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The benevolent females who have CIETY.

contributed to this fund will have the

satisfaction of reflecting, that several This Society expend that portion of thousand religious books have been their funds, which is contributed by given to the poor and destitute in Female Cent Societies, in purchasing consequence of their liherality, withBibles and other suitable books for in a few years past. Let thein not be distribution. For several years they weary in well-doing. have circulated a considerable number of books in places destitute of religious instruction, especially in the REVIVAL OF KELIGION IN BRIS: new settlements. During the year

TOL, (R, 1.) which ended in May last, the Book Committee purchased and distributed

To the Editor of the Panoplist. the following books; viz.

I send you some account of the revioal Bibles

288 of religion in this place. Testaments

122 think that the publication of it may Psalm & Hymn Books


in any way subserve the interest of the Divine Songs

100 Redeemer's kingdom you are at libEvangelical Primers

400 erty to publish it in the Panoplist. Other Primers and Catechisms 97

W. Hymns for Infant Minds

100 Bristol, (R.I ) Oct. 6, 1812. Tokens for Children

25 Small Tracts

74 Tae last winter was remarkable for

an unusual prevalence of dissipation, These books cost the Society 364 among the inhabitants of Bristol. dollars. Some others were purchased, The serious part of the community the bills of which are not at hand; became alarmed, and a society was and some expense was incurred in instituted for the suppression of vice binding and transporting books. The and immorality. In the month of whole sum expended under the di. March there was some unusual atrection of the Book Committee was tention to religion. Christians be. 8416 37.

more engaged.

The conSince May last the same Committee ferences, which have for several have purchased the following books, years been held three times a week, part of which are distributed; viz. were more fully attended. Deep

seriousness appeared on the minds Billes


of many, and there were several inPsalms and Hymns

144 stances of hopeful conversion. Ap. Baxter's Saints' Rest


pearances were promising, and the Life of Brainerd

30 friends of Zion flattered themselves Hymns for Infant Minds

200 with the hope of a general reformaDivine Songs

100 tion. But in the course of a few Evangelical Primers

1000 weeks the unusual attention subsided.

It is now ascertained, however, that These hooks, with a few others, the Holy Spirit was operating, and cost $491 50.

did continue to operate, in the hearts The Book Committee are, the Rev. of some, and was gradually preparing Dr. Hopkins and the Rev. Dr. the way for the great things which Worcester, of Salem, the Rev. Mr. have since been taking place. Some, Dickinson, of Holliston, and Deacon who have now been hopefully convert. Isaac Warren and Jeremiah Evarts of ed, date the beginning of their serious Charlestown, to either of whom appli. impressions several

months past cation may be made for books to be • This letter was written by a person distributed in the new settlements, resident in Bristol, whose statements are particularly in the district of Maine. entitled to fall credit.



divine grace


and a few, a still onger period. In The religious attention extended the month of July, the Congregation to all the religious societies, and to al Methodist, and Baptist Societies almost every part of the town; after united for a short time, in a confer: about three weeks, the general fervor ence once a week; resolving to lay and engagedness appeared in some aside those points on which they dif. measure to subside, but the work of fer, and to speak on those things on.

was still carried ly in which they are agreed. These Perhaps the greater number of those meetings were well attended, and who have lately experienced relig. were thought to be very useful. Al. jon, date their conversion within the though there were no remarkable ap first three weeks afier the revival pearances of a general revival, yet commenced. But many bave since it was easy to see that God had give been convicted and hopefully converten to his children a spirit of grace ed; and there are still numbers who and supplication. Additional pray. are under serious concern, and earer meetings were instituted and at. nestly inquiring the way to heaven, tended with special solemnity and In the commencement of the re. devotion. There is reason to be. vival there were a very few appeare lieve, that many individual Christians ances of animal passion, and some inwere earnest and importunate in stances of bodily agitation; but as these their supplications to God for an things were discountenanced by min. outpouring of his Holy Spirit. At isters and judicious Christians, they! length God appeared in his glory to soon disappeared, and gave place to build up Zinn. About the twentieth a more calm and solemn attention to of August the work of divine grace divine things. at once commenced among us in a The subjects of this work are of va. very sudden and powerful manner. rious ages, from the old man of sevenSeveral persons were awakened to ty down to the child of ten. The greata sense of their sinfulness and dan. er number however are of those who ger, and filled with great distress in are in the morning of life. view of their lost and perishing con

Their exercises while under con. dition. Sinners were awakened from viction have been various. Some day to day. The attention of the have been gradually and some have people in general was soon power suddenly awakened. Some have been fully excited,

