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an ell.

Uncus, a, um, adj. hooked, curved. U

Unda, æ, f. 1. a wave, billow,

surge, water, the air. Uber, čris, n. 3. & teat, pap, Unde, adv. from which place, udder.

whence. Ubi, adv. where, in what place, Undecimus, a, um, adj. (unus when.

decem) eleventh. Ubique, adv. (ubi, que) every- Undĩque, adv. (unde, que) from all where, wherever.

parts, everywhere. Ucalēgon, tis, m. 3. name of a Undo, āvi, ātum, äre, n. & a. 1. Trojan chief.

(unda) to swell up, overflow. Udus, a, um, adj. (for uvidus) Unguis, is, m. 3, the nail, a claw, wet, moist.

talon, hoof. Ulciscor, ultus, ulcisci, dep. 3. to Unguo, xi, ctum, guěre, a. 3. to avenge, punish.

anoint, daub, besmear. Ullus, a, um, adj. any, any one. Unquam, adv. ever, at any time. Ulmus, i, f. 2. an elm, elm-tree. Unus, a, um, adj. one, single. Ulna, æ, f. 1. the elbow, the arm, Upilio, ōnis, m. 3. (for ovilio, from

ovis) a shepherd. Ulterior, or, us, adj. comp. (ultra) Urbs, bis, f. 3. a walled town,

farther ; sup. ultimus, farthest, city; the citizens. last.

Urgeo, si, —, gēre, a. 2. to press, Ultor, oris, m. 3. (ulciscor) an urge, impel, force; quibus ur

avenger ; pr. n. & surname of gentur poenis, by what punishMars.

ments they are tormented. Ultra, prep. & adv. beyond, fur- Uro, ussi, ustum, urěre, a. 3. to ther, past; comp. ulterius.

burn, consume, inflame. Ultrix, icis, f. 3. (ultor) a female Urna, æ, f. 1. an urn, voting-urn. avenger.

Ursa, æ, f. 1. (ursus, a bear) a sheUltro, adv. of one's own accord, bear, a bear. spontaneously.

Usquam, adv. in any place, anyUlůla, æ, f. 1. a screech-owl.

where. Ulūlo, ävi, ätum, äre, n. 1. (ulula) Usque, adv. as far as, up to, con

to hoot, howl, wail, re-echo with tinually, until. lamentation.

Usus, ûs, m. 4. (utor) use, usage, Ulva, æ, f. 1. sedge.

service, practice, intercourse. Ulysses & Ulixes, is, 3. & eus, şi, Ut & uti, adv. & conj. how, as, so,

2. m. king of Ithaca, husband that, so that, in order that. of Penelope, and father of Tele- | Utcunque, adv. (ut) whenever. machus, most noted of the Greeks Uterque, trăque, trumque, adj. for stratagem and eloquence. both, each. Umbo, ōnis, m. 3. the boss of a Utěrus, i, m. the womb, a

shield or buckler, a shield. cavity. Umbra, æ, f. 1. a shade, shadow, Utinam, adv. (ut) oh that, I wish

shady place, ghost of the dead. that, would that. Umbrifer, ēra, ěrum, adj. (umbra, Utor, usus, uti, dep. 3. to use, en

fero) casting a shadow, shady. joy, employ, exercise. Umbro, āvi, ätum, āre, a. 1. (um- Utróque, adv.(uterque)on both sides,

bra) to overshadow, cover over ; Uva, æ, f. 1. a bunch or cluster of umbrata civili tempora quercu, grapes. their temples wreathed with the Uvidus, a, um, adj. moist, wet, civic oak.

humid. Una, adv. (unus) together, in Uxor, oris, f. 3. (unguo) a wife, common.

spouse, consort.


Velivõlus, a, um, adj. (velum, volo)

winged with sails; epithet of a

ship, or of the sea. Vacca, æ, f. 1. a cow.

Vello, velli & vulsi, vulsam, velVaccinium, ii, n. 2. the blaeberry. lére, a. 3. to pluck, pull, tear off; Vaco, āvi, ātum, äre, n. & a. 1. to postes a cardine vellit," he pulls

be empty or vacant, be free the doors off from the hinges. from, to want, be at leisure. Vellus, ēris, n. 3. (vello) a fleece, Vacuus, a, um, adj. (vaco) empty,

wool, down. void, free from, at ease.

Velo, ävi, ätum, äre, a. 1. (velum) Vado (si, sum), děre, n. 3. to go, to cover, veil, wrap, envelop. walk, rush.

Velox, öcis, adj. (velum) swift, Vadum, i, n. 2. (vado) a shallow, fleet, rapid. ford, the sea.

Velum, i, n. 2. a sail, veil, curtain. Vagina, æ. f. 1. a sheath, scabbard. Velut & velūti, ado. (vel, ut & Vagītus, ûs, m. 4. (vagio, to cry)

uti) even as, as it were, just as if. crying, squalling, bleating.

Vena, æ, f. 1. a blood-vessel, vein, Vagor, ātus, āri, dep. 1. (vagus, artery vagrant) to wander, rove, roam.

Venātrix, icis, f. 3. (venor) a Valeo, ui, itum, ēre, n. 2. to be huntress.

strong, be able, be worth, pre- Vendo, idi, itum, ēre, a. 3. (venum, vail ; vale, farewell.

sale, do) to sell, give up, betray. Validus, a, um, adj. (valeo) strong, Venēnum, i, n. 2. a potion, drug, healthy, powerful.

poison, dye. Vallis, is, f. 3. a valley, vale, Venerabilis, is, e, adj. (veneror) hollow.

venerable, reverend, respected. Vanus, a, um, adj. empty, void, Veněror, ātus, āri, dep. I. to revain.

vere, worship, adore. Vapor, oris, m. 3. steam, exhala- Venia, æ, f. 1. grace, favour, partion, vapour.

don, leave. Varius, a, um, adj. various, change-Věnio, ēni, entum, enīre, n. 4. to able, manifold.

come, come forth, appear. Varus, i, m. 2. a Roman surname; Venor, ātas, āri, dep. i. to hunt,

Quinctilius Varus, a Roman chase, pursue, aspire at. proconsul, governor of Syria, a Venter, tris, m. 3. the belly, stom

friend and relative of Virgil. ach, maw. Vasto, āvi, ātum, āre, a. 1. (vastus) | Ventus, i, m. 2. wind, a gale; me

to lay waste, devastate, destroy. fulminis afflavit ventis, breathed Vastus, a, um, adj. waste, desolate, on me with the winds of his rude, vast.

lightning, i.e. blasted me with Vates, is, c. 3. a prophet, prophet- the thunderbolt; adj. -tõsus. ess, soothsayer.

Venus, ēris, f. 3. daughter of Ve, enclitic conj. either, or.

Jupiter, mother of Æneas, godVecto, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. (veho) dess of love and beauty ; also, to bear, carry, convey.

an object beloved, a sweetheart. Vector, oris, m. 3. (veho) a bearer, Ver, veris, n. 3