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ii, 44, And in the days of these kings through the channel of this Society, shall the God of heaven set up a king, and beside what was contributed, at dom which shall never be destroyed: and the solicitation of Mr. Johns, towards the kingdom shall not be left to other the eastern translations. prople, but it shall break in pieces, and Consume all these kingdoms, and it MERRIMAC BRANCH OF THE FOR shull stand for ever. At the conclu

EIGN MISSIONARY SOCIETY. sion of the services, a collection was made amounting to the generous sum This Society held its second annual of 180 dollars, which is to be exclu.

meeting at Newburyport, on the 111 sively appropriated towards repairing

instant. The following gentlemen the loss byfir: at Serampore. Although were re-elected officers of the Socie the Society has been institutes but

ety; viz. one year, and no exertions have been

THOMAS M. CLARK, Esq. Presa made to increase its members, the

JOHN PEARSO x, E«q. 1. Pres. annual subscripcions amount to 22 ) Mr. SAMUEL TENNEY, Sec. dollars. A committee has been chos.

Mr. KichARD BARTLET, Treas. en to solicit subscriptions and dona. Rev. DANIEL DANA, Aud. tions. Many, it is hoped, will read. The sum of $553,44 has been reily join a society, whose only object ceived by the Board from this Soci: is to aid in diffusing the light of ely during the year pist; of whichi the Gospel, and imparting to unnum about $300 was from annual sub. bered millions of ihe human family scribers. It is expected that most, the blessings of eternal salvation. if not all, the annual subscribers will

11 ought to be stated, that nearly pay their subscription the present 700 dollars have been contributed in

year; and a committee has been chos. Salem to the same object, within a en tu solicit new subscribers. Vear past, beside wilat has passed


Dec. 30, 18:2. From females in the Rev. Richard S.
Srorrs's society in Braintree,

$13,00 Jan. 1, 1813. From the avails of Dr. Buchanan's Me

moir, first American edition, by the hands of the Kev. Dr. Holmes, subject lo the appropriation of the ten highest subscribers to that work,

22,50 8. From Mr. Levi Reed of Attleborough,

1,00 11. From Mr. Joel Tuitle, of Pulteney, Steuben county, (N. Y.)

5,00 12. From an unknown person in Salem, (the same who

10,00 145 from Gener: Jedidiah Huntington of New London, (towards making up the Serampore loss)

100 00 From Stephen l'eck of New London, by the hands of Gev. Huntington,

50C From a female friend of missions in New London by the same bands,

5.00 Carried forward $151,54

The following note containeé a ten dollar bill. The enclosed is the amount set apart b, me for mission ir, purposes last year, agreeably to the note ingerieb in the Panoplist. D:c. 1311. Tinten led to hids increased it so'ne what this time, bue did not find it convenient, I in glad howe etcr, it is not less than it was last year."


Brought forward 161,50 From the Foreign Mission Society of Colchester and the Vicinity, (Con.) by the hands of Mr. John R. Watrous

76,50 From a female friend of Missions in Lyme, (con.) by : the same hands,

50,00 From a female friend of missions in Colchester, (Con.)

. by the same hands,

2.00 From


1,50 15. From the Foreign Mission Society of Boston and the

Vicinity, received by the Treasurer of that Society since the first inst.

481,11 16. From individuals in Hartford and the Vicinity, by the hands of Mr. Peter W. Gallaudet, subscribed towards the eastern translations on papers issued by the Rev. Dr. Strong of Hartford; (see Pan for Oct p. 227,)

600,00 From the Rev. Alexander Proudfit, D.D. of Salem, (N.

Y.) half to missions and balf to translations, by the hands of the Rev. Dr. Morse,

200,00 Left with Mr. Armstrong by an unknown person,

3,00 27. The foliowing donations have been remitted by Mr.

