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what I have often seen, but by and no heart to improve it. If my own experience. I was nev you shall ever be saved from er forward to speak of myself your sins, it must be through in this matter, but, in the pres, the atonement and righteousness ent case, I believe it justifiable of Jesus Christ: not in your way, to bear my testimony to the re- but on God's terms, and in His ality of spiritual convictions. way—a way which will appear And, should you ever be brought rational, consistent, and glorious, to feel the guilt and danger of if examined as it ought to be. sin; and be held and shaken, for The sooner yoụ embrace the days together, as it were over way of Gospel salvation, the the burning pit, as I have been, happier you will be; and more you will no longer think con- glory will redound to the praise viction of sin a visionary busi- of God's grace. That He may neșs, nor the work of distem- guide and direct you into the pered brains.

way of life, and keep you by his My dear niece, I entreat you, mighty power unto salvation, is be careful how you scoff at sea the sincere wish, and earnest sons of awakening and convic- prayer of your friend, and very tion: and let it sink deep into affectionate uncle. your mind, that continued, final unbelief, is absolutely unpardonable. Pride and self-suffi

For the Panoplist. ciency, which are besetting sins to you and me, forcibly tend to REMARKS ON DAN. xi, 40–45. this sin. To this cause, Dr. Priestly imputes the so general In the preceding verses the disbelief of revelation among prophet had described an infidel worldly wise and philosophic power, whose reign would immemen. At any rate, they are diately precede the standing up right eye and right hand sins to of the Messiah; in these he foreyou and me: and if we be ever tells its achievements and de. truly happy in this or the future truction. This part of the prophworld, they must be subdued. ecy runs thus: We must submit to the teach. And at the time of the end shall ings of Christ; and, by love and

the king of the south push at him; faith, embrace him as our Lord, and the king of the north shall our King, and our Judge: we come against him like a whirlmust bow the neck of this pride; wind, with chariots, and with put on his yoke; take up his horsemen, and with meny shifts; burden; and press forward for and he shall enter into the coun. the prize of the high-calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Though we do not agree with Oh! that you would be in ear the writer of this article, in regard to mest in this business. Time is the interpretation wbich he has giv. short, but eternity will be long, en of the passage in question; yet his I greatly fear for you, Matilda. It remarks may be useful by excitirg will be a dreadful discovery, at

a'rention to the wonderful events last, to find you had a price of in- world, and which are doubtless fore

which are now taking place in the finite value put into your hands, told in the Scriptures. Ep.

tries, and shall overflow, and pass all these things shall be finished. over. He shall, enter also into Certainly, then, the commencethe glorious land, and many coun ment of the overthrow of the pertries shall be overthrown; but secuting powers, marks the comthese shall escape out of his hand, mencement of the time of the even Edom and Moab, and the end. chief of the children of Ammon. It is generally allowed, that He shall stretch forth his hand the infidel power,

whose ex. also upon the countries; and the ploits are so particularly narrat. land of Egypt shall not escape. ed in this prophecy, intends the But he shall have power over French nation in its infidel state, the treasures of gold and silver, If the time of the end is yet fuand over all the precious things of ture, all the success of that naEgypt; and the Libyans and the tion for twenty years past is Ethiopians shall be at his steps. overlooked. But surely the But tidings out of the east and events of this period, are not out of the north shad trouble him; less remarkable than those foreTherefore he shall go forth with told in the prophecy. great fury to destroy and uiterly It being evident from the 10 make away many.

And he foregoing observations, that the shall plant the tabernacles of his time of the end commenced with palaces between the seas,* in the the French revolution, it reglorious holy mountain: yet shall mains to trace the fulfilment of he come to his end, and none shall the prophecy from that period. help him.

