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THE PRoPRIEToks of DEBRETT's PEERAGE return their grateful thanks to the Public for the extensive patronage with which it has been uniformly honoured, and to render this, the Twenty-second Edition, yet more worthy that patronage, the Editor has made several improvements in addition to those which have characterised the later impressions of the Work; the armorial bearings have, for the more convenient purpose of reference, been incorporated with the text; a new Dormant and Extinct Peerage of Ireland, compiled from original and unpublished documents, has been completed, after much labour and trouble, and appended to those of England and Scotland, thus forming a complete DoRMANT and Extinct PEERAGE of the THREE KINGDoms; the Table of Precedency has been likewise revised and corrected from authentic sources, and a list given of all members of noble families having special warrants of precedency; and the whole has been scrupulously corrected from the communications of the Nobility and other evidences.

As the approaching solemnity of HER MAJEsty's Conon ATIon will be probably accompanied by a Creation of Peers, the Paoprietons beg **tate, that as shortly as may be practicable after that event, they will Present to the purchasers of the present Edition, a Supplement containing the account of the newly created dignities.

APRIL 27, 1838.


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N.B. Communications to be addressed to the Editor, to the care of Messrs. Riving roxs,
Waterloo Place, or St. Paul's Church Yard, or to any other of the Publishers.

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