Henry Hudson, the agent of the Prudential Committee

of the Board in Hartford, (Con.) viz. From the Female Mite Society. Franklin, Delaware

county, (N. Y.) by the hands of the Rev. Mr. Flint, 24,08 From a friend to the cause by the same hands,

1,00 From Newingtor: Cent Society,

39,55 From Mrs. Esther Hosford, Newington,

1,00 Frum Miss Etty Hosford, do.

50 From the Female Foroign Mission Society in Wethers.

85,35 From the Cent Society Wethersfield,

40,00 From the Female Foreign Mission Society in Franklin,

(Con.) by the hands of the Rev. Mr, Chapin, 36,00 From the Rev. Benoni Upson, of Berlin, (Con.) by the same hands,


81,815,01 All donations to the Board are published with the most scrupulous regard to accuracy.. If any donor does not see his donation published, be may con clude ibat it has not reached the Treasurer. at the last date mentioned. We have never received the slightest intimation, that any monies remitted to the Treasurer, either by mail or otherwise, hare failed of their destination. But should any such case occur hereafter, tlie donor will perceive it by aĻ tending to the monthly list of donations; and will be able to make inquiry into the cause of such failure.

į field,


[blocks in formation]

This sum was composed of the following particulars; viz.
Payment of annuat subscriptions,
Collection after sermon at the Old South,
Collection at a rengious conference in the Rev. Dr. Morse's chapel,

( towards the Serum pore loss,
From a friend at Harward College,
From an unknown person by Henry Gray, Esq.
Left to this purpose by, a pious woman in Charlestown a short

time before her death, Other donatione,

30.11 10,00 12,00

7,55 19,00


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Tue Consociation of the Western District of Fairfield County have formed a Society with the above designation, the object of which is to co operate in the great work of arding missions and traiislations of the Scriptures. Tlie Society was formed in October last and the following gentlemen were appointed officers; viz.

Rev. Amzi Lewis, President.
Hon. John DAVENPORT, Esq. Vice President.
Rev. DANIEL SMITH. Secretury.

Matthew MARVIN, Esq. Treasurer.

Mr. Joseph Hyde, Auditor. It is contemplated that each parish will form a small Society or branch, which will send its donations through the channel of the above Society 18 the Treasurer of the Board.

It may


GENESÈE MISSIONARY SOCIETY. from their treasury for the encourage.

ment of this exalted method of Chris. The third annual meeting of this So. tian beneficence. A vote was accordciety was held at the meeting house ingly passed appropriating seventy in East Bloomfield, (N. Y.) on the dollars to a Bible Society, whenever 13th of Ocleber last. The officers one shall have been formed in that olected for the year ensuing are,


The correspondent, who communiRev. David Tullak, President. cated the above intelligence, goes on Col. SAMUEL S. HAIGHT, V. Pres. to observe, that when we reflect on Rev. JAMES H. HOTCHKIN, Sec.

the number of Masonic Societies, and HENRY A. Townsend, Esq. Treas, their intimate connexion with each Rev, AARON C. COLLINS, 7 other, we may reasonably hope, that Rev. OLIVER AYER,

this example may be imitated by many Rev. Joseph MERRILL,

other louges in that state, Rev. ALLEN HOLLISTON,

likewise be hoped, that lodges in Elias HOPKINS, Esq.

other states may be excited to do Capt. J. EL PRATT,

likewise ELISH A Parish, Esq.

The meditated establishment of a Capt. TIMOTHY Buell,

Bible Society in Vermont, adds our

correspondent, will have much to en: This Missionary Society is yet in courage it, not withstanding the heavy its infancy but appears to be rising in pressure of the times. importance. The funds consist wholly of donations from charitable individ. uals and associations. We observe VERMONT BIBLE SOCIETY. with pleasure above $160, as dona. rions from Cent Societies.

