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Abbey Theatre, Dublin, reconstruc- Aberdeen, Lord, Foreign Secretary,
tion, 215, 222, 243.

207, 304—character of his policy,
Abbott, Prof. Edwin A., Silvanus

220, 302, 305—Prime Minister, 586
the Christian, 212, 563.

-Queen Victoria's appreciation of

him, 207,581-correspondence with
The Near Eastern

her, 590—his Ministry, 220, 302.
Question : The Turkish Empire, Aborigines of Australia, 203, 441.
210, 674—Turkey in Transition,

See Australia.
216, 202—“The Tripolitan War,'
217, 249— The Rumanian Factor Aboukir' cruiser, destruction of,
in the Balkan Problem, 218, 477.

221, 576.
Abdihiba, governor of Jerusalem, his Abraham, Dr J. J., on the condition
letters to the King of Egypt, 212,

of ' Lâtah,' 218, 135.

Abu Jir, 212, 351.
Abdul Hamid, Sultan of Turkey, his Abyssinia, natives of, their destruc-

treatment of the army, 210, 238. tion of wild animals, 214, 341.
Abdullah Al-Mamun Al-Suhrawardy, Acciajuoli, Antonio, besieges Athens,

* The Sayings of Muhammad.' 207, 411-character of his reign,
edited by, 204, 553.

412-416_relations with Venice,

Ali, 'Life and 413_with Florence, ib.-his death,
Labour of the People in India,'

207, 208.

Duchess Chiara, Regent of
Abel, Sir F., his report on coal-dust

Athens, 207, 421-her relations
and colliery explosions, 214, 414.

with Contarini, ib.-murdered, ib.
Aberdare, Lord, on the work of the

Donato, Gonfaloniere of Flor-
Charity Organisation Society, 206,
61—his Commission on old-age

Franco, assumes the govern-
pensions, 209, 152.

ment of Athens, 207, 421
Vol. 222

ence, 207, 407.


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surrenders to the Turks, 422-pre- appropriation of Church property,
sented with Thebės, 423–mur. 180—his estimate of Mounier and
dered, 425. :

Mirabeau, 182 on the downfall
Acciajuoli, Norio, his invasion of of the monarchy, 183—his tribute
· Athens, 206, 122—master of the to the work of M. Aulard, 184
: Dastle of Setines, 207, 403–cha- opinion of Danton, 186—the fall
racter of his rule, ib.—his daugh.

of the Girondins, 187—depiction of
ters, 404—act of treachery, ib.-

Robespierre, 188.
imprisoned, 405—amount of his Acton, Lord, his essay on Cavour, 216,
ransom, ib.-obtains the title of 377, 393—relations with Newman,
Duke of Athens, 406—his death, 473- on the belief of Catholics,
407—will, ib.-dissensions of his 217, 17.
sons-in-law, 408.

Actors, their influence on plays, 219,
Nerio II, Duke of Athens,

character of his rule, 207, 417–his Adam, Charles, Vie et Euvres de
death, 420.

Descartes, 219, 48 et seq.
Accidents, Bill for compensation for, Madame, 'Après l’Abandon
205, 291.

de la Revanche, 215, 363–368—
Acland, A. H. D., introduction to

her salon, 363—characteristics, ib.
• The State and Old Age Pensions,'

-style of her writing, 364-her
209, 150.

revelation of Gambetta's real cha-

racter, 364.
Acre, bombardment of, 207, 577.

-, M. Paul, Vues d'Amérique,'
Acta Sanctorum,' publication of, 211, 370.
221, 12.

Adamklissi, the trophy of, 204, 130.
Acton, Lord, 'Cambridge Modern Adams, Sir F. O., and C. D. Cun-
History 'planned by, 202, 97—his

ningham, “The Swiss Confedera-
review of Dr Creighton's work on tion,' 212, 187, note, 191-on the
the Papacy, 480— The History

army system, 204.
of Freedom and other Essays,' 210, Addams, Jane, head of the Hull
527—contributor to the 'Quarterly House Settlement, 221, 230.
Review,' 211, 322-extract from
his article on liberty, 322.

