Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, Volume 13

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Page 492 - That he was right there can be no doubt. Nor can there be any doubt that if he had had his own way earlier there would have been no peace negotiations.
Page 107 - The pairs of the same side succeed each other at intervals, varying from one inch and a half to two inches and a half, the common distance being about two inches.
Page 670 - OBSERVATIONS on M. Laennec's Method of forming a Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Chest by means of the Stethoscope, and of Percussion ; and upon some points of the French Practice of Medicine.
Page 225 - ... and it pulsated more strongly, which seemed partly owing to several severe fits of coughing. This apparently unfavourable change was, however, followed by a decided amendment; and, eight days after the operation, the swelling again began to diminish, and the pulsation became more obscure, so that on the fourteenth day it was not much larger than half its bulk at the time of the operation, and no pulsation could be detected in any portion of it ; merely a slight vibration in some parts, which...
Page 573 - Soon after the coryza eruptions will appear, first on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet and then on the face.
Page 132 - In the latter the energies of the system were augmented ; in the former the functions of the brain, the lungs, and the heart are singularly impaired. The sensibilities of the brain subside, and the patient is no longer affected by noise as before.
Page 130 - ... is apt to be changed, at different times, to a feeling of syncope. The effect of sleep is in some instances very extraordinary, sometimes palpitation, at other times a degree of syncope, or an overwhelming feeling of dissolution. The pulse varies from 100 to 120 or 130, and is attended with a forcible jerk or bounding of the artery.
Page 321 - He is commenting upon a case of hydrophobia caused by the bite of a cat, and he conjectures ' that the virus remains dormant in the part where it is deposited by the tooth of the rabid animal, until a certain state of habit renders the nerves in its vicinity susceptible of its influence, and this being communicated, a morbid action is begun in these nerves, and extended to the respiratory nerves, which induce the whole train of symptoms constituting the disease.
Page 147 - Diseases. frequently rať down the face ; the pulse was extremely frequent, and the pain severe on coughing ; there was no delirium, though she awoke hurried from sleeps which she described as
Page 149 - September the 4tb, the symptoms still remained the same; the surface was hot ; the bowels had been purged, and the evacuations were natural. The saline mixture was ordered. At noon the symptoms remaining as before, the purgative medicine was repeated and a blister was applied. In the evening, the evacuation of the bowels was satisfactory ; the pain...

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