And at the time of the end, the The time of the end, at which king of the south shall push at this prophecy begins to be fulfil: him. The French revolution led, must intend the time when

was no sooner completed by the that state of things, under which execution of Louis XVI,than war papal oppression prevailed, was declared against the infidel would be done away.. It doubts power, by Spain. At the same less includes the casting down of time, a combined northern power the thrones mentioned, Dan. composed of Austria, Prussia, vii, 9. I beheld, says the proph- and Great Britain, came against el, till the thrones were casi down, him like a whirlwind with a force and the Ancient of days did sit

. aptly expressed by chariots, and These thrones were those of the horsemen, and many ships. Thus ten kings, and their overthrow far we clearly trace the first commenced, Į apprehend, with events of the time of the end. the late revolution in France; so And he shall enter into the that the time of the end com: countries, and shall overflow and menced then.

pass over. The success of the The time when papal persecu- French against their assailants, lion should cease is also men on every side, exactly correspontioned as the time of the end; for ded with this description. we read, Dan. xii, 7, And when he The first shock being over, shall have accomplished to scat and an interval of hostilities ter the power of the holy people, taking place between France and

the continental powers,the infidel Or among seas, at a glorious, &c power sent an expedition 10

Egypt. From Egypt the army He shall stretch forth his hant marched into Palestine. This also upon the countries. The was overrun to its northern ex entire conquest of Egypt beint tremity, where the city of Acre at length effected, all the treas prevented farther

progress. ures, revenues, and preciou Edoin, Moab, and the children things of Egypt, fell into the of Ammon, skirted the line of hands of the infidel power. In march, at some distance, and the mean time, the inhabitants thus escaped being overrun; yet of the neighboring parts of Ly during the siege of Acre, the bia, being defeated by the territory of the Ammonites must French, their subsequent treat have been visited by foraging ment of the infidel power fulfillparties.

ed the prediction, that they The entrance into the glorious should be at his steps. The Ara. land is mentioned_previously bians or Cushites, who were the to the invasion of Egypt, both Ethiopians here spoken of, vol. because it is a more interesting unteered at the same time, in fact, and also because the con great numbers to assist in dequest of Egypt was not complet fending Egypt, but the volun: ed at the time of the irruption teers being at length miserably into Palestine, It is worthy of destroyed, the government of remark, that the ancient crusad. Mecca disavowed the expediers, whose only object was to tion, and desired peace with the gain possession of Palestine, French. The trade of the Arafound it necessary to begin with bians with Egypt, and the counattacking Egypt.

tries beyond it, being regulated It does not appear, that in this and taxed by the infidel power, invasion of Palestine many the prediction that they also countries were overthrown; nor should be at his steps was accomis this predicted in the prophe. plished. The event of the comcy, the word countries being bined attack on the infidel power supplied. These overthrows being foretold, and his invasion appear to have been in conse- of Egypt and Palestine describquence of the entrance into the ed, the prophecy concludes with glorious land; and therefore it an account of his last expediwill be more proper to supply tion. But tidings out of the casi, the word places, and translate and out of the north, shall trouble the word rendered but, in the him; therefore shall he go forth clause but these shall escape out with great fury, to destroy and of liis hand, by the word and, utterly to make away many. And which is more common. In the he shall plant the labernacles of original, there is no appearance his palaces among seas at a gioof relation between the words rious holy mountain; yet shall he many and these.

come to his end, and none shall By sending detachments in help him. All these particulars, every direction, the French ex

except the last, have been verifiercised a power over the neigh- ed in the present expedition of boring countries, which was suf. Bonaparte.

H. S. fiçient to fulfil the prediction Feb. 6, 1813.


may be

For the Panoplist. mon application of plain passa

ges. It is believed, that ScripON THE PROPER APPLICATION

ture is so definite, that it cannot
with the same proprioty be ap-

plied to two things, though they The importance of understand.

very similar. If this be ing the precise meaning of the case, the explanation and apScripture, is obvious to every plication of passages ought to believer in Christianity. To

keep in view their precise mean. instruct mankind in the sacred ing. Nothing should be added truths of this religion, is an in

and nothing should be taken teresting part of the duty of min- away,--and nothing in any man. isters; it is a principal object of ner different should be expressed their appointment. It is the de. or implied. To these sentiments sign of this paper to point out a

a general assent will probably be common fault in interpreting given. But do we always find a Scripture, and to direct the ato corresponding practice? Let each tention of teachers of religion, one appeal to his own observation. whether ministers, or members Men are often represented by of churches, who take an active ministers as willing, in popular part in religious meetings, to a language, to become religious, different course. If the objec- provided they be allowed to contion against the manner some tinue the practice of some dartimes adopted, be perceived and ling sin. This is undoubtedly felt, the remedy for the evil will

true with respect to multitudes. be obvious.

