songs of praise arise.

In Israel's camp appear. 2 But we are lingering here,

3 Throughout the desert way With sin and care oppressed ;

Conduct us by thy light; Lord, send thy promised Comforter, Be thou a cooling cloud by day, And lead us to our rest.

A cheering fire by night. 3 And girt with griefs and fears,

4 Our fainting souls sustain Our onward course must be ;

With blessings from above;
But only let that path of tears

And ever on thy people rain
Lead us at last to thee.

The manna of thy love.




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Bless-ed Je - sus, bless-ed Je - sus, Thou hast bought us, thine we

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1 Saviour, like a shepherd lead us ;

With thy love our bosoms fill:
Much we need thy tend'rest care ; 11: Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,
In thy pleasant pastures feed us ;

Thou hast loved us, love us still. : 11 For our use thy folds prepare : 11: Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,

219 Thou hast bought us, thine we are. :ll 1 Saviour! who thy flock art feeding

With the shepherd's kindest care, 2 We are thine ; do thou befriend us ; Be the Guardian of our way ;

All the feeble gently leading,

While the lambs thy bosom share ;
Keep thy flock; from sin defend us ;
Seek us when we go astray ;

Now, these little ones receiving,

Fold them in thy gracious arm ; 11: Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus, Hear, O hear us when we pray. :||

There, we know, thy word believing,

Only there, secure from harm. 3 Thou hast promised to receive us,

Poor and sinful though we be; 2 Never, from thy pasture roving, Thou hast mercy to relieve us,

Let them be the lion's prey ; Grace to cleanse, and power to free : Let thy tenderness, so loving, 11: Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,

Keep them all life's dangerous way: We will early turn to thee. ://

Then, within thy fold eternal,

Let them find a resting-place, 4 Early let us seek thy favor ;

Feed in pastures ever vernal, Early let us do thy will ;

Drink the rivers of thy grace. Blessed Lord and only Saviour,


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Je-sus, ref - uge of my soul, Let me to thy bos 1.

While the rag-ing bil-lows roll, While the tem-pest still is D. C. Safe in-to the ha - ven guide, O re-ceive me home at

high; }


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my heart,

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Thou of life the fountain art!

Freely let me take of thee :
Spring thou


within Rise to all eternity.

C. WESLEY. 221 1 Lord, thou art my rock of strength,

And my home is in thine arms ;
Thou wilt send me help at length,

And I feel no wild alarms :
Sin nor death can pierce the shield

Thy defence has o'er me thrown,
Up to thee myself I yield,

And my sorrows are thine own. 2 When my trials tarry long

Unto thee I look and wait; Knowing none, though keen and strong,

Can my trust in thee abate ; And this faith I long have nursed,

Comes alone, O God, from thee; Thou my heart didst open first,

Thou didst set this hope in me. 3 Let thy mercy's wings be spread

O'er me, keep me close to thee;
In the peace thy love doth shed,

Let me dwell eternally!
Be my all : in all I do,

Let me only seek thy will ;
Let my heart to thee be true

And thus peaceful, calm and still.

3 Thou, O Christ, art all I want;

All in all in thee I find ;
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint,

Heal the sick, and lead the blind.
Just and holy is thy name,

I am all unrighteousness;
Vile and full of sin I am,

Thou art full of truth and grace.

4 Plenteous grace with thee is found,

Grace to cover all my sin :
Let the healing streams abound;

Make and keep me pure within.


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