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sinners for Christ's sake, and I peared dead to the world, exo believe he will pardon my sins. pressing the sense he had of the I renounce all dependance in ev. vanity of every thing upon earth, ery thing else, and depend upon and his astonishment that he Christ alone, and believe he will could have been so eagerly en. receive me. I thought I was go- gaged in worldly pursuits as he ing to hell, but I think 'now I had been. This, he said, was ev. sball

go to heaven.” The next idence of the total depravity of morning he was asked what views his heart. At times he was he had then. He said that he subject of spiritual darkness, and had clear views of the glory of had doubts of his covenant in. God. He was asked whether he terest in the grace of God. He thought God would be glorious appeared, however, humble, and if he should send him to hell, and determined to lie at the feet of punish him for his sins. He re- Jesus; and, as he expressed himplied, “O, yes. I feel that I de. self, if he perished, to perish serve eternal punishment, but I there. This darkness was, at believe that God, in infinite mer. intervals, considerably dispelled, cy will save me.'

and his comfort and joy in God This day his parents sent for returned. me, in the expectation that he On the morning of the 20th of would live but a few hours, and January, he requested to have with a desire, I suppose, that I the family called together, and might witness the alteration that told them he was going to leave had taken place in his mind, them. He first addressed his though no intimation of it was parents, and urged them to con. given to me. He took hold of tinue their endeavors to train up my hand, when I came to his his brothers and sisters in the bedside, with a cordiality that he way they should go: and he wishhad never before expressed. His ed them to do all in their power countenance and his whole man- for the promotion of religion in ner indicated the existence of the world. He then exhorted new affections. He could say but each one of his brothers, and little from extreme weakness, sisters to read the Bible, and to but apparently felt much more

believe in Christ. He said, "I than he could communicate, of, am going to heaven. I am sure contrition for sin, reliance upon

of it. I have seen the glory of the Savior, joyful hope of accept- God, and the glory of the kingance in his name, and resigna- dom of God. I have seen the tion to the will of God. He evi- holy angels, and the spirits of dently put a restraint upon him. the just." They are all engag. self, lest, by giving vent to his ed in praising God, and I long to feelings, he should be entirely join them.” He said, “O that overcome. Soon after this, there every person in this town m

may was a mitigation of his complaints, and he was in a good

• This is not to be taken as though measure comfortable in his bodi. he p:etended to have seen them wib ly state, and continued so for seve

the bodily eye, but that lie boud sein

them witil the eye oi fa:ti. “Fi.ith cral days. Through this time, is ihe subs'ance of Chings hoped for. and to the close of life, he ap- and the evidence of things noi seen.

come to Christ! O that Mr. A. able reliance upon an all suffimay have great success here! O cient Redeemer. Thus he exthat every body would come to pired in the 23d year of his age. Christ!” He then took an affec- And it is the belief of the pious tionate leave of the family. I in this place, that his immortal visited him on the day, in which spirit, being through sovereign he died. The moment he saw mercy prepared for glory, bas me enter the door, with a coun ascended to heaven. tenance, and an effort, strongly May every young person who expressive of faith and affection, reads these sketches, be induche reached out his hand towards ed, in view of the infinite desir. me, and said, “I can now shake ableness of enjoying the gracious hands with a Christian." Being presence of God on a death-bed, very low, however, he did not immediately to flee from the say much, but was attentive to wrath to come, and to lay hold all that was said to him, and on the hope set before us. manifested a fixed and comfort.


If we


facts before our eyes. ATTENDS THE PREACHING OF take the generality of churches, THE GOSPEL.

