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of attaining those objects. Mr. Van. The Society for the support and cr sittart is now Chancellor of the Ex. couragement of Sunday Schools through chequer, and will doubtless use all out the British dominions held their his influence in fovor of the applica- annual meeting on the 8th of April tion. Among the persons who took last. The committee reported, that an active part in this meeting, we ob. since the last annual meeting 239 serve the names of Mr. Wilberforce, schools had been added to the Socie Mr. Thornton, Lord Carlthorpe, and ety's list, and assistance repeated to Sir Thomas Baring.

92 schools formerly established They

bad distributed, during the year, The Walling ford Auxiliary Bible So. 26,723 Spelling-books, 5056 Testa. ciety was formed on the 7th of Jan last, ments, and 132 Bibles. Since the the venerable J. Allnatt, Esq. in the commencement of the institution, chair. The Bishop of Salisbury was (1785) they had issued 339,695 Spel. appointed President. Though the day ling-books, 70,537 Testaments, and was very unpropitious, above 800 dol. 8,001 Bibles, to 3,739 schools, con. lars were subscribed on the spot. taining upwards of 303,000 scholars.

Testimonies to the utility of this in. The York Auxiliary Bible So. slitation continue to multiply. sety was formed on the 29th of Janu. ary. The Hon. Lawrence Dundas, Some benevolent individuals have the Lord Mayor of York, was in the made accurate investigation into the chair, and has accepted the office of want of Bibles in the British metrop'President, and six gentlemen were

olis. This want is found to be greater appointed Vice Presidents. The pro. among the poor than had been preceedings have been published in an viously conceived. Out of 611 famiinteresting pamphlet. A mong a mul- lies, principally of weavers in Spital. titude of speakers were the Kev. fields, 335 were wholly destitute of John Overton and the Rev. Charles the Bible. Of these families 235 Wellbeloved, names known in this professed to be of the communion of country,

the Church of England, 217 to belong

to different classes of Jissenters, 16 The Bradford Auxiliary Bible Society to be Roman Catholics, and 115 to be was formed last spring. The Rev. of no profession whatever, going, J. Crosse, vicar of the parish church, probably, to no place of worship, and was chosen President, and John Har being wholly without God in the dy, Esq. Secretary. Clergymen of world. different denominatious were ap. pointed on the committee. Perfect The Liverpool Auxiliary Bible Soc. unanimity prevailed, and the sub. ety held its annual meeting in April scriptions were extremely liberal. last. Much that is interesting took

place at the meeting. We extract The Staffordshire Auxiliary Bible the speech of the Rev. Thomas Raf. Society was formed on the 8th of fles, from a Liverpool newspaper, April last, Thomas Lister, Esq. in obligingly communicated to us for the chair. Lord Viscount Anson

the purpose. was appointed President, and eight noblemen, and twenty four gentle. The Rev. Tuomas R&Files rose, men of rank, Vice Presidents. The and said, “I hold in my hand a reso: High Sheriff of the county, and an. lution which I shall have the honor to other gentleman were appointed propose to you, and upon which I am joint Treasurers, and three clergy- persuaded there will be but one senmen and a layman, Secretaries. A. timent pervading this barmonious and mong the speakers was the Rev. Mr. bappy assembly-it is a votr of thanks Gisborne, an excellent writer of ser. to the Committee who bave conduct. mons, known in this country. He ed the busineas of the Society for the delivered a very argumentative and past year. It must be obvious to you eloquent speech, which was printed that much of the success depends up. al tke request of the meeting.

