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George Browne
Hugh Curwen

235 Adam Loftus


} Matthew de Oviedo. Thomas Jones


} Eugene Matthews Lancelot Bulkeley

253 James Margetson

275} Thomas Fleming Michael Boyle


} Peter Talbot John Parker

283 Francis Marsh


} Patrick Russell Narcissus Marsh


} Peter Creagh William King


Edmund Byrne . {

Edward Murphy John Hoadly


} Luke Fagan Charles Cobbe


John Linegar {

Richard Lincoln William Carmichael

342 Arthur Smyth

343 } Patrick Fitzsimon John Cradock

344 Robert Fowler

347 } John Carpenter Charles Agar


} John Thomas Troy Euseby Cleaver

352 John G. de la Poer Beresford 353

Daniel Murray William Magee

354 Richard Whateley




466 469


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ACADEMY, ROYAL IRISH, 10 copies. Arthure, B. Esq., Dominick-st. ACHONRY, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mac Nicholas, Arthure, J. Esq., Seafield, Swords.

R. C. Bishop of, and his Clergy herein named, 7 copies.

Bagot, J. J. Esq. D. L., Castle-Bagot. Adams, Rev. B., Ballintobber.

Baird, J. R. Esq., Civil Engineer. Alen, Lieut. Col., Lower Gardiner-st. Baldwin, H. Esy., Barrister at Law. Anster, John, Esq. LL. D., &c. Baldwin, Mrs., Gardiner's-place. ANTIQUARIES, SOCIETY OF, Edin- Barnewall, Sir Aylıner, Bart. burgh.

Barrett, Alfred, Esq., Baggot-st. Archbold, R. Esq., county Kildare. Barrett, J. Esq., Sen., Baggot-st. Archbold, R. Esq., Upper Dorset-st. Barrett, Wm. Esq., York-st. ARDAGH, Rt. Rev. Dr. Higgins, R. C. Barrington, M. Esq., Crown Solicitor, Bishop of.

&c. &c. Ardill, T. Esq., Aungier-st.

*Barron, Henry W. Esq., M. P. ARMAGH, Most Rev. Dr. Crolly, R.C. *Barron, Pierce George, Esq., D. L.

Archbishop of, and his Grace's Clergy Barry, J. M. Esq., county Wicklow. not herein named, 25 copies. Barry, M. Esq., Barrister at Law.

Although these works are, for convenience, given in separate volumes, they have been undertaken and published simultaneously at a total price, in accordance with the requisition alluded to in the preface to the County History, and the prospectuses subsequently issued. Some few, who sent their names as subscribers for that History without expressly naming the Memoirs, if they designed to make a distinction, will see it was impossible to effect it, and pardon what, it is hoped, they may not regret, the addition of the latter work within the very limited rate of subscription.


Barry, Paul, Esq., Rathmincs. Carroll, Rev. T., Westland-row, 5 cop.
Battersby, Mr. W. J., 2 copies. Carroll, Rev. T., Booterstown.
* Beasley, H. Esq., Barrister at Law. Carthy, Rev. Mr., Kilquade.
Beasley, T. J. Esq. Fitzwilliam-square. Cashel, Most Rev. Dr. Slattery, R. C.

Archbishop of, and his Grace's Clergy
Bellew, Michael, Esq., D. L., 2 copies. herein named, 25 copies.
Bianconi, Charles, Esq., 5 copies. Caulfield, James, Esq., Newtown.
Black, Rev. Mr., Rathdrum.

Cavanagh, Rev. J., Kilcommon. BLACKBURNE, Rt. Hon. Francis, Q.C. | Chambers, J. Esq., Rathfarnham, 2 *BLAKE, Rt. Hon. A. R., Chief Re- copies. membrancer.

*CHARLEMONT, Rt. Hon. the Earl of. *Blake, J. H. Esq., Q. C.

CLANCY, Rt. Rev. Dr., R. C. Bishop of Bolton, C. Esq., Barrister at Law. British Guiana, 2 copies. Bolton, R. Esq., Bective Abbey. Clancy, J. Esq., Fitzwilliam-square. Bolton, W. E. Esq., Nelson-st. Clarke, Rev. J., Clondalkin. *Bowles, Rev. W. L., Salisbury. Clarke, J. D. Esq., Barrister at Law. Boyd, George Augustus, Esq.

Clarke, T. Esq., 123, L. Baggot-street. Boyd, Rev. J., Lissanuffy.

*CLEMENTS, Lord, M. P. Boyle, Rev. C., Ballybough.

Clements, Dr., Bohn, Keill. Boyse, Samuel, Esq., Bannow.

