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Expenses incurred in the prosecution of the objects of the Board,

$9,327,04 Payment of money borowed,

360,00—9,687,04 Tn losses by counterfeit money received in donations,


To balance carried (o new account,

9,699,37 4,091,63

$13,791'00 Contra Cr. By cash remaining in the hands of the Prudential Com. mittee, at the annual meeting in 1811, and since account. ed for to the Treasurer

$843,66 By cash borrowed by the Prudential Committee in Feb. 1812,

360,00 By cash received in donations between the annual meeting in Sept. 1811, and June 20, 1812, viz. From individuals, as by Statement A,

$6,886.76 From Foreign Mission Societies, as by Statement B, 3,853,23 From other Charitable Societies, as by Statement C, 167,78

Aggregate of contributions in ecclesiastical societies, churches, and congregations, as by Statement D, 1,674,60–12,587,36

$13,791,00 N. B. As all the donations embraced in the above mentioned statements have been minutely published in the Panoplist, it is unnecessary to republish them here. It is expected that the annual accounts will in future be made up to June 20, inclusive, which will be the anniversary of the Act of Incore poration; and the state of the Treasury, at the time of the annual meeting, will be ascertained by a supplementary account like the following.

The Board, in account with the Treasurer, Dr. To cash paid in conformity to orders Nos. 23 and 24, signed by the clerk of the Prudential Committee, between June 21, and Aug. 31, 1812,

$211,31 To a counterfeit bill received in a donation,

8.00 To balance carried to new account,


$5,471,77 Contra Cr. By balance brought to new account,

$4,091,65 By cash received

as interest on a part of the permanent fund,

14,10 By cash in donations received between June 20, and Aug. 31, viz. From individuals,

558,16 From Foreign Mission Societies,

620,00 From other charitable Societies,

175,38 Contributions from churches and congregations, 12,50–1,366,04

The amount of donations in the account, which was closed June 20, 1812, is,

in the account which was closed Aug. 31,

$5,471,77 $12,587,36



P. 336,

All these donations have been published at large, as the reader will see by turning to the following pages; viz. The Panoplist for November, 1811, p. 288, contains,

$22,20 -December,

57,75 -February, 1812, p. 450,

6,518,35 Do, Permanent Fund,

206,00 -March, p. 478,

2,184 78 -April, p. 528,

960,74 -May, p. 572,

1,798,55 June, p. 46,

1,329,15 -July, p. 103,

692,38 September, p. 192,





The payment of the sums here specified was authorized by orders of the Prudential Committee from No. 1 to No. 22, inclusive. It was thought preferable to publish the expenses in this way, rather than to give the accounts at large under their several dates, as the reader may now see at one glance the amount expended for each particular object.

The remainder due on the expenses of Mr. Judson's voyage to Europe

$118 00 Expense of journies in January and February, 1812, preparatory to the embarkation of the missionaries; viz. of Mr. Nott and his wife

$92 62 of Mr. Newell

46 17 of Mr. Rice

50 50 of Mr. Hall

86 00-275 29-393 29

Outfit of Mr. Judson

339 01 of Mr. Nott

341 63 of Mr. Newell

312 34 of Mr. Rice

381 52 of Mr. Hall, (including a considerable som for sur. gical instrumen:s, medicines, &c. the exact amount of which cannot be ascertained)

476 25–1,850 75 Expense of Mr. Newell's first journey to Philadelphia, for the purpose of attending medical lectures, in 1811 $26 38 of Mr. Hall's

26 00-52 38

Expenses incurred by Mr. Newell, while attending med. ical lectures both in Boston and Philadelphia

271 96 by Mr. Hall

184 00—455 96508 34 Expenses of medical and other books purchased by Mr. Newell and Mr. Nott in Boston

67 90 of medicines, surgical instruments, &c. by Mr. Newell at Salem

161 19 of medical books, surgical instruments, &c. by Mr. Hall, beside those above referred to

98 78–327 87


Expenses of the passage of Messrs. Nott, Hall, and
Rice, and the wife of Mr. Nott, from Philadelphia to Cal.