Politics, and diver: chiefly concerned in view of their sions were laid aside, and religion sinfulness and wretchedness. Others became the great subject of attention have been chiefly concerned in view and conversation. Many soon ob. of the excellence and importance of tained a hope. Others were awak- religion. Some have been deeply ened and convicted. The people distressed, so that their animal eagerly pressed into the churches, frames have scarcely been able to and listened with solemn attention sustain the anguish of their souls. to the great truths of the law and the Others have been distressed that Gospel Unwilling to leave the they have not been more distressed. house of God, multitudes often re Their exercises in hopeful convermained for some time after the usual sion also have been somewhat differexercises were over, crowding about ent. Many have been at once brought the ministers to receive further in. out of extreme distress and darkness struction and exhortation. Wbile into marvellous light and joy. Others some were rejoicing in God and ear have received light and comfort gradnest!y recommending religion to ually, and in less measure. Some their ungodly friends and acquaint; have expressed assurance, while ance, others were decply distressed others have been cautious and unwil. under a sense of their sins, and seri. Jing to believe their good estate. lo risly inquiring what they should do general those who profess to hope in he saved. A solemn seriousness that they bave passed from death was visible in the countenances of all. unto life appear to bave been mode



in some measure sensible that they experience the renewing and sancti. are sinners and justly condemned by fying influences of the Holy Spirit on the holy law of God;-that God has bis heart, he must perish forever. in his infinite mercy provided a suita For a few days he was deeply disble and all-sufficient Savior for them, tressed in view of his guilty and perand that he is willing and ready to ishing condition. He was then hope. receive all those who will return fully made a subject of divine grace; him in the exercise of repentance and is now rejoicing in the lord and faith. They have been made Jesus Christ. If any one might desens ble that they could not do any pend on mere morality, undoubtedly thing to recommend themselves to ihis person might. But he has the divine favor, and that there found ihat morality alone is not to be no ground for them to hope but in the depended on. He has found that mercy of God. They have felt their experimental vital religion is absohearts subdued and humbled, and lutely necessary to salvation, that filled with holy love to God, to Christ, without real holiness of heart no to Christians, and to all their fellow. man

can see the Lord, however men. They humbly hope, that they blameless and exemplary he may ex. have been enabled to see in some ternally be. all who are depend. measure the beauty and glory of the ing for salvation or mere morality, Divine character. They humbly tremble in a view of their danger, hope that they have been made wil. and secure an interest in the salvation ling to choose God for their portion, of Christ, before it be forever too late. the Lord Jesus Christ for their Sa. The neighboring ministers kindly vior, and the Holy Ghost for their came in, and labored amongst us, at Sanctifier; and that it is their great this interesting period. The great desire to devote themselves to the doctrines of the Gospel have been service of God, in a life of holy obe plainly and faithfully preached. Here dience to his revealed will.

it would be wrong not particularly The designer brevity of this com. to notice, with gratitude to God, the munication will not allow me to de. labors of one who las been peculiar. scribe many particular cases of con- ly active, diligent, and indefatigable, version, which might be instructive and whose labors have been pecul. and edifying. There is one, howeve iarly acceptable, and attended with er, which ought not to be omitted as great success. The Rev. Isaac Lew. it strikingly shows the insufficiency is, lately pastor of the church in of a foundation on which many, in ev. Goshen, sale New York, happen. ery place, are confidently resting ed providentially to pass through the their hopes of future salvation. The town just at the commencement of person to whom I allude is upwards the revival. Discovering the unusu. of seventy years of age. He had ex. al attention to religion, he was in. perienced many severe afflictions in duced to stay with us for a week, the course of his past life, but with: and has since returned and again out any spiritual benefit. Having spent some time with us. While lived what the world calls a good here he has been unceasingly and moral life, baving been regular and most zealously engaged in preaching exemplary in his external conduci, and conversation; and there is reale thought he was good enough, and son to believe his abiindant labors of rested on his morality for future hap. lore, have been greatly biessed to piness. But soon after the commence the people, and greatly instrumental inent of the revival he was a wakened in promoting the work of the Lord. from his false security, and brought The number of those who have to see, that though he had been hopefully been made the subjects of very moral in his conduct yet he was divine grace, it is impossible exactly uiterly unacquainted with true relig- to determine. In the Congregational ion; that he was dead in trespasses Society more than one hundred and and sins, and that unless he shoulch twenty have been wakened, and

more than eighty have expressed. a · year past. The Junior Class was exhope that they bave passed from amined in the Hebrew language, and death unto life. Fifty were received in Sacred Literature as it respects into the church last Sabbath. It is both the Old and the New Testa. stated by the Episcopalians, that ments. The Middle Class exhibited “within three months past in the essays on theological subjects, as ev. parish of St Michael's Church there idences of their progress in Christian have been one hundred and thirteen theology. The Senior Class exhibit. persons apparently seriously awaken. ed similar essays, and were also es: ed, ninety seven hopefullyconverted amined in Sacred Rhetoric. As the forty two adults baptized, -eighty examination of all the classes is by conårmed,-sixty six added to the the present arrangement compressed communion.” The Methodists state, within the limits of one day, there that they have received fifty eight was time for the several classes to into their church. The Baptists in- be examined in a part of their studform us that within three months, ies only. they have received thirteen into their The exercises of the students were communion. It may with safety be closed by an interesting and excellent added, that in the whole town, dur address delivered by a member of the ing the present revival, more than Senior Class. The result of the exthree hundred persons have been amination was highly satisfactory to a wakened, and more than two hun. the Visitors, Trustees, and spectators. dred and fifty have expressed a hope The advantages, which this import. that they have been renewed by the ant institution offers for the acquisis Holy Spirit. The work is still car. tion of theological knowledge, are ried on, and within a few days ap. now extensively known and felt. it pears again to have increased; and it' is hoped the day is not far distant, is devoutly to be wished that it may when the unexampled beneficence of siill continue for a long time to come. the Founders of this Seminary will

be duly appreciated by many church. es, whose pastors will have been ed. ucated for the ministry by this exalt.