Clements, E. Esq., Barrister at Law. Boyse, Thomas, Esq., Bannow. *CLONCURRY, Rt. Hon. Lord. * Brady, M. Esq., Solicitor-General. Cloran, H. Esq., M. D., Gloucester-st. Brady, Rev. Mr., Dunabate.

Close, J. S. Esq., Barrister at Law. Brady, John, Esq., Clones.

CLOYNE, Right Rev. Dr. Crotty, R. C. Brady, Rev. Mr., New - Bridge.

Bishop of. Brady, D. C. Esq., Newry.

Cobbe, C. Esq., Newbridge, 2 copies. Brady, D. F. Esq. M.D., Dominick-st. Coleman, Very Rev. Dr., R. C. VicarBrady, Rev. William, Elphin.

Gen. Dublin diocese, 2 copies. Breen, J. Esq. M. D., Cavendish-row. Coleman, Rev. J. Swinford. Brenan, Rev. W., New Ross.

Coleman, Very Rev. T., Whitefriar-st. Brennan, Rev. H. Creeve, Elphin. Coleman, Rev. T., Arklow. Brennan, Rev. M., Ratcorin.

Colgan, Rev. A., Castledermot. Brierly, T. Esq., Richmond Hill. Colgan, Rev. R. J., Whitefriar-st. Brooke, William, Esq., Q.C.

Comerford, J. Esq., county Wicklow. Browne, Rev. M., Balla.

Connell, F. Esq., county Wicklow. Bryan, R. B. Esq., Eccles-st.

Connelly, Rev. M., Achills.
Burke, Rev. Mr., Ballymore-Eustace. Conolly, Mr. Thomas, Dalkey.
Burke, Very Rev. B., R. C. Dean of Cooke, Rev. J., Waterford.

Cooke, Rev. P., Bohela.
Burke, J. Esq., Barrister at Law. Cooper, Rev. P., Marlborough-st.
Burke, Rev. M., Waterford.

Corballis, J. R. Esq., Barrister at Law. *Bushe, Rt. Hon. C. K., Chief Justice Corballis, R. Esq., Roebuck. of the Queen's Bench.


Esq., Rathbeal. Butler, Rev. R., Trim, 2 copies. Corbet, W. Esq. M. D., L. Baggot-st. Byrne, A. Esq., county Wicklow. Corcoran, Rev. Mr., Cappawhite. Byrne, D. Esq., county Wicklow. Corcoran, Rev. Mr., Drogheda.

Corley, Rev. M., Newport.
Cahill, Rev. Mr., Williamstown. Cormack, Rev. Mr., Booterstown.
Cainen, Rev. J., Maynooth.

Corr, Rev. Mr.
Cainen, Rev. P., Castlebar.

Cosslett, Rev. A., Ballymacarrett. Callanan, Rev. J., Clontarf.

Costello, Rev. Mr., Abington. Campbell, Kev. Mr., James's Gate, 2 Costello, Rev. T., Louisburgh. copies.

Costigan, Rev. A., North Anne-st. Cauavan, Rev. G., Naul.

Coyne, Rev. E., Annagh. Canavan, Rev. P., Balclare.

Coyne, Richard, Esq., 4, Capel-st. Carew, Rev. Mr., Maynooth.

*Crampton, Hon. Mr. Justice. Carey, Rev. Mr., Swords.

Creighton, G. W. Esq., Barrister at Law. Carroll, J. Esq., Gt. Charles-street. Crickard, Rev. N., Glenravil.

Croke, Rev. Mr., Anacarty.

DUBLIN LIBRARY SOCIETY. Crosthwaite, Leland, Esq., D. L. Duffey, Rev. Mr., Naul. Cullen, W. Esq., N. Cumberland-st. Duffy, Rev. P., Becan. Cullinan, Rev. P., Bridge-st.

Dunford, J. Esq., Waterford. Cummin, Rev. Mr., Athy.

Dungan, Rev. Mr. Meath-st. Cummins, Rev. Mr., Cashel.

Dunne, Rev. J., Meath-st. Cunningham, Rev. J., Denmark-st. Dunne, J. H. Esq., Williamstown. Cunningham, Rev. P., Becan.

Dunne, Rev. L. Castledermot. Curoe, Rev. D., Randalstown.

Dunne, Rev. Mr., Dundalk. Curoe, Rev. P., Tyreila.

