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1 Come on, my partners in distress, 2 Yes ; broken, tuneless, still, O Lord, My comrades through this wilderness, This voice, transported, shall record Who still your bodies feel :

Thy goodness, tried so long;
Awhile forget your griefs and fears, Till, sinking low, with calm decay,
And look beyond this vale of tears, Its feeble murmurs melt away
To that celestial hill.

Into a seraph's song. 2 Who suffer with our Master here,

908 Shall soon before his face appear,

1 With us no melancholy void, And by his side sit down ;

No moment lingers unemployed, To patient faith the prize is sure,

Or unimproved below;
And all that to the end endure

Our weariness of life is gone,
The cross, shall wear the crown.

Who live to serve our God alone,
3 Thrice blessed, bliss-inspiring hope, And only thee to know.
It lifts the fainting spirit up,

2 The winter's night, the summer's day, It brings to life the dead ;

Glide imperceptibly away, Our conflicts here shall soon be past,

Too short to sing thy praise ; And you and I ascend at last,

Too few we find the happy hours, To meet our living Head.

And haste to join those heavenly powers 907

In everlasting lays. i O now, in age and grief, thy name 3 With all who chant thy name on high, Doth still my languid heart inflame, And Holy, holy, holy," cry,-And bow my faltering knee :

A bright, harmonious throng!
O yet this bosom feels the fire ;

We long thy praises to repeat,
This trembling hand and drooping lyre And ceaseless sing around thy seat
Have yet a strain for thee!

The new, eternal song.







1. My heavenly home is bright and fair ; No pain nor death can en- ter there : 2. While here, a stran-ger far from home, Af- flic-tion's wave may round me foam ; 3. Let oth - ers seek a home be - low, Which flames devour, or waves o’erflow; 4. Then fail the earth, let stars de-cline, And sun and moon re - fuse to shine,

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Its glittering towers the sun outshine ; That heavenly man-sion shall be mine.
And though, like Lazarus, sick and poor, My heavenly man-sion is
Be mine a hap - pier lot to A heavenly man-sion near the throne.
All na-ture sink and cease to Be, That heavenly man-sion stands for me.


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We're go - ing home, we're go-ing home, We're go-ing home to die no more :

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To die no more, to die no more, We're go-ing home to die

no more.

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the fair, green lands Thatskirt the sands of time's bleakshore ;

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At home, a - mid the blood-washed bands, To tread these rugged paths no more.

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1 I see them on the fair, green lands 3 Its skies are not like earthly skies,

That skirt the sands of time's bleak With varying hues of shade and light; shore;

[bands, It hath no need of suns to rise, At home, amid the the blood-washed To dissipate the gloom of night. To tread these rugged paths no more.

4. There sweeps no desolating wind 2 No more, 'mid toil and grief to weep;

Across that calm, serene abode ; No more, 'mid sweat and tears to roam ; The wanderer there a home may find, No more to pine in dungeons deep

Within the paradise of God. All dangers past, now safely home. 3 At home, where enemies come not, 912

From which no friend shall go away ; 1 When God descends with men to dwell, At home, where death is all forgot,

And all creation wakes anew, And night is lost in endless day. What tongue can half the wonders tell ? 4 Soon, soon will come the glorious day,

What eye the dazzling glory view? When this faith vision shall be known ; 2 Zion, the desolate, again When earthly things are passed away,

Shall see her lands with roses bloom ; Then shall the saved surround the

And Carmel's mount, and Sharon's plain, throne.

Shall yield their spices and perfume. 5 And God will bid them welcome there,

And Christ shall smile their tears away, 3 Celestial streams shall gently flow;
And angels wait, their bliss to share,

The wilderness shall joyful be,
Throughout the everlasting day.

Lilies on parched ground shall grow;

And gladness spring on every tree. 911 1 There is a land mine eye hath seen,

4 The lame shall walk, the blind behold, In visions of enraptured thought,

The deafshall hear, the dumb shallsing, So bright that all which spreads between

The weak be strong, the fearful bold, Is with its radiant glory fraught ;

And joy through all the earth shallring. 2 A land upon whose blissful shore 5 Monarchs and slaves may meet in love ;

There rests no shadow, falls no stain ; Old pride shall die, and meekness reign, There those who meet shall part no more ; When God descends from worlds above,

And those long parted meet again. To dwell with men on earth again.






1. In the Christian's home in glo - ry, There re- mains a

land of rest; 2. He is fit- ting up my mansion, Which e ter - nal - ly shall stand ; 3. Pain nor sick-ness ne'er shall en - ter, Grief nor woe my lot shall share ; 4. Death it self shall then be vanquished, And his sting shall be with-drawn; 5. Sing, 0 sing, ye heirs of glo - ry; Shout your tri - umph as you go;

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sweet fields of Eden, Where the tree of life is blooming, There is rest for you.




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X 1. Wea - ry ones, with eyes up - lift - ed, Watch-ing for the dawn of day, 2. On - ward in the path to glo - ry! Fal - ter nev - er by the way; 3. O the way is get-ting brighter, As the swift-winged moments roll, 4


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Wait - ing till the clouds are rift ed, And the shad-ows roll way,
Sound a-broad the gladsome sto-ry— Strive till night is lost in day.
Hope - ful hearts are growing light - er As they near the prom-ised goal,

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