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LATIN AND GREEK. AINSWORTA’s Latin Dictionary, by Duncan...

90 CICERO's Orationes Selectae, by Professor Ferguson.....

1 6 Cato Major, Laelius, etc., by Professor Ferguson.

1 6 De Officiis, by Professor Ferguson

1 6 CLYDE’s (Dr) Greek Syntax, with Notice by Professor Blackie 4 0 DYMOCK's Cæsar, with Notes, Index, and Map of Gaul.

4 0 Sallust, with Notes and Index, reduced to.............. 2 0 EDINBURGH ACADEMY CLASS-BOOKS:Rudiments of the Latin Language

20 Latin Delectus, with Vocabulary.

3 0 Rudiments of the Greek Language.

3 6 Greek Extracts, with Vocabulary and Index.......

3 6 Ciceronis Opera Selecta, published at 4s. 6d., reduced to..... 3 0 Selecta e Poetis Latinis......

3 0 FERGUSON'S (Prof.) Grammatical Exercises, with Notes and Vocab., [Key, 2s.].

2 0 Introductory Latin Delectus, with Vocabulary.. 2 0

Ovid's Metamorphoses, with Notes and Index.. 2 6 FERGUSSON'S (Dr J.) Greek Grammatical Exercises, with Vocab., [Key, 3s. 6d.].

3 6 Xenophon's Anabasis, Books I. and II., with Vocab... 2 6 GEDDES' (Professor) Greek Grammar, for Colleges and Schools...... 4 0 GREEK TESTAMENT, Griesbach's Readings, by Duncan, reduced to... 3 6 HAMILTON's Functions of Si and Qui.

6 0 True Theory of the Subjunctive, just published... 5 0 HOMER'S ILIAD, by Veitch, from Bekker's Text, & Index, reduced to 3 6

Books I., VI., XX., and XXIV., with a copious Vocabulary, by J. Fergusson, M.D........

3 6 HUNTER'S Ruddiman's Latin Rudiments.....

1 6 Sallust, with Notes, reduced to

1 6 Virgil, with Critical Notes, reduced to.........

2 6 Horace, with various Readings, reduced to

2 0 Livy's History, Books XXI. to XXV., with Notes........ 40 Latin Testament by Beza, revised by Dickinson ...

3 6 M'DowALL's Cæsar, with Vocabulary, Notes, Map, and Memoir.... 3 O

Virgil, with Vocabulary, Notes, and Memoir.......... 3 0 MacGowAN's First Latin Lessons, by Dr Halle, with Vocabulary... 20 Second Latin Lessons, with Vocabulary...

3 0 MAIR's Introduction to Latin Syntax, by Stewart, with Vocabulary 30 Massie's Latin Prose Composition: With Vocabulary & Index Verborum .......

3 6 MELVILLE's Lectiones Selectæ, for Beginners; with Vocabulary.... 1 6 NEILSON'S Eutropius and Aurelius Victor, with Vocabulary, etc..... 2 0 STEWART's Cornelius Nepos, with Notes, Index, and Vocabulary 3 0 THOMPSON'S (Professor) Latin Grammar, for Elementary Classes.... 2 0



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BELJAME's Grammar of the French Language, 28.; or with
Exercises, 3s. 6d. Exercises separately......

2 0 CARON's First French Class Book [The Key, 18.].........

1 0 First French Reading-Book, with Vocabulary..

1 0 French Grammar, with Exercises (The Key, 2s.]............ 2 0 CHAMBAUD's Fables Choisies, by Scot & Wells, with Vocabulary. 2 0 CHRISTISON'S Easy Grammar of the French Language [Key, 8d.] 1 4

Recueil de Fables et Contes Choises, with Vocabulary 1 4
Fleury's Histoire de France, with Translations of the
more difficult and idiomatic passages.......

2 6 FRENCH TESTAMENT, Ostervald's Protestant Version, neat, gilt edges 1 6 Gibson's Le Petit Fablier, with copious Vocabulary ..

6 HALLARD's French Grammar, with Exercises (The Key, 4s.]......... 4 0 LONGMOOR'S Catechism of French Grammar..

09 SURENNE's New French Dialogues ......

2 0 French Manual and Traveller's Companion.

3 6 French Reading Instructor, reduced to...

2 6 French and English Dictionary, without Pronunciation. 3 6 Pronouncing French and English Dictionary, 19th Thousand....

7 6 Pronouncing French Primer....

1 6 Fénélon's Télémaque, 2 vols, each 1s.; or bound together 2 6 Molière’s L'Avare, stiff wrapper (bound, 1s. 6d.).......... 1 0 Molière's Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (bound, 1s. 6d.)... 1 0 Molière's Le Misanthrope and Le Mariage Forcé, 1 vol. (bound, 1s. 6d.)...........

1 0 Voltaire's Histoire de Charles XII, stiff wrapper (bd. 1/6) 1 0 Voltaire's Russie sous Pierre le Grand, 2 vols, each...... 10

Voltaire's La Henriade, stiff wrapper (bound, 1s. 62.) .... 1 0 SYNOPTICAL TABLES of the French Language.