1,000 00
Carried forward, 1,060 00

3,080 25

Brought forward, 1,000 00 3,080 25 Expenses of the passage of Messrs. Newell and Judson, and their wives from Salem

1.200 GO of conveniences during the passage, principally under the care of Robert Ralston, Esq. of Philadel. phia

132 30—2,332 30 Salaries of the brethren advanced to them in specie for one year and eighty-three days, to be computed from their arrival in India

3,552 78 Total expenses on account of the mission to the East, be. tween Sept. 18, 1811, and June 20, 1812

8,965 33 Expenses incurred by Messrs. Warren and Richards, while attending medical lectures under the direction of the Board

86 10 Travelling expenses, &c. of Mr. Frost, Mr. Rich, and others, while soliciting donations, by direction of the Pru. dential Committee

160 41 Travelling expenses of the Corresponding Secretary, in attending the first meeting of the Board

20 00 Cash paid out by the Corresponding Secretary and Treas. urer, for stage-fare, and other necessary expenses, while transacting wie business of the Board, and alter.ding the Legislature on the subject of the Act of Incorporation 29 68_-49 68 Expense of printing 1500 copies of the Address

25 00 Postage of letters paid by the T'reasurer

4 79 -by the Corresponding Secretary

5 02-9 81

Account books, stationary, and printed receipts, procur. ed by the Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary

Discount on umbankable bills
Transportation of dollars, truckage, &c.

23 49 5 34 1 68

Total expenditures between Sept. 18, 1811, and June 20, 1812.

$9,327 04

The following supplementary account of expenses author. ized by orders ( No. 23 and 24,) of the Prudential Commit. tee, brings down the account of expenditures to Aug. 31, 1612; viz.

Expenses discharged by the Board toward the education of Mr. Eleazer Williams

Travelling expenses of Mr. Williams on a journey to Lower Canada

150 00

30 00-180 00

11 60
6 50

Cash paid by the Treasurer and a member of the Board, for stage fare and other necessary expenses, while transact. ing the business of the Board

Printing the Act of Incorporation

Trunk for safe keping of papers and books of the Treas. urer

Postage of letters

Legal Instrumenis to secure a donation, according to the wishes of the donor

6 00 5 30


1 25-31 31

$211 S1

Aggregate of expenditures authorized by orders of the Prudential Committee from No. 1, to No. 24, inclusive

9,538 33 Losses by counterfeit money received in donations, as above stated, $12,33 and $8

20 33

Total $9,558 63 It will be recollected, that the annual salary voted to a married missionary is $666,66, and to an unmarried missionary S444,44 which are the sums allowed by the London Missionary Society to their missionaries. The outfit voted was the same as a year's salary. The aggregate of the ouifits, (includ. ing some expenses for medicines, &c.) as aciually paid, is, therefore, $1,038, 14 less than was authorized by the vote of the Board. This difference is imputable to two causes: first, the funds of the Board were scanty at the time the outfits were made up; and, secondly, the parents and other friends of the missionaries, and particularly of their wives, partly furnished them with such articles as were sui:ed to their arduous undertaking.

The apparent inequality of the outfits is accounted for in this manner: After the missionaries were partially furnished from their own resources, or by their particular friends, each one gave an estimate of such articles as he deemed necessary to complete his outfit. These articles, having been ap. proved by the Prudential Committee, were purchased.

The donations devoted to form a permanent fund already received by the Board amount to $756; and those devoted exclusively to the translation of the Scriptures amount to $394, 81.


Sept. 3, 1812. From William Ripley, Esq. of Cornish, (N. H.)

$10 00 15. From the Female Foreign Mission Society of New Haven, (for missions) S13 51-For translations $5

18 51 From the Female Foreign Mission Society in Stepney,

Wethersfield, by the hands of the Rev. Calvin Chapin, (towards a permanent fund)

20 09. 16. By the hands of the Rev. Dr. Lyman, from the Far.

eign Missionary Society of Northampton and the neigh. boring iowns

200 00 Froin individuals in Goshen, (Mass.)