Dunne, Mr. Thomas, Bray. Curoe, Res. R., Upper Mourne. Durcan, Very Rev. Dean, Colooney. Curran, W. H. Esq., Commissioner of Dwyer, J. Esq., Barrister at Law, 2 the Insolvent Court.

copies. Curtis, Rev, J., U. Gardiner-st. Dwyer, T. Esq., L. Mount-st. D'Alton, Count, S. Frederick-street, *EDUCATION, COMMISSIONERS OF, 2 copies.

Marlborough-st. Daly, Esq., Wicklow.

*EGERTON, Rt. Hon. Lord Francis. Daly, Peter, Esq., Daly's Grove. Ellis, Alexander, Esq., Kilpoole. D'Arcy, G. J. N., Esq., Hyde Park. *Ellis, H. Esq., Barrister at Law. D'Arcy, John, Esq., Ratheny.

Ellis, W. H. Esq., Barrister at Law. D'Arcy, M. Esq., Newry.

Ellis, W. Esq., county Wicklow. Darley, W. Esq., Barrister at Law. ELPHIN, Rt. Rev. Dr. Burke, R. C. Davy, E. Esq., Professor,

Bishop of, and his Clergy herein DAY, Hon. Mr. Justice.

named, 13 copies. Day, Rev. A., Whitefriar-st.

Elrington, Rev. C. R., U. FitzwilliamDee, Rev. Mr., Loughmore.

street. Delany, Rev. Mr., Blessington. Ennis, Rev. Mr., Beldoyle. Delany, Rev. P., Navan.

* Esmonde, Sir T. Bart., D. L., 5 copies. Dempsey, Rev. L., Denmark-st. Denvir, Rev. J., Aughagallen.

Fagan, Rev. Mr., Arklow. Derry, Rev. Mr., Maynooth.

Fagan, Rev. Mr., Cabinteely. Digby, T. G., Esq., Barrister at Law. Fagan, W. Esq., Cork, 10 copies. Dixon, Rev. Mr., Maynooth.

Fahy, Rev. M., Elphin. *DOHERTY, Rt. Hon. Ld. Chief Justice. Fanning, Rev. M., Raheen. Doherty, Rev. M., Kiltubrid.

Farley, Rev. Mr., Westland-row. Doherty, Rev. P., Wicklow.

Farrell, Rev. P., Dunlavin. Donleavy, Very Rev. Dean, Sligo. Farrell, Mr. P., Cooke-st. Dooley, Rev. Mr., Castleknock. Feeny, Rev. W., Westport. Dowdall, Rev, Mr., Meath-st.

Fergus, Rev. S., Partry. Dowling, Rev. J., Multifarnham. FERNS, Rt. Rev. Dr. Keating, R. C. Dowling, Rev. P., John's-lane.

Bishop of, and his Clergy herein Down and CONNOR, Rt. Rev. Doctor named, 5 copies.

Denvir, R. C. Bishop of, and his Field, de la, J. Esq., London, 6 copies.

Clergy herein named, 27 copies. *FINGAL, Rt. Hon. the Earl of.
Doyle, Rev. J., James's-street. Finlay, J. Esq., Barrister at Law.
Doyle, Rev. P., Rathmines.

Finn, Rev. Mr., Irishtown.
Doyle, Rev. P. J., Booterstown. Finn, J. Esq., Bishop-st.
DROMORE, Rt. Rev. Dr. Browne, R. C. Finn, Lawrence, Esq., Bishop-st.
Bishop of.

*FitzGERALD and VESCI, Rt. Hon. *Drummond, Thomas, Esq., Under Se- Lord. cretary, Dublin Castle.

Fitzgerald, Rev. Dr., Carlow College, Drummond, Rev. W. H., L. Gardiner- 3 copies. street.

Fitzgerald, Very Rev. Mr., Castletown DUBLIN, Most Rev. Dr. Murray, R. C. Delvin, 3 copies.

Archbishop 10 copies. (His Fit Id, Rev. Edward. Grace's Clergy, herein named, hav-' Fitzgerald, Rev. J., Athlone. ing engaged 160 copies.)

| Fitzgerald, Rev. J. Jun., Athlone.

Fitzgerald, Rev. J., Headfort.

Hamilton, Rev. J., Marlborough-st. Fitzpatrick, O’K. Esq., Capel-st. Hanley, Rev. Mr., Lattin. Fitzsimon, C. Esq., Clerk of the Crown Hanlon, Rev. J., Maynooth. and Hanaper.

Hanna, Rev. J., Saul. Flanagan, Rev. M., Francis-st., 3 cop. Hanna, W. Esq., Barrister at Law. Flanagan, Rev. Mr., Killenaule. Hardiman, Rev. T., Knock. Flanely, Rev. Mr., Crossboyne. Hardinge, W. H. Esq., Barrister at Law. Flanely, Rev. W., Newport.