on ihe zeal and activity with wbich

these gentlemen fulfil the important has them. Venerable prelates, illus. trust reposed in them. But I cannot trious nobles, and a long line of sena. satisfy myself without expressing the tors follow in her train; and she bids warm feelings of delight and satis. fair soon to interest the whole world faction which are excited in my mind in her favor. Has she any thing to by the scene which now surrounds fear from opposition? No. So far as me. I have had the satisfaction to her principles are understood they are attend several annual meetings of the cordially embraced-so far as her obBritish and Foreign Bible Society in jects are distinctly seen, they are ar. London, and I deem it a most pleas. dently beloved. She has stood intense ing circumstance, that in becoming a and reiterated scrutiny, and gathers resident in Liverpol, I meet for the strength froin every circumstance of first time so many of its inhabitants opposition, or scene of difficulty convened for the promotion of an ob which she is called to encounter, or ject so interessing and sublime. ll is through which it is her lot to pass, noi in the warm regions of the south And the amplest scene of encouragealone, that this fair and life giving ment and hope are in that very Book tree is seen to flourish, but in the which it is lier object to spread; for colder regions of the norih many love. it is the unalterable decree of God, ly plants arise, not to diminish the preserved in the imperishable record strength and energy of the parent "that the knowledge of the Lord stock, but to consiitute together one shall cover the earth, as "he waters majestic forest, beneath whose friend. cover the great deep." Are translaly shade the ignorant and wretched tors wanting? No. They risc fast may find instruction and repose, and as scenes of usefulness and labor are the leaves of which shall be for the unfolded: and men, as if under the healing of bleeding nations-and immediate inspiration of heaven, dewhose delicious fruit shall be a relief cypher languages and translate with amid the miseries of distracting war. ease the Scripiures of eternal truth. Let us look around and mark what the In the interior of India a population Bible Society has already done, of upwards of 400,000,00, read the Though yet in her youth, she lias at. Sacred Scriptures in

the several tained th: vigor of maturer age; and tongues in which they were born. though shori is the period i hat has And the language of the Chinese, elapsed since she began her triumph. whose rude and undecyphered hieroant career, already she has accom. glyphics had long bade defiance to the plished wonders and in the arms of exercise of human skill, hias at length her benevolence has grasped the bowed to the translators of eternal world. What then bas the Bible So. truth; and they can now read them in ciety to fear? If fears are che, isherl, their own tongue. What then has the whence do they arise?

Has she any

Bible Society to fear? - there is every thing to fear from infidel? Where thing animating, there is every thing are their predictions nou? - Buried auspicious. O lappy Liverpool! thuis with them in the sepulchre in which to participate in the general feeling they slumber-in an oblivion winich now animates the empire, and deep as the oblivion of the dead! It thus liberally and generously to stand was predicted that about this time forward to promote the best and the Bible would bu linknown; but in highest interests of mankind. Never the city where lie the ashes of Hume did she send a lovelier vessel from her one of the fairest and most flourish- port, laden with a more valuable ing Bible Societies is established, cargo than the Word of Truth, with and ons of the most active members more favorable omens

or more pro. of the committee occupies the house in pitious breezes. But from the which he lived. And the soil which state of every thing around let us re. gave birth to Thomas Paine now sus. member, that we are fulfilling a de lains a vigorous association for the cree of Gord; for in the passages of spread of the Sacred scriptures. Does inspired truth it recorded, that she lack countenance? No. It crowns all nations, and peoples, and kin. and diadems, and mitres, and dig. dreds, and tongues, shall call him nity and splendor are desired, she

blessed." Are we not then encour. Vol. V. New Series.




aged to hope that this is one ourselves, to the amount, if we mistake mighty engine of carrying His eternal not, of about 5000 dollars; and now purposes into effect? Are not these this Society cannot send Bibles to wars and rumors of wars awful symp. their fellow subjects without having toms of the approach of that illustri. them seized by our cruisers.

The ous and long expected era, when na. second is, that the same Society has tions of every color, language, and openly and publicly distributed Bi. clime, shall bow to the scepire of the bles, in various parts of several EuroPrince of Peace, and he shall extend pean nations, with which Great Bri. his peaceful reign over a happy and iain is at war, and that without losing harmonious world. Whilst we hear by the band of an enemy, so far as we the distant rumbling of his chariot have been able to learli, a single copy wheels, let us hail the coming of the of the Scriptures. mighty conqueror with joy, and cor. We are persuaded, that had the dially unite io fulfil his purposes and sale of these Bibles been generally proclaim his truth.

