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books of the Old, into the first able fully to meet the demand of these; but as our late brother under a year. Desgranges had translated In the latter part of the year Matthew, Mark, and Luke iuto 1810, and the beginning of 1811 that language, it is desirable Dr. Buchanan wrote his “Chris. that [his] translation should be tian Researches in Asia.” The printed, to remain as a memori- work was finished in February, al of his labors of love; [it] will and published in the following therefore be printed immediate spring. The year 1810 was anly. The translation into Carnata other memorable season in the is in the same forwardness with history of exertions to diffuse the the Telinga, and may be printed Scriptures in the East.* with the same types. We have The new year commenced auslately begun a translation into the piciously for Asia. On the first language of Cashmire, (one of of January, 1811, the Rev. Henry the seven which Dr. Leyden had Martyn preached sermon at in the preceding March agreed Calcutta, which has been pub to undertake,] and hope ere long lished under the title of is An to begin the work in the lan- Appeal in Behalf of 900,000 guage of Assam." The Telinga Christians in India who want the types seem to have been com Bible.+ He appealed to the pleted about that time, and the Cashmirian translation to have • Ch. Ob, vol. x, p. 395,458. Nar. cominenced late in the year. P-71,7276, Pan, vol. I, p. 44,570The Missionaries were now con.

572. Ch. Res. p. 8., 133, 134 note,

2 8,264. ducting ten translations at Ser. ampore, and one at Rangoon, † The following is his estimate. besides the Bengalee which

1. 50,00J Portuguese; viz, was finished. By about the end

on ne Malabar coast 36,000,

ai Calcutta 7,000, in Ceylon of that year the New Testament 500, and in the settlements bad been published in Shanscrit, trom Madras to Cape Co. Orissa, Hindostanee, and Mah. morin, together with scatratta; the Pentateuch in Shan- tered families in all the prin. scrit; and all the books from cipal towns on the Ganges Job to Malachi in Orissa; and

and Jumna, 2000

50 000

2. The Christians at Tan. Matthew, and the greater part jore 12.000; (he omits the

were printed in Chi. Tamul Christians in other nese. A beginning was made districts because they were in printing the Seek and Guzer. supplied with Bibles) 12 000 attee, but the latter was soon

3. The Syrians; viz. discontinued for want of funds. though no estimate bad been'

150,000 Syro-Romans, and The Telinga, Carnata, Cashmi- made of the Syrian Chrisrian, and Birman, were not tions, he supposed they brought to the press.

About might amount to 50.000 200 000 that time the Missionaries drew

4 Cingalese, or natives of on their Society in England for

Ceylon; viz. upwards of 21,333 dollars on account of the

342,000 Protestants, and a Translations. Dr. Fuller stated

till greater number of Ro.

man Catholics; but say 638 000 in the following August that the Society would not probably be

900 OJO

of Mark,

wealth and dignity of the British Edmondstone, Esq. chief Secreempire in India, and to the hon- tary of the Government, were or of his hearers, for the supply chosen Vice Presidents; J. D. of these Christians without long. Alexander, Esq. Treasurer; and erburdening the mother country. the Rev. David Brown, Secretary, He presented 50,000 Portuguese A Committee appointed by the as objects of charity, and 200,000 Society, immediately resolved to Syrians who speak the Malayalim take into consideration the obor Malabar language, and urged, jects pointed out in Mr. Maralso, that new editions of the Ta- tyn's Sermon, and requested the mul and Cingalese Scriptures Secretary to make the necessary might be instantly given, by in- inquiries by opening a corresa habitants of India, to the Chris- pondence with the different parts tians of Tanjore and Ceylon. The of India. effect was surprising. A meet

On the 25th of that month Mr. ing was held at the College of Harrington wrote to Lord TeignFort-William on the 21st of Feb, mouth, President of the British ruary, when the Calcutta Auxil- and Foreign Bible Society, that iary Bible Society was formed, the annual sum of 20001. for chiefly for the purpose of disa three years, voted by that Soci. tributing the Scriptures among ety, might perhaps be spared for the Christians of India. Mr. the benefit of some other part of Harrington, President of the Asia, as at least an equal amount College Council, was chosen the would probably be raised in an President of the Society; George equal time in India, and he cherUdney, Esq. a member of the ished the hope that Auxiliary Board of Trade, late a member Societies would be formed at of the Supreme Council, and one Madras, Bombay, and Columbo of the Correspondmg Committee in Ceylon. of the parent Society, and N. B, As early at least as October,

this young and vigorous Society, Perhaps he overrates the number after gaining sufficient informaof Cingalese Christians. Dr. Buchanan tion from different parts of India, reckons them upwards of 500,000, determined to carry through the amounting to one third of the popula mission press at Serampore tion of the island: Dr. Carey com putes the whole number of professing ble, the Cingalese New Testa

