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EDUCATIONAL WORKS by ALEXANDER REID, LL.D., Late Head Master of the Edinburgh Institution, and formerly Rector of the Circus-Place School, Edinburgh: Published by Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh; Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., London.


12mo, 564 pages, price 6s. 6d. strongly bound. 18th Edition.

In this work, to which the author devoted the labour of several years, an attempt has been made to compile a school dictionary adapted to the present state of the English language and the improved methods of teaching. It contains every word which has been sanctioned by the use of eminent authors, except such as have become obsolete, or are merely technical. While the usual alphabetical arrangement is preserved, the words are at the same time grouped in such a manner as to show their etymological affinity; and after the first word of each group is given the root from which they are derived. These roots are afterwards arranged into a vocabulary; so that the Dictionary may be used either for reference or for teaching derivation. The pronunciation, which is indicated by a simple notation, is that of Walker, unless when the latter differs from prevailing usage, or from the majority of competent authorities. At the end is a Vocabulary of Classical and Scriptural Proper Names printed together, and divided into syllables and accented as they ought to be pronounced.

Academic and Collegiate Circular." This is the most complete School Dictionary we have yet seen."

Christian Witness.-"This work is, beyond dispute, the best of its class that has yet appeared."

National.-"As a school-book it is superior to any which has yet made its appearance, and there is no doubt that it will quickly supersede the dictionaries at present in use." Witness.-"This is a most admirable School Dictionary."

Liverpool Mail.-"Compiled with the most remarkable attention to accuracy, and invaluable for the use of schools."

"An admirable book for the use of schools. Its plans combine a greater number of desirable conditions for such a work than any with which I am acquainted; and it seems to me to be executed in general with great judgment, fidelity, and accuracy."C. S. HENRY, Professor of Philosophy, History, and Belles Lettres in the University of the City of New York.

Hastings and St Leonard's News.-"The conductors of schools and many persons engaged in self-tuition have shown a wise discretion in the choice of this valuable compilation as a help to them in their labours. Its etymological worth is very great; and its general arrangement, in all respects, entitles it to take first rank amongst the small dictionaries of our language. We recommend it to young men."

This Dictionary has been reprinted in the United States of America, where it has been introduced into many public schools.



18mo, price 6d. cloth. 18th Edition.

The Rudiments of English Grammar are designed for the use of Elementary Classes. In order to render them at once concise, simple, and of easy application, each sentence contains only one fact or principle; the general rules are printed in larger type than the notes and exceptions; and the principal and auxiliary verbs are inflected first separately and afterwards in combination.

Atlas. "The definitions are written in very clear and intelligible language, and the rules are simplified and stated in the fewest possible words."



Fcap 8vo, 134 pages, price 2s. bound. 14th Edition. Key to Ditto, Fcap 8vo, 3s. 6d. bound. Bound together, 5s. 6d.

The Rudiments of English Composition are intended as a sequel to the ordinary text-books on Grammar. The Work, it is hoped, will be found useful in teaching such as are their own instructors, or have time only for a school education, to express their ideas with sufficient perspicuity and taste for their purposes in life; while to those who are to make higher attainments in learning, it will serve as a practical initiation into the critical study of the English language and literature. The volume is divided into three parts: Part I. is meant to guide to correctness in spelling, punctuation, the use of words, and the structure and arrangement of sentences; Part II. to correctness and perspicuity in style, and to a tasteful use of ornament in writing; and Part III. to the practice of the preceding rules and exercises in various kinds of original composition. The Key is designed solely for the convenience of teachers.

Athenæum." A useful little work, which cannot be too strongly recommended to heads of schools and persons engaged in private tuition."



Being an Abridgment of Dr Reid's Rudiments of Modern Geography; with an Outline of the Geography of Palestine. 18mo, 72 pages, price 6d. cloth wrapper. 14th Edition, Revised.

This work has been prepared for the use of young pupils. It is a suitable and useful companion to Dr Reid's Introductory Atlas.

Christian Witness.-" Dr Reid's name guarantees everything that it is desirable to find in such a work as this is, which will be found an excellent introduction to geography." Norfolk News." It only requires the attention of intelligent teachers to be called to it, to ensure its extensive introduction into schools."

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