Even so: come known, either the Massachusetts bi. Lord Jesus."

ble Society, or sime other institution of the same kind, would have pur. chased them, and beld them to be restored subject to the order of the Brit.

ish Society. And we venture to an11 was with extreme morufication

nounce, that the Massachusetts Bible that we learnt the following facis: Society, some other Bible Society, or One of the United States priva!eeis an association of gentlemen formed a few weeks ago took a British vessel for that express purpose, will remit having on board a box containing aboui to London a suin sufficient to defray 500 Bibles and Testaments, which the cost of the Bibles thus diverted had been sent by the British and For. from their proper course. This busi. eign Bible Society to be distribuied

ness seems to fall naturally, in the gratuitously in the British dominions first instance, 11pon the Massachusetts on this side the Atlantic. These Bi. Bible Society, as this Society has re. bles instead of being generously re. ceived a donation of K100 sterling linquished and sent to the place of from the British and Foreign Bible their original destination, were put up Society: and, we doubi nui, the known at auction with other prize goods, liberality of many of its members will sold at less than half the first cost, dispose them to attend to it immedi. and are now scattered among the ately. It will not be forgotten, that hooksellers. The sale was at Port- Lower Canada, to which province land. The Bibles are in the English the French copies of the Bible were and French languages, octavo and probably destined, is in peculiar need duodecimo, all stereotype cditions, of this sacred gift. and excellently bound in calf.

Voyages of discovery, and attempis to enlarge the boundaries of science

ORDINATIOXS AND INSTALLA. and literature, have ever been pro: tecied, even in a state of war, by the unanimous consent of civilized na. ORDAINED, on the 28th ult, the Rer, tions. Much more should the most Daniel HUNTINGTON, as pastor of exalted and beneficent charity which the north Congregational church and the world has ever witnessed, be suf. society in Bridgewater, (Mass.) Ser. fered to proceed on its course with. mon by the Rev. Abel M'Ewen of out being exposed to the hand of vio. New London, (Conn.) lence. But there are two very pecu. At Angelica, (N. Y.) Rer. ROBERT liar and striking circumstances at. HUBRARD. Sermon from Rom. x, 17. tending this subject. The first is, At Painted Post, (N. Y.) Rev. that this very British and Foreign Bi. CLEMENT HICKMAN. Sermon from hle Society bas generously 2 Cor. v, 20). money into this country to be expend. Instailed, on the 14th ult. the Rer. ed in Bibles, and distribu ed among John ELY, as pastor of the Fourth




Congregational church and society in Voted, That the thanks of the So. Guilford, (Conn.) Sermon by the ciety be given to his Excellency Caleb Rey, John Ellioti from Isa. vi, 8. Strong, the late President of the So.

On the 9th of September last, the ciety, and to William Billings, Esq. Rev. STEPHEN Hold, to the care late a Trustee of the Society, having of the church and congregation in now resigned, for the faithful and Raynham. Sermon by the Rev. James important services, which they have Miltimore from 2 Cor. x, 4, 5. rendered to the Society.

The receipts of the Society for the

year preceding the annual meeting LAMPSHIRE MISSIONARY SOCIETY. were as follows:

Contributions from towns Toe annual meeting of this Society and parishes within the limwas held at Northampton on the 27th its of the Society

S670 44 of August last, when the following From the Charitable Fe. gentlemen were chosen officers; viz. male Association in the Rev. JOSEPH LYMAN, D.D.


321 54 President. From Mr. Solomon Good. Rev. Joks EMERSOY, V. President. ell

162 00 Hon. Ebenezer Hunt, Esq.

From the Female Charita. Rev. Solomon Williams,

ble Association in Whites. Justin Ely, Esq.

town, N. Y.)

140 85 Rev. David Parsons, D.D.

From a friend of missions 50 00 Hon. Joseph Lyman, Esq.

Legacy of Dea. Benjamin Rev. Enoch Hale,

Morion, late of Hatfield 50 00 Charles Phelps, Esq.

From the new settlements 78 36 Ethan Ely, Esq.

From the Panoplist and Rev. Richard S. Storrs,

Magazine vol. iii

116 97 Mr. Natbaniel Smith,

Contributions at the meet. Ruggles Woodbridge, Esq. Treas. ing of the Society

37 80 Rev. Enoch Hale, Cor. Sec,

Interest on the legacy, Rev. Payson Williston, Rec. Sec. &c.

5 97 Asa White, Esq.

Other donations

26 12 Sylvester Judd, Esq.


Committee, Elisha Billings, Esq.