In proof of this sentiment the It is not unfrequent that min words of Naaman to the prophisters, in their prayers and ser• et, are sometimes adduced; 2 mons, use the language of Scrip- Kings v, 18, In this thing the tore in delivering their senti. Lord pardon thy servant, that ments, when the quoted passage when my master goeth into the does not authorize precisely the house of Rimmon to worship meaning, which it naturally con there, and he leaneth on my hand, veys, as they quote it. Such a and I bow myself in the house of practice will lead the hearers to Rimmon; when I bow down myentertain vague notions con self in the house of Rimmon, the cerning such passages. It has Lord pardon thy servant in this induced some to say, that any thing. The prophet said to him, meaning, which pleases the Go in peace. This is sufficient preacher, may be put upon to show, that Elisha saw nothing Scripture. No allusion is

wrong in this request of Naahere made to the interpre- man, and that he believed him tation of prophecies which are sincere in the promises which yet to be fulfilled. As the he had just made of worshipevents alone will certainly show ping only the Lord.* The nothe things which such prophe- tice, which our Savior took of cies were intended to foretel, it this case as recorded in Luke is to be expected that the best and wisest men should err and

• Many learned divines have very differ in their sentiments. This different views of the passage in essay respects the more come question.

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iv, 27, affords proof to the same who labor and are heavy laden, effect. This being the case, it it cannot be proper to say to all cannot but be wrong, thus to without distinction, that the Sav. apply the above passage. This ior invites them in this language, application supposes that Naa- unless all labor and are heavy la. inan was a vile character after den. But that this is not the the miracle of healing was per case with all is plain from Scripformed upon him. It renders ture and fact. Hence, this inunaccountable what the prophet vitation ought not to be extendand what our Savior said respecto ed any farther than to the very ing Naainan; it allows us not to persons who are specified in it. wonder at the grace of God, and But how contrary to this is the to adore him for manifesting his practice of many, who are teachmercy, and subduing the proud ers of religion. There are othspirit of this haughty Syrian. er invitations, similar to the

If, however, it be necessary above, which are limited by the tb appeal to Scripture for an exa very terms in which they are ample to prove that which the expressed, and cannot bc conwords of Naaman do not prove, sidered general. Ho, every one the conduct of Judas when our that thirsteth;—if any man thirst, Savior was anointed with the let him come unto me, and drink. ointment may be alleged with • There are general invitations, propriety, and with this advan. which ought not to be made tage, that there is no doubt in particular. The Spirit and the the case. Judas seemed willing bride say, Come.

Look unto me, to follow the Savior so long as and be ye saved, all the ends of he carried the bag and was in

the earth. possession of the property-s0

Another source of misapplicalong as he could gratify his dar- tion of Scripture is the attempt ling passion. Ananias and to put a spiritual construction Sapphira are instances in proof upon all the parables, and every of the same point. .

part of the parables of our SavAnother case of misapplica- ior. The first part of the para. tion of Scripture consists in the ble of the unjust steward, Luke general signification which is xvi, 1, 2, was not long since ingiven to some invitations of the terpreted in the following manGospel, which are in their nature ner, by a person, whose reason purricular. It will not be deni. and knowledge of Scripture ed, that the meaning of Scrip- ought to have directed him to a ture is sometimes more, and very different explanation. The sometimes less extensive. It is rich man was said to represent the preacher's duty to distin- God; the steward the sinner; and guish these cases. An instance the wasting of the goods, the inay be given to illustrate what neglect and abuse of the merbas now been said. On a cer cies and privileges which God tain occasion our Savior thus ad- bestows. The account, which dressed the people: Come unto

the steward was called upon to me, all ye thai labor and are hea- give, represented the judgment py laden, and I will give you rcst. day, or the time when the sinAs this invitation respects those ner would be called to give ab

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