Harold, Rev. W. N., Deninark-st. Fleming, Rev. Mr., Maynooth. Hawlin, J. Esq., Kilkenny. Fogarty, Rev. Mr., Lusk.

Hayden, Rev. Mr., Hospital. Fogarty, P. Esq., Barrister at Law. Heavern, Rev. P., Claremorres. *FOSTER, The Hon. Baron.

Hendrick, Rev. W., Booterstown. Fowler, J. V. Esq., Mecklenburgh-st. Henn, Jonathan, Esq., Q.C. French, George, Esq., Q. C.

Henry, Rev. R., Castlebar. Frizell, Charles, Esq., Stapolin. Heraghty, Rev. M., Ross. Frizell, Richard, Esq., Stapolin. Hewett, Rev. Mr., Solohed. Furlong, Rev. Mr., Maynooth.

Hewston, S. Esq., Tipperary. *FURLONG, J. S. Esq., Q. C.

Hickey, Rev. Mr., Doon. Fynn, R. N. Esq., Barrister at Law. Hobart, R. Esq., Barrister at Law.

Hodges, T. Esq., Kilternan House. Gaffney, Very Rev. Dean, Maynooth. Hone, J. Esq., Harcourt-st. Gallagher, M. Esq., Swinford.

Horgan, Rev. M., Blarney. GALWAY, Rt. Rev. Dr. Browne, R. C. Howth, Rt. Hon. the Earl of, D. L., 20

Bishop of, and his Clergy herein copies. partly named, 14 copies.

Huddart, Rev. T. P., Mountjoy-square. Gavan, Rev. Mr., Blanchardstown. Hudson, W. E. Esq., Barrister at Law. Gavin, Rev. A., Crossboyne.

Hughes, Very Rev.H.,Merchants'-quay. Gardiner, Mr. P., Queen-st.

Hughes, Rev. J., Newport. Geoghegan, Rev. P., Merchants'-quay. Hughes, Rev. P., Balla. Geraghty, Rev. P., Tuam.

Hughes, William, Esq., Kingstown. Gibbons, Rev. J., Mount Bellew. Hussey, A.S. Esq., D.L.Westown, 2 cop. Gibbons, Rev. P., Killgivour.

Hussey, Rev. Mr., Irishtown. Gibbons, Rev. R., Castlebar,

Hussey, Rev. J.
Gill, Mr. M. H., Gt. Brunswick-st. Hutton, Robert, Esq., M.P.
Gilligan, Rev. P. J., James's-st. Hutton, T. Esq., Summerhill, 2 copies.
*Goff, Rev. T., Black-Rock.

Hyland, Rev. Mr., Dunlavin.
Graham, Rev. Mr., Knocklong.
Grant, Rev. John, Wicklow.

Innes, Cosmo, Esq., Edinburgh.
Green, Rev. Mr., Garristown.

Joyce, Rev. Henry, Partry. Greene, Rev. J., Coleraine.

Joyce, Rev. P., Kilcooly. Greene, J. A. Esq., Barrister at Law. Grene, J. Esq., Clonliffe Parade. Kane, D. R. Esq., Barrister at Law. Griffith, Rt. Rev. Dr., R. C. Bishop Kavanagh, Rev. J., Annagh. at the Cape of Good Hope.

Kavanagh, Rev. T., Westport. Guthrie, J. Esq., Barrister at Law.


-, Esq., Ballynakill.

Kearney, Rev. J., Francis-st.
Hackett, M. Esq., Sackville-st. Kearney, Rev. P., Newbridge.
Haddock, I. Esq., Barrister at Law. Kehoe, Mr., Bray.
Hagarty, Rev. J., Bryansfort.

* Kelly, D. H. Esq., D.L., Castlekelly. Haire, J. Esq., Barrister at Law. Kelly, Rev. Mr. Haliday, C. Esq., Kingstown.

Kelly, E. T. Esq., M.D., Maynooth. Halpin, Rev. T., New-Bridge.

Kelly, Rev. J., Arran-quay. Haly, Rev. D., Neale.

Kelly, Rev. M. B., Clondalkin. Haly, F. B. Esq., Mountmellick. Kelly, T. Esq., L. Gardiner-st. *Hamilton, Sir W. R., Astr. Royal, Kelly, Rev. W., Ballyhaunes. *Hamilton, G. A. Esq., D. L.

Kelly, Rev. W., Professor, Maynooth. Hamilton, J. H. Esq., D. L.

Kennedy, Colonel Shaw. Hamilton, Rev, J., Booterstown. Kennedy, J. T. Esq., Summer-hill.

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