$1,660 05 The Report of the Trustees states many encouraging circumstances, and

EXPEYDITURES. furnishes many reasons for persever. ance in the good work in which the For Missionary Services $884 18 Society has been engaged from its For books purchased 261 95 formation. God has been pleased to Miscellaneous expenses

33 65 prosper the labors of their missiona. ries in several places, particularly in

$1,179 78 Jamaica, and Stratton, (Ver.) Mr. The books consisted of nearly 300 Goodell, of the former town, has add. bound volumes, and above 600 pam. ed to his long distinguished liberality phlets. by giving 100 dollars to support one The funds of the Society consist of of the missions in Vermont, 50 to- about $4 300 in promissory notes, bewards another, and 12 towards anoth sides ten shares in the Massachusetts er. It would give us great pleasure Fire and Marine Insurance Company, to insert tfis wlrole Report, did our The Society bave engaged six Mis. limits permit.

sionaries for a part ot' ihe ensuing Among the votes of tbe Society is year. the following:


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AN INSTANCE OF COURAGEOUS pressive of the high sense the Trus. HUMANITY.

tees entertain of his distinguished

exertions in saving the life of Wil. The followiug affecting incident is liam Plumer.” taken from the appendix to the Rev. Mr. Andrews's Sermon before the

SOCIETY FOR IMPROVEMENT IN Merrimac Humane Society. ,


'On the 13th of July last, William A Society has been formed of individoals Plumer, a lad of about nine years of resident in West'vorough and the neigh. age, having been at play on a raft boring towns in the county of Worcester, near cap. Coombs's wharf, in New. and Hopkinton and Marlborough in the burvport, accidenially fell into the county of Middleser for the purpose of water, at a moment when the people, correcting the public taste in reference

to church music. of banishing from the who had been at work on the wharf,

sanctuary those light, airv festive tunes had gone home to dinner. He had which have of late vears intruded then. probabiy been in the water sometime, selves into Christian assemblies, and of and hał sunk once, before he was introducing in their stead genuine sacred discovered by capt. Coombs, who

music was passing that way and whose át.

The following gentlemen are the offitention was called to the spot by the

cers of the Society; viz. eries of a child on the raft

Rev. ACA PACKARD, President.

Rev. David LONG, less of the hazard to which he er. Mr. ABNER H. HARDY, posed his own life, this aged goontle.

Vice Presidents. man leaped froin the wharf, without Rev. NATHANIEL. Howe, Cor Sec.] removing any of his clhes, only Rev. BeVJÄMIN Wnop. Rec Sec. hastily throwing off his hat and wig;

Mr ASAPH Rice. Treasurer seiz:' } the chill in his arms, and

The first article of the Constitution de. was happilv snccessful in saving him

clares, “That the music which this Soci. from a watery grave

The water in

elv shall encomage, is the grave and sol. this place was from sixto seven feet

emn or that which corresponde with the

general character of the Middlesex and deep. and the listance from the Lock Hospital collectiong " wharf to the place where the lad Another article reqnires, that there be was struggling muigt have been as an annual exhibition, on the last Thursmuch as ten op: welve feel.'

dar in September annnally, at which After relating these facts the Com. time a sermon or dissertation on sacred mitter add,

music sha!! he delivered "Your Committee are happy in

The Sorleto consistent sometime ago of stating to the Trustees that this dis.

between 60 and 70 members. Persons of

immoral character are excluded. tinguished act of humanity has fallen to the lot of their late worthy Vice President, William Coombs, Esq. at the advanced age of seventy six years; and they participate the high satis

Two linhanny men were lately con. faction he must have experienced

victed of Piracy before the Circuit when the lad whom his heroic exer.

Court of the United States sitting in tion had rescued from premature

Boston; and were sentenced to be es.

erited on the 10th of December. death, as soon as he had placed him on the raft in safety, threw his arms

Their names are Samuel Tully and around his aged benefactor's neck

Fohn Dalton, alias Rowland Heathcote. and exclaimed -Oh! Sir, you have Though tried for piracy only, there sgord my life."

is reason to believe that they were The Trustees adjulged a gold guilty of murcler also. Thev are now medal to "William Coombs, Esq. ex:

confined in solitary cells of the State


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