ed charity. How great a gift to the The annual examination of the stu. Christian church is a single well edudents in the Theological Seminary at cated ininister of the Gospel! How Andover took place, in presence of vast, bow incalculable are the bless. the Visitors and Trustees of that in ings to be derived from an institution, stitution, a considerable number of which annually sends forth to the the Clergy, and several other gentle churches a considerable number of men, on Wednesday the 23d of Sep such ministers! tember. The Senior, Middle, and The exercises of the day were Junior Classes were examined by the opened with prayer' by one of the Professors, in the respective depart. Professors, and closed with prayer ments to which they had directed by the Rev. Dr. Dwight. their particular attention during the




A Sermon delivered July 23, 1812,

on the day of the Public Fast apSERMONS on various important sub. pointed by the Governor and Council, jects of Christian doctrine and prac. of the state of Connecticut in conseiice. By Nathanael Emmons, D. D. quence of the Declaration of War Boston; Samuel T. Armstrong against Great Britain. By Nathan 1812. pp. 374. 8vo.

Perkins, D. D. Pastor of the third

Presbyterian Church in Hartford. Brookfield, Aug. 20, 1812, å day of Hartford; Hudson & Goodwin. prayer recommer.ded by Congress,

Proceedings of the General Asso on account of the war in which we ciation of Connecticut, relative to the are involved with England. Ву Rev. Abiel Abboi, late pastor of the Thomas Snell, Pastor of the church First Church in Coventry, Hartford; in North Brookfield. Brookfield; E. Peter B. Gleason. 1812.

Merriam & Co. A Sermon delivered at New Brain Advantages of moderation; a Ser. free, Aug. 29, 1812, on the general mon delivered at Pelbam, (N. H.) Fast occasioned by a declaration of Aug. 20, 1812, a dany of national huwar againsi Great Britain. By John miliation, recommended by the Pres. Fiske, Pastor of the church in New ident, at the request of the two Braintree. Brookfield; E. Merriam Houses of Congress, after having de. and Co.

clared war against Great Britain. By A Vindication of the Sentiments John Hubbard Church. Haverhill, and Practice of those who believe in (Mass.) W, B. & H. G. Allen. God's everlasting covenant, and apply

The zeal of Jehovah for the king. the seal to their infant offspring; in dom of Christ; a Sermon preached at six sermons, on Rom. iv, 11, 12. By Northampton, before the Hampshire John Smith, A. M. Pastor of the Missionary Society at their annual church in Salem, (N. F.) Exeter, meeting, Aug. 27, 1812. By the Rev. (N. H ) C. Norris & Co. 1812. Isaac Knapp, A, M, Pastor of the

Two Discourses, delivered to the church in Westfield, (Mass.) To second Presbyterian Society in New-' which is annexed the Annual Report buryport, August 20, 1812, the day of the Trustees. Northampton; Wm.. recommended by the President of the Butler. United States for national bumiliation The apology of patriots; a Sermon and prayer. By the Rev. John Giles. preached in Worcester, (Mass.) on With a copious appendix. Haver. the day of the national Fast, Thurs. hill; W. B. and H. G. Allen.

day, Aug. 20, 1812, observed in comA Discourse delivered before the pliance with the recommendation of Merrimack Humane Society, at their James Madison, President of the anniversary meeting, Sept. 1, 1812. United States; and in consequence By John Andrews, A. M. Minister of of the declaration of war against the first church and religious society Great Britain. By Samuel Austin, in Newburyport. Newburyport, E. D. D. Published by request. WorcesW. Allen.

ter, Isaac Sturtevant. Repentance with Prayer; a Ser. A Memoir, containing a concise mon preached in North Brookfield, sketch of the exemplary and pious July 23d, 1812, a day of prayer re life, and happy death of Miss Eliza commended by his Excellency the Van Wyck; who died March 33, Governor, on account of the declara. 1810. Boston; Samuel T. Armstrong, tion of war against England. By 1812. Thomas Snell, Pastor of the church A Sermon preached in Worcester, in North Brookfield. Brookfield; E. (Mass.) on the occasion of the speMerriam & Co.

cial fast, July 23, 1812. By Samuel Praying for Rulers a Christian du. Austin, D.D. Worcester; I. Sturty: a Sermon preached in North tevant.


Died at New Haven, (Conn.) on the 18th of August last, the Rev. JAMES Dara, D. D. aged 17. He was graduated at Harvard College in 1753, and was settled in the ministry, early in life, at Wallingford, (Conn.) In $1788, he va installed pastor of the first charch

in New Haven, his pastoral relation to the church in Wallingford having been previously dissolved by mutual consent. T'he degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by the University of Edinburgh. In 1799, he was clected a membor of dae Corporation of Yale

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