even where men of acknowledg

ed piety officiate, we find but a The following sensible, well written, comparatively small number of and evangelical paper, is extracted communicants; often not one in from the Christian Observer, vol. ten of the congregation; and a X. p. 746, and recommended to the still smaller number of persons, attentive perusal of Ministers of the Gospel and private Christians who, in any given time, exhibit


decided proofs of their being

real Christians. So much is this In your August Number, one of the case, that it has been said, your Correspondents favored us that ministers of the present day with his sentiments upon the might be called anglers, rather causes of the popularity of Evan- than fishers of men; now and gelical Preaching. Without then instrumental to a solitary discussing the merits of that pa- conversion, but scarcely ever per, we may consider it as con- going beyond this. I need not nected with a question of the mention that there have been greatest practical importance: seasons when it has been far What is the cause, that when otherwise. In the days of the there are so many preachers of Apostles, at the era of the Rethe Gospel, and so many hearers formation, in the time of Mr. attending them, the influence of Edwards and some other good the Gospel is so small? That men in America, the Holy Spirsuch is the case appears clear, it seemed to be remarkably afnot only from the complaints of forded, and extensive effects very many ministers, but from followed. What is the cause,

then, that there are so few flour. the prayers of the church; many ishing churches amongst our- either not coming into his house selves; that whilst they abound till this part of the service is with hearers, the word of God nearly ended, or acting, when comes to so few “in power and there, as if they forgot that the demonstration of the Spirit?” worship of the holy God was to The question is one of the first be their employment. His lanimportance and demands the in- guage is, “Them that honor me, vestigation of every friend to vi- I will honor." But can we suptal godliness. The object of pose, that, when a slight is put this paper is to lead your readers upon that part of the service to a consideration of the subject, which peculiarly teaches us our while it points out a few of the dependance upon God, he will probable causes of this Divine bless such a people-If to these favor being withheld, and sug- omissions we add a want of eargests some means which may be nestness, in secret family and soinstrumental in procuring SO cial


for the influence of great a blessing.

the Holy Spirit (for; alas! how The first cause which may be few are continually and earnestassigned, is the prevalence of ly pleading with God for this certain national sins-such as blessing!) we shall see that it is profaning the name of the Lord, on account of the lukewarmness by oaths of office, upon every of his people, God gives not his trifling occasion; the public blessing to their assemblies. gambling in the lottery; and But, as one who desires to other offences, which are not on bring the subject nearer to him. ly tolerated, but authorized, by self, and to benefit his brethren, the nation. But on these evils Í I would mention another cause will not dwell at present, but ad. why there is not a more abundvert to others, which depend ant spiritual influence at present; Jess on legislative provision for and that, one which connects ittheir removal.

self with the more pious part of Another cause has a particular the clergy. I most freely admit, reference to persons professing that they are in general men religion. How many of these who are devoted to the work of may be considered as grieving the ministry, and desirous to use the Spirit of God, by not acting the best means of promoting the up to their convictions of their religion of the Scriptures; and duty? There are few persons of that, so far are they from deservany seriousness who do not ad. ing the reproaches which have mit, for example, the duty of been cast upon them, that it may family prayer, the sinfulness of be justly said, they are men of conformity to the world, and the firm religious principle, of sound absolute necessity of devotedness doctrine, and of holy lives. The to God; and yet are there not points in which they fall short a. very many who do in practice act rise partly from the peaceable agreeably to these admissions? state of the church, which indu. Added to this, we might mention ces them to be better pleased with the dishonor done to God, in the world as the world is better some congregations, by slighting tempered towards them; and

partly from their not sufficiently ccive of mine, and shall shew it honoring the Holy Spirit, by unto you." frequently exhibiting him in his Another ministerial defect, is various offices of the Convincer the not setting forth the whole of sin, the Enlightener of the counsel of God. Some confine mind, the Comforter, the Re- themselves mostly to doctrines; memberancer, the Helper of our others almost exclusively to prayers; in short as that person practice; without attending to in the blessed Trinity who is to the proportion or harmony of work all our works in us, as the truth. So that some congregaLord Jesus has done all for us. tions acquire a doctrinal turn, We ought never to lose sight of while others hear little of those this, that the conversion of sin- cheering truths which are the ders is a work which none but grand motives to practice. Minan Almighty Power can effect. isters also should preach more We do not so often as we ought frequently and pointedly upon hear ministers declaring their conversion; plainly declaring to own utter insufficiency, except their people, that there are but as instruments in the hands of the two grand divisions of men, those Holy Spirit, and hence carnestly who “are dead in trespasses and entreating their congregations sins," and those who are "alive" to pray for his Divine influence to God; shewing how far natuthat their labors may be blessed. ral sweetness and amiableness

