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Till the shad-ows are all scattered, And the earth is bright a

gain ;

And he


eth who for


the world shall reign.

ev - er

O - ver


3 Only waiting till the heavens

Are aglow with radiant light,
And the clouds shall bear him hither

With attending angels bright;
Waiting till we see the shining

And the glory of his throne ;
Till he smiles upon his people,

And shall come to take his own.

1 Only waiting till the dawning,

Till the dreary night has flown; Only waiting till the twilight

Into the full day has grown; Till the shadows are all scattered,

And the earth is bright again ; And he cometh who forever

Over all the world shall reign. 2 Only waiting till the dawning

Of the grand, eternal day ; Waiting for the beams of glory

That shall drive the night away. Waiting for the angels' voices,

To be heard along the skies ; Waiting for the trumpet's sounding,

That shall bid the dead arise.

4 Only waiting till the reapers

Shall appear to gather home
All his loved ones, who are longing

For their Saviour-King to come.
Quickly, reapers, 0 come quickly!

Is the cry of many a heart ;
Come and gather all the waiting;
They are longing to depart.

Arr. by I. I. LESLIE,





1. That glorious day is com-ing, The hour is hastening on; Its radiant light is

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near-ing, Far brighter than thesun ; In yonder cloudsofheav-en The Saviour

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will ap - pear, And gath-er all his chos - en, To meet him in the air.

1 That glorious day is coming,

4 O Christian, keep from sleeping, The hour is hastening on;

And let your love abound; Its radiant light is nearing,

Be watchful, prayerful, faithful, Far brighter than the sun ;

The trumpet soon will sound!
In yonder clouds of heaven

O sinner, hear the warning!
The Saviour will appear,

To Jesus quickly fly!
And gather all his chosen,

Then you, in that blest morning, To meet him in the air.

May meet him in the sky. 2 Then fire, from heaven descending,


1 When shall the voice of singing Shall sweep this wide earth o'er;

Flow joyfully along? And nations, loud lamenting,

When hill and valley, ringing Shall sink to rise no more

With one triumphant song, Though tears with prayers are blended,

Proclaim the contest ended, In vain, in vain they cry :

And him who once was slain, The day of grace is ended,

Again to earth descended, The sinner now must die.

In righteousness to reign? 3 The saints, then all victorious,

2 Then from the craggy mountains Will go to meet their Lord ;

The sacred shout shall fly ; An earth both bright and glorious, And shady vales and fountains Will then be their reward ;

Shall echo the reply: And God himself there reigning,

High tower and lowly dwelling Will wipe all tears away;

Shall send the chorus round, Nor clouds, nor night remaining,

All hallelujah swelling But one eternal day.

In one eternal sound.


ALL THINGS NEW. 8 & 6s. D.


1. There's shadow on earth's fair-est light, Of hu - man guilt and hu - man tears ;


Copyright, 1894, by CHAS. H. WOODMAN, Manager.


1 There's shadow on earth's fairest light, Ye broken-hearted, cease your moan ; Of human guilt and human tears ;

The day of promise dawns for you, She gropes her way through realms of For he who sits upon the throne

Thatoncesung with the spheres, [night, Says, “I make all things new." But now the sport of blinded chance,

4 We mourn the dead, but they shall wake! The heavenly record standeth true; The lost, but they shall be restored! She waits a full deliverance

O well our human hearts might break When God makes all things new.

Without that sacred word ! 2 The world is old with centuries,

Dim eyes, look up, and hearts rejoice, But not for these she bows her head ; Seeing God's bow of promise through, Close to her heart the sorrow lies

At sound of that prophetic voiceShe holds so many dead !

"I will make all things new.". Sad discords mingle in her song, 5 How long ? The ages falter, dumb, Tears fall upon her with the dew,

As on the threshold of new birth : The whole creation groans — How long The nations pray, “Thy kingdom come,' Ere all shall be made new ?

"The new heavens and new earth." 3 No place shall be in that new earth Earth turning, turning, nears that day, For all that blights this universe ;

When all the angel-choirs anew No evil taint the second birth

Shallsing, “Old things are passed away;" "There shall be no more curse."

God hath made “All things new.”



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1 We have heard of a bright, a better land ; And lovely birds in bowers green,

We have heard, and our hearts are glad, Their melodies ever repeat;
For we were a lonely pilgrim band, While voices mingle in every scene
And weary, and worn, and sad.

With harpings of seraphim sweet!
They tell us we pilgrims shall ever dwell

3 We have heard of the robe, the palm, there,

the crown, No longer be homeless ones ;

And the countless throng in white; They say that the land is bright and fair,

The city of gems of a high renown, And clear, living water there runs.

Illumined with heavenly light. 2 They say green fields are waving there, The King in his beauty there will be, That never a blight will know ;

His presence the joy of the land; That hills and vales are blooming fair, A little while, and his face we'll see, And flowers, unfading, grow.

And be with that beautiful band.

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1. There's a land that is beaming with gladness, There'sa home we are longing to see ; 2. O the loved and the dear ones shall meetus, We shall walk there with them by our side ; 3. In our dreams even now it is shin-ing, Yonder land, that is fair-er than day; 4. Not a mem-ory of pain or of sor-row, Shall be found in that sweet land of light;

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Though the heart may be heavy with sadness, Yet we know there are brightjoys to be. And the angels all bright there shall greetus, In our home by the fair, crystal tide. And the hearts of the wea-ry are pin - ing For the message that calls them away. O that fair and that joy - ful to - mor-row, It will bring neither shadows nor night.

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In that home, Eden home, In that home, Eden home,O the weary shall sigh nevermore,

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In that home, Eden home,In that home, Eden home, Weshall meet to be parted no more.

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