29 3)- 229 30 By the hands of Gen, Huntington, from the Female Cent Society in North Preston, (towards translations)

30 00 From a friend to missions in New London

50 00 From young ladies in New London

500--85 00 17. From Mrs. Eliza Hooker, of Farmington, by the hands of the Hon. John Tread well

5 CO 19. From Miss L. W.

2 09 From Deacon Williams of Exeter, (N. H.)

2 00 22. From individuals in Hanover, (Mass.) reinitted by Dca. Joseph Brooks

13 00 25. Fram Mr. John Tucker of Norfolk, (Vir:) ivy the hands of William Maxwell, Esq.

5 00 From a parishioner of the Rev. Cornelius Waters

3 00 23. From the Foreign Mission Society of Newark, (N.J.)

remitted by the Treasurer to the Rev. Dr. Worcester 400 00

Carried forward, VOL. V. Nerv Serices,

$ 100 00 59281 311

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Brought forward, 450 00 892 81 From females in Newark, remitted by the Treasurer of the Foreign Mission Society of Newark

168 25-568 25 Oct. 1. From the Foreign Mission Society of Boston and the vicinity

15 00 5. From a friend to missions, by the hands of Professor Adams of Dartmouth College

6 00 9. From individuals in Spencer, (Mass.) by the hands of the Rev. E. Rich

15 87 From a friend of missions in Wrentham, by the hands of the Kev. E, Rich

1 00 Oct. 10. From Henry Phillips, Esq. of Exeter, (N.H.) by the hands of the Rev. Dr. Morse

10 00 15. From subscribers in Plainfield, (Mass.) by the hands of Dea. James Richards

18 75 From females in Plainfield, by the same hands

8 00426 75 16. Remitted by the Rev. Experience Porter of Belcher

town,' viz. from Jonathan Dwight, (for the translations) 7 00 Nathaniel Dwight $5-A friend to missions $5 06 10 06 From others in that town

7 04 A contribution in the congregation

21 90 From Betsey M. Tryon of New Lebanon, (N. Y.)

5 00 51 00 Remitted by the Rev. Dr. Lyman, viz. from a Female Cbar.

itable 'Association in New Canaan, (Conn.) by the hands of Mrs. Sarah Bonney

30 00 From individuals in Norwich, (Mass.)

14 00 From a friend of missions in Scipio, (N. Y.)

5 00 From Josiah Dwight, Esq. Treasurer of thé Foreign Mis. sionary Society of Northampton and the neighboring

344 95393 95 17. From a subscriber to the Panoplistt

10 09 19. From Mrs. M. Burgess of Providence, by the hands of Capt. William Peabody

10 00

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$1,500 63

N. B. In the account of donations published in the last number, p. 192, instead of the Female Foreign Mission Society in New Haven, read the Foreign Mission Society, &c.

In the account of donatio'is, in the Panoplist for July, p. 102, under date of July, 20, instead of Joshua Goodell, read Solomon Goodell.

• This town is in the limits of the Foreign Missionary Society of Northampton and the neighboring towns. † This donation was accompanied by the following note.

"To the Editor of the Panoplist, DEAR SIR, I ENCLOSED you last year a few Hints, one of which was a ten dollar bill. (See Pan. for Nov, last, p. 209.). As your readers will probably conclude, that the money was the best hint, I cheerfully enclose another ten dollar bill, being the First Fruits of the second year. Were it in my power, the sum should have been larger. can only add my fervent prayer, that the Lord our Righteousness would arise and scatter his enemies, and make those who hate him flee before him; and cause his glo. rious Gospel to spread far and wide by the power of his Holy Spirit, until the whole carth shall be filled with his glory. I remain, yours in the Lord, A'SUBSCRIBER.

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