Addington, Lord, his graduated

income tax, 206, 332.
his Historical Work,
215, 166-characteristics, ib.-liteAddington-Bruce, H., his translation

of "The United States in the
rary work, 167, 182—capacity for
the arrangement of knowledge, 168

Twentieth Century,' 207, 28.
-historical criticisms, 1694-lite-Addison, Joseph, Life of, 208, 94—
rary judgments, 170—compared

dedication of his Travels' to Dr
with Treitschke, ib.—metaphysical

Swift, 218, 56.
interest in history, 171-pupil of Adenet le Roi: The End of a Lit-
Döllinger, ib.—his theologicalstand- erary Era, 218, 413—his unique
point, 172–176—lectures on the position, 414-four poems, 414, 416
French Revolution, 176-189-in- -patrons, 415, 416_title of 'le
compatibility of liberty and equal- Roi,' 415—Les Enfances Ogier,'
ity, 177—treatment of Church 417-419_Berte aus grans piés,'
questions, 178—praise of Abbé 419-422—Beuves de Commarchis,'
Sieyès, 179-causes for the State 422— Siège de Barbastre,' ib.

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• Cléonades,' 423-426 — his geo- Aflalo, F. G., The Genius of the
graphical knowledge, 427-charac- River,' 213, 80.
teristics, 428-realistic word-pic-

Africa, table of nominal and market
tures, 429-431.

value of British investments, 207,
· Adiabatic,' reaction, or explosion 250, 257, 265—demands of the
wave, 214, 420.

natives for independence, 212, 141
Advertisements, system of, 214, 166. -need for game reserves, 214, 334
See Trust, the National.

-the forest area, 219, 456_amount

of timber imported and exported,
Advisory Aeronautical Committee,

experiments, 217, 223.

Central, the work of mission-
Council of Empire, proposal of

aries, 221, 238.
an, 215, 271, 273—rejection, 271.

East, the timber supply, 219,
Aehrenthal, Baron, his foreign policy, 456.
210, 667; 221, 437—his methods as
Foreign Minister, 218, 291.

North, the timber supply, 219,

Aeroplanes and Airships, 217, 220

South, result of the Boer war,
-invention of the aeroplane, 226–

202, 280 ; 211, 214; 216, 224.
wing-control for balance, 227—ir-
regularity of the velocity of the

and Lord Milner, 203,
wind, ib.- dividing planes, 228—

277. See Milner.
problem of flight, 229-analogy of

causes of the Boer war,
the imp, 230, 232—the wings and 204, 291-293—Chinese labour ques-
propeller, 230-size of wings in

tion, 585.
racing aeroplanes, 231—the shape,

and the Government,
ib.-wide span of the lifting sur-
face, 232—the ' aspect ratio,' 233—

204, 375. See Government.
a biplane, 234-solution of the

-, histories of the war in,
principle of balancing, 234-237— 205, 143.
adoption of the inward-sloping
position, 237—tendency to centri-

result of the grant of self-
fugal movement, 238_effect of

government, 209, 256-grievances
rudder-action, 239—use of warp-

of the 'retrenched' British offi.
ing and ruddering, 240—a side-

cials, 257—Chinese labour, 258.
slip, ib.—use of the fin or Vee,

Some Impressions
241-244-adoption of a vane, 245 from, 209, 432—relations between
employment of a subsidiary plane, the two races, 432–435—divergence
ib.-starting and landing, 246– of native policy in the states, 435
skids and wheels, 247.

Cape Colony, ib.-history of the
for military purposes, 220,

Transvaal, 436—the Outlanders,

ib.—Lord Milner's policy of recon-

struction, 437—introduction of the
Afforestation, efforts to stimulate, Chinese, ib.-antagonism between
214, 92. See Woods.

capital and labour, 438—result of
Afghanistan, Abdurrahman installed the Het Volk alliance, 439–441–

Amir, 202, 337—his views of the Boers, Africanders and Hollanders,
Russian occupation of Panjdeh,

441-changes made by the capital.
ists, 442-ascendancy of the Dutch,


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