Connected with the defect just of disposition fall short of the noticed, is a failure in fully ex graces of the Spirit; laying open hibiting the Lord Jesus Christ;- the holy law of God as the min. making him, as it were, the chief istration of condemnation, and figure in the picture, and con- alarming the impenitent by the necting the whole circle of doc- clear exhibition of the Judgment trines, precepts, promises, and and its consequences. Unless exhortations with him as a centre. this plain and practical mode of If we lose sight of our bless- preaching is adopted, it will be ed Redeemer, we shall find some in vain to rest upon general obscurity in every doctrine. Es statements of human depravity. clude him as a motive, or as an The sinner must be convinced example, and the precepts will of the sins of his own heart, and not be followed with the same of his own life, and of his consedelight, nor appear with such quent danger, before he can be beauty as in his perfect charac- led to feel that he must indeed ter. Omit him in the promises, be born again before he can enand there will be no rock upon ter into heaven. which you may stand; while to From the feeble manner in him they are all yea and amen. which these important truths are Unless this point be kept in often treated it happens, that any view, the influence of the Holy immediate or powerful impresSpirit will be very confined: forsion from hearing the word of it is his special office to honor God, so as from ihat day to be Christ; as our Lord says, “He turned unto the Lord, is not only sball glorify me, for he shall re not expected, but is considered VOL. V. New Series,


as mere enthusiasm. And yet in tians, who can recollect, equally point of fact it was frequentlythus with the first Christians, the serin the apostolic times. The three mon which first affected their thousand baptised on the day minds with a sense of the weight of Pentecost were converted by a and importance of eternal things. single sermon; Lydia's heart was But when the hope is almost exopened under one discourse; and ploded, it cannot be surprising Dionysius, Damaris, and others, if the thing itself should rarebecame believers under St.Paul's ly follow. If ministers do not preaching to the Athenians. look to the Lord to give an imWhat took place then has fre- mediate blessing to his word, quently happened since; and can they often expect to receive there are even at this day many it? plain, practical, excellent Chris (To be continued.)





about the head waters of the Susque. hannah and Gennessee rivers; the Rev. URBANE HITCHCOCK, for four

months in the north west part of Ver. The MASSACHUSETTS MISSIONA mont; the Rev. John LAWTON, for RY Society held in Boston its 'THIR three months in ibe state of Vermont, TEENTH ANNUAL MEETING, on the on the east side of the mountain; the 26th and 27th days of May last. At Rev.John SAWYER, for three months the opening of the meeting, the throne in the District of Maine, at Greenland of Divine grace was addressed in a and o:her places at his discretion; and prayer by the Rev. Dr. SPRING, and the Rev. CaleB BURGE, for six an appropriate Psalm was devoutly months in the District of Maine, in sung. The Society then attended to concurrence with the Church in the following


The Rev. Mr. Sewall, agreeably to

bis appointment, spent the year in the With lively sensibility, and with service of the Society; divided his grateful acknowledgements to the time, in the proportions prescribed, Father of mercies, the Trustees of between the District of Maine, and this Society meet their Brethren on the state of Rhode Island; and, as ap. this pleasing anniversary, and make pears from his journal, fulfilled his their annual Report.

mission with his wonted diligence, 'The Board, at the commencement fidelity and zeal. I rode," says he, of the year, appointed eight mission"nearly 3000 miles-delivered 579 aries:-the Rev. JOTHAM SewaLL, sermons-attended 24 confrrences, to be employed the whole year, ninc and 19 prayer weetings-visit. months in the District of Maine, and ed 618 families, and 38 schools three months in the destitute parts of catechised children 21 times-admit. the state of Rhode Island; the Rev. ted 10 persons to church fellowshipJoseph BADGER, to be employed half baptisel 4 adults and 49 children the time during six months, in the re. and adıninistered the Lord's Supper gion about Lake Erie; Mr. Jacob 20 times.”_"People in general apBURBANK, for four months, on the peared ready to aitend my ministra. western side of Lake Champlain; Mr. tions, and to be thankful for mission. SAMUEL PARKER, for six months ary services." “Divine influences

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