We are happy to state, that a Bible Society has been formed in Vermont;

since the foregoing communicat on WORTHY OF IMITATION. was transmitted. The Constitution

was formed early in October. The is a Sermon preached lately before Society held a meeting at Montpe. the Masonic Grand Lodge of Ver. lier, Oct. 28, when a sermon mont, the preacher pointed to the Bi. preached from Psalm cxix, 72, by the ble Societies as a noble and invalua Rev. Chester Wright, of that town. bly useful mean of benefiting man. The Society met the next day, and, kind. When the lodge had retired 10 after a prayer by the Rev. James Hotheir chamber, a very respectable bart, of Berlin, proceeded to elect member moved to appropriate a sum

officers for the year ensuing, when




the following gentlemen were cho. ing gentlemen were chosen officers sen, viz.

for the year ensuing: viz. CHARLES Marsh, Esq. Pres. Gen. Rufus Putnam, Pres. Hon. WILLIAM C. HARRINGTON, Rev. LYMAN Porter, V. Pres. Rey. BANCROFT FOWLER, Rev. SAMUEL F. ROBBINS, Sec.

Vice Pres. David PUTNAM, Esq. Treas. Rev. HEMAN BALL,

Rev. Lyman Potter, John Noyes, Esq.



Dr. Joseph Winslow,

Gen. ABNER FORBES, Trias. The next annual meeting of the So.

ciety will be held at Marietta, Nor.

3, 1813. An address to the public Before the first meeting was dis.

has been prepared and is circulating.

This is either the twentieth, or the solved 88 persons had become mem. bers, and above $320 had been re.

twenty-first Bible Society in the Uni.

ted States. ceived.

The Society requested a copy of Mr."Wright's sermon for the press.

ORDINATIONS. At the first meeting of the Direc. tors, they authorized the President to purchase 500 Bibles and 120 Tes.

ORDAINED, in Sept. last, the Rev. taments. They also appointed a re

Ralph Sanger to the pastoral card spectable committee to solicit sub.

of the church and congregation in scriptions and distribute Bibles.

Dover, (Mass.)

At Piltston, (Maine,) the Rep. DANIEL KENDRICK, over the church and congregation in the west parish.

At Greenfieid, (Con.) on the 1st

of Oct. the Rev. WILLIAM BELDEX, On the 22d of Oct. last, this Society over the church and congregation in was formed at Marietta, when a con. that place.

Sermon by the Rer. stitution was adopted, and the follow Mr. Waterman.



Died, in Sept. last, the Hon. GUNNING In Tennessee, in Sept. or Oct. Geni BEDFORD, Esq. Judge of the District Henry CONWAY, a patriot of the rero. Court for the state of Delaware. He was lution. His death was occasioned by the a member of the Convention, which fra- stinging of bees. med the federal constitution.

At Berlin, in Prussia, for want of the At Venice, Admiral VuLLARET JOY- necessaries of life, DÁNDON, a miser EUSE, Governor of that city.

who had 20,000 crowns by him in specie, In S. C. the Rev. WILLIAM CLARK. At Gloucester, (R.I.) the Hon.DANIEL son, pastor of the united churches on Owen, aged 81, formerly Lieut. Gover. St. John and Wadmalaw islands.

nor of that State. At Charleston, (S. C.) the Rev JACOB At Norwich, (Conn.) on the 25th of RUMPH, one of the ministers of the Oot, last, his Excellency ROGER GRISMethodist church.

Wold, Esq. LL. D. Governor of that At East Sudbury, (Mass.) on the 24th state, aged 51. of Sept. last, the Rev, Joel Foster, At Plattsburg, Oct, 15th, RICHABD pastor of the Congregational ehurch in HENION, a private in U. S. ariny, skant that town.

for desertion.

At Scituate, Nov. 3rd, the Hon. Na. LIPS, Esq. formerly High Sheriff of the THAN CUSHING, aged 70.

island of Newfoundland. At Andover, Oct. 31st, Madam Puebe In Marlborough district, (S. C.) the Phillips, widow of tlie late Lieut Gor. Rer. Joshua Lewis, aged 64. Samuel Phillips, aged 69.

At Bethlem, (Con.) the Rev. David On Sullivan's island, (S.C.) RALPH SUTTON, aged 82. IZARD, Esq. fornierly member of Con At Burlington,(Con.) the Rev. Joshua gress from that state.

Perry, formerly pastor of a church in at Providence, (R.I ) the Hon DAVID Hamden. Yale College; 1775. LEONARD BARNES, Esq. Judge of the At Providence, (R.I.) Col. JERENIAH district court for the state of Rhode Isl. Olney, aged 63, late collector of the and.

customs at that port. At New York, John KEMP, Esq. Died, lately, at Wentworth, LL. D. F.R.S. (Ed.) Professor of Mathe. (Mass.) Mr. ReuBEN WAITTIER, natics and Natural Philosophy in Colum

aged 32. In the midst of health he bia College, aged 50.

dropped dead. At Salem, (Mass) on the 17th Nov. JOHN V. White, aged 32 He inquir

At Acton, Mrs. ABIGAIL AD. ed for laudanum at an apothecary's shop,

AMS, wife of the Rev. Moses Adams. and requested to take a bottle la tasie

In Russia, about the close of Sepand judge of it, which the unsuspecting

tember last, Prince BAGRATION, a apothecary permitted; when, suddenly distinguished commander of the Hus. raising the bottle to his mouth, he swal. sian armies, in consequence of a lowed a large quantity of the liquor be wound received in the terrible battle fore it could be wrested from him. On

of Mojaisk. being told he had swallowed enough to destroy him, he replied that he wished to

At' Fort Mifflin, (Del ) JOHN die; and in four, hours afterwards he was

Rickey, shot for desertion. a corpse, notwithstanding the free


At Hope well, (S. C.) on the 30th tion of emetics, which were forcibly and Sept. the Rev. Jown D. MURPHY, freely administered.

pastor of a Presbyterian church; and This unhappy man left his wife and On Oct. 4th the Rev. James M' family in the morning with a little money ELLENNEN, pastor of the other Pres. which he intended to lay out in buying byterian church in the same place. wood. He was soon drawn into a tippling shop, where he met with such compan.

At Salem, the Rev. NATHANIEL ions as are to be found in such places,

FISHER, rector of St. Peter's church, cogaged with them in gainbling, spent aged 05. the day in this manner, lost all his money

At Falmouth, (Mass.) JOSEPH and gambled bimself into debt; and just BENNETT, Esq. attorney at law at evening was driven by shame and re

aged 26. nome to perpetrate the horrid crime of

At Börlington, (Vt.) within a fort. selt murder. “We mention this case thus

night preceding Dec. 12, more than particularly to set before our readers the

200 soldiers U. S. army: ebormous mischiefs of tippling houses. At Philadelphia, Mr. JOHN BAR

At Salisbury, (Conn.) on the 13th TRAN, bolanist, son of the famous botan

ult, the Rev. JOSEPH WARREN ist of the same name.

Crossman, aged 37, and in the 16th At Pkatlsborg, Dr. Peter Turner, year of his ministry. of Newport, surgeon's mate in the U. S. Mr. C. was an able and distinarmy.

guishing preacher of the Gospel, a In England, Sir CULLING SMITH, a Vice President of one of the Auxiliary

prudent and faithful minister of Bible Societies,

Christ. He was peculiarly endeared At Buffaloe, in the U. S. Hospital, 231

to his people, and to his brethren in persons between Oct 28th and Nov. 15th

the ministry with whom he associa. --a terrible mortality.

ted. He died in firm hopes of a bles. At New Haven, (Con.) the Rev. BELA sed immortality, and left his dying HUBBARD, D. D. pastor of Trinity testimony to the people of his charge, Church in that city, aged 73. Ile was that the trutlis which he had preach. graduated at Yale College in 1758. ed to them had been his only conso

At the same place, JEHU BRAINARD, lation in life, and were his only sup. Esq. furmerly High Sheriff of New Ha. Ten County, aged 55. He was graduated port in death. alt Yale College in 1783.

At Schenectady, the Rev. CORNEAt fixeter, (N.H.) Henry Pule Lius BOGARDUS, aged 35.

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