large editions of the Tamul biChristians on the island, (which would include the Portuguese,) to be

ment, and the New Testament 380,000. (Ch. Res. p. 136.140 Pan. in Malayalim, translated by the vol. viii, p. 43,96.) If we reckon the Syrian Bishop. They contracted native Cirisians to be 538 000 it for no less than 5000 New Tes: leaves 310 000 in India in want of the Bible. To ascertain the whole num

taments in each of the three lanber of professing Christians in India, guages; and moreover directed we must add to these the other Ta. 800 copies of the Tamul New mul churches, the seven Armenian Testament to be purchased for and the two Greek churches, the distribution. Their funds at that English and other Europealis, and the time amounted to near 60,000 ruproselytes made by the Baptists and other modern Missionaries. The

pees, about thirty three thousand whole “are calculated at nearly a

dollars. Thus in eight months million." Ch. Ob. vol. xi, p. 321. they had exceeded by more than

86000 dollars, the sum expected country, to the southern exfrom England in three ycars.* tremity of Mysore, is called the

A translation was commenced Comarre, and sometimes the Cain a new language sometime a nara, from a country of that bout the beginning of 1811,

1811, name lying on the sea between which, with some circumstances Malay-ala and Goa. This dialect relative to another intended ver bears affinity to the Telinga. sion, deserve to be noticed. Ear. Mr. Hands sat down to the study ly in 1810, Messrs. Pritchett, of the language in 1810, and beBrain, and Hands, from the Lon-fore October 1811, as appears don Missionary Society, arrived from a letter not published, had at Madras. The two former pro- produced a version of the Gosceeded to the Birman Empire, pel by Luke.t with an intention to undertake a In an account of the Annual translation of the Scriptures into Disputation in the College of the language of that country. Fort William, which took place After staying sometime at Ran- on the 7th of August, 1811, we goon with the Baptist Missiona- are informed that the Missionaries, they were on the point of ries had recently cast a fount of removing to Ava, the capital of types in the Gooroomookee Nathe Empire, when Mr. Brain was gurce character, used by the seized with a violent disorder, Sceks in the Punjab, and had which terminated his life on the succeeded in casting metallic 10th of July, 1810. It was still types for the Chinese language; expected that Mr. Pritchett 'that a third volume of the Ramawould "in due tiine" proceed to yuna was published; that a Ava, and begin the translation. Dictionary of the vernacular What intervened between that dialect of Bengal,” by Dr. Carey, time and October 1811 is not was in the press at Serampore, known; but at this date, as ap- and that twenty different works pears by a letter not published, had been prepared or printed in he was in Bengal “under sen- the College, within a year, eight tence of transportation to Eu- of which were calculated to farope,” which is ascribed to the cilitate the translations into difjealousy of the Government. The ferent languages, being GramMissionaries at Vizagapatam, mars, Vocabularies, &c. however, expected him at that In the month of September the place in the course of the next printing of the Malayalim New month.

Testament at Bombay had adMr. Hands, though destined vanced to the 12th chapter of for Seringapatam, in Mysore, John. The progress was not so was induced by advice of friends rapid as Dr. Buchanan had anto settle at Bellary, about 320 ticipated, who in the beginning miles north west of Madras. of that year thought it probable The language of that region, that the New Testament was which is spoken from Goa, and nearly finished. Nor were the the borders of the Mahratta

† Pan. vol. vi, p. 334,570,571. Ch, Ch. Ob. vol. x, p. 649–654; rol,

Ob. vol. x, p. 263, 841. R.'s Cyc. un.

der Canar: zi, p. 321. Pan, vol. viii, p. 43, 96.

expectations of that distinguish- Pentateuch in Shanscrit; the ed friend of translations fully an- New Testament, and the Old swered in respect to the version from Job to Malachi in Orissa; of ine Cingalese Old Testament, the New Testament in Hindos. If that version was commenced tanee and Mahratta. In the Chi. by Mr. Tolfry, in 1808, as Dr. B. nese the Gospels by Matthew supposed, it seems to have been and Mark are printed off. We discontinued; for the Committee have begun printing in the lanof the British and Foreign Bible guage of the Seeks, (or the PunSociety at the time of making jabee,] and in the Birman; (in theireighth Report, in May, 1812, the Birman only a pamphlet conknew of no such translation go- taining some extracts from Scrip. ing on. They say, “The Com• ture;] and in this year, 1811, mittee expect that a translation we hope the Telinga and Car. of the Old Testament in the nata will be begun. The latter, Cingalese dialect will be under with the Guzerattee, has hitherto taken by a competent person at been delayed chiefly for want of Ceylon.” As they had convers. pecuniary aid." The Telinga ed with Sir Alexander John- was put to press before the 4th stone, a warm friend of transla- of October, at which time the tions, who jeft the island two printing of the Carnata was just years after Dr. B did, they must commencing. At that date the have known if Mr. Tollry had book of Joshua was printed in proceeded Dr. Carey, however, Shanscrit; Joshua, Ruth, Ist and had probably correct information 2d Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, when he asserted in October, and Esther, in Orissa; a second 1811, “The Old Testament is in edition of the Gospels in Hina course of translation on the costanee; and Genesis in Mahisland.” By the end of that year ratta. Between March and OcSabat had finished an Arabic ver tober two new versions, the Assion, not only of the New Testa- sam and Nepala, were commencment, but of the book of Genesis. ed The following was drawn In order to procure versions of up by Dr. Carey, on the 4th of the Scriptures in the purest dia- October 1811, to show the existlects of Arabia and Persia, Mr. ing state of the translations. Martyn had undertaken a jour 1 Bengalee. The whole Bible ney into those countries, and at printed, and a third edition of the the date of the last accounts was New Testament. [At the last at Shiraz

account a new edition of the Pen. In the spring of 181!, Dr. Ca- tateuch was printed to the midrey stated that his labors were dle of Leviticus.] chiefly confined to the transla 2. Shanscrit. "The New Tes. tions, and he entertained a hope tament and the Old to 1 Kings viii, that he might live to see the translated;New Testament, Scriptures printed in twelve lan- Pentateuch, and Joshua, printed. guages under the care of the 3. Orissa. The whole Bible, Missionaries. “The whole Bi- except the Pentateuch translarble,” says he in March, "hased; the whole Bible, except been printed sometime in Ben- the Pentateuch, and from Judges galee; the New Testament and to 2 Kings inclusive, printed: the

book of Ruth was also printed. 14. Nepala. Matthew transa

4. Hindostanee. New Tes- lated;—to chap. xii; printing tament, Pentateuch, and Histo- not begun. rical books, [from the beginning Notwithstanding the Telinga of the Oid Testament to Job,] is exhibited in this catalogue as translated;-New Testament, being in the press, it was not the and a second edition of the Translation made at Serampore, Gospels, printed and Genesis but the one left by Mr Desgranin the press. [It was said, Nov ges, put to press by the Corres. 1809, that from Job to Malachi, ponding Committee of the Bible and March 1810, that the whole Society, and superintended by Bible except the Pentateuch, Ananda Rayer in person. Dr. was translated. The version Carey had said in December, was probably found defective.] 1810, that they were about to

5. Mahratta. New Testament, print this version immediately: Pentateuch, and Hagiography, Mr. Gordan told us in October, (that is, from 1 Chronicles to 1811, that it was actually printing Canticles inclusive, with Ruth, in Bengal, under the eye of Lamentations, and Daniel,)trans- Ananda Rayer: and in an unlated; -New

Testament and published part of a letter from Genesis, printed.

Mr. Ward to Robert Ralston 6. Cninese. New Testament, Esq. dated Jan 15, 1812, it is Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus, stated that the Missionaries had franslated; Matthew and Mark, in the press, on their own ac. printed.

count, the Shanscrit, Orissa, 7. Seek. New Testament, “Hindostanee according to the and the Old to Numbers, trans- Shanscrit,” Mahratta, Chinese, lated;-New Testament in the Seek, [not Telinga,] Carnata, prens.

and Birman; and that they were 8. Telinga. New Testament, printing or preparing types for and the Old to Numbers, irans- the following five, which were lated;-New Testament in the “under the patronage of the Ares8.

Corresponding Committee of 9. Carnata. New Testament, the Bible Society, or of the Caland the Old to Deuteronomy, cutta Auxiliary Bible Society;"' translated; -- New Testament viz, the “Hindostanee according just going 10 p!reas.

to the Persian,” (Mr. Martyn's 10. Guzerattee. The four Translation] the Persian, [a Gospels translated; the print- version of the New Testament . ing of Matthew had been begun recently finished by the Rev. L. but was relinquished.

Sabastiani, "an Italian priest of Ti. Birman. Matthew and the Romish Church, a man of Mark translated;-printing not great learning,"-and "many örgun,ypes cast.

years resident at the court of 12. Cashmirian. Matthew, Persia;"-both of these were in Mark, and Luke translated; the press at Serampore as early printing not begun--fount of as the 4th of October, 1814,] the types about completed.

Telinga, Tamul, and Cingalese. 13. Assam. Matthew trang. The twolatter and the Malayalim, lated;--printing not begun. which scems not yet to have ar.

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