16 WOLSKI's French Extracts for Beginners........

2 6 New French Grammar, with copious Exercises.

3 6



3 6

GAELIC. FORBES' Principles of Gaelic Grammar ........

LOGIC. BAYNES' Port Royal Logic.

4 0

*** A detailed Catalogue will be forwarded POST FREE on application to Oliver and Boyd; and a specimen copy of any Book will likewise be sent POST FREE on receipt of the retail price in postage stamps.


The object of the SCHOOL AND HOME SERIES OF READING Books is at once to provide CHEAP EDITIONS OF JUVENILE CLASSICS FOR HOME READING, and to place interesting and attractive Books within the reach of SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL LIBRARIES.

From the Report of the Jurors of the International Exchibition. "The Jury have been interested in observing that a somewhat bold experiment of the Messrs GORDON of Edinburgh has been tried with great promise of success. These Publishers have reprinted, under the name of the School and Home Series, some of the most Popular Tales for Children, including, besides Robinson Crusoe and Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, the most attractive stories of Fairies and Giants. They have not attempted by annotation or abridgment to make their books look like treatises, but have been content to rely on the fascination of the stories themselves, as the best means of overcoming the mechanical difficulty of reading." The Child's Story Book.

Illustrated. Cloth, 1s.; or, extra gilt, for Prizes, 1s. 6d. Also, in 6 parts, 2d. each, viz. :

1. Jack and the Bean-Stalk. Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper. Little Red Riding-Hood. The Babes in the Wood.

2. Tom Thumb. Little Jack Horner. Puss in Boots. Jack and Jill. Old Mother Hubbard. The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe. Whittington and His Cat. The Old Woman Tossed up in a Basket. Little Bo-Peep.

3. Jack the Giant-Killer. Ding Dong Bell. Beauty and the Beast. Fourand-Twenty Tailors. Henny-Penny. A Man of Words and not of Deeds. The Three Bears. I had a Little Husband. Simple Simon. Sing a Song of Sixpence.

4. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Old Mother Goose. The Sleeping Beauty . in the Wood. The Wolf and the Goats. One, two; button my shoe. Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son. The Wolf and the Fox. The Fox and the Farmer.

5. Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp.

6. Sindbad the Sailor. The Crooked Man. Ride a Cockhorse. Tom Thumb's Alphabet. The House that Jack Built. The Death and Burial of Poor Cock

Robin. I saw a Ship a-Sailing.
Robinson Crusoe. UNABRIDGED. With Illustrations. 8d.
The Robins. By MRS TRIMMER. With Illustrations. 68.
Lame Jervas. By Miss EDGEWORTH. With Illustrations. 4d.
To-Morrow. By Miss EDGEWORTH. With Illustrations. 41.
Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare.

Illustrated. 1s.; or in Four Parts, 3d. each, viz. :-
1. The

Tempest. Taming of the 3. Macbeth. Much Ado annut Nothing. Shrew. Romeo and Juliet. Twelfth As You Like it. All's Well that Ends Night.

Well. 2. A Midsummer Night's Dream. 4. Merchant of Venice. Two GentleA Winter's Tale. King Lear. men of Verona. Comedy of Errors. Hamlet.

Timon of Athens. Gulliver's Travels. 8d.; or in 2 Parts, 4d. each, viz. :1. Travels in Lilliput.

1 2. Travels in Brobdingnag.

Just published, price 9d.,
Grammatical Analysis, with Progressive Exercises. By

W. Scott DALGLEISH, M.A., Vice-Principal of Dreghorn College;

Author of “ English Composition in Prose and Verse.".
Key to the above, with Explanatory Notes, for the

Use of Teachers. 1s. 6d.

Key to Dr Lemmi's Italian Grammar, for the Use of

Teachers. 5s.

Greek Extracts, chiefly from the Attic Writers; with a

Copious Vocabulary and Analytical Index. For the Use of the
Edinburgh Academy. 11th Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 3s. 6d.
A series of short sentences has been prefixed, in order to facilitate the

progress of pupils.
" The new edition of the Academy Greek Extracts,' recently pub-
lished by Messrs Oliver and Boyd, is worthy of all praise. The text has
been brought up to the mark of the latest recensions. The vocabulary
is equally copious and accurate. No pains have been spared, and a
master hand is everywhere visible.”—Courant.


French Reading Instructor. By G. Surenne, Author of

“ Pronouncing French and English Dictionary." Fifth Edition, Reduced to 2s. 6d. 399 pages.

This forms a complete course of French Reading in Prose and Poetry, from easy lessons to those adapted for advanced pupils. With Vocabulary to the early lessons, Historical and Geographical Vocabulary, and

a Key to French Pronunciation.
Latin Prose Composition: The Construction of Clauses,

with Illustrations from Cicero and Cæsar. With a Vocabulary
explaining every Word in the Text, and an Index Verborum.
By John Massie, A.M. 12mo, 3s. 6d. bound.

The work is intended to follow the Grammatical Exercises.

" Whoever wishes his Latinity to be scholarly and Ciceronian will do well to consult his (Mr Massie's) Latin Prose Composition.”—The Reader.

l OLIVER AND Boyd, Edinburgh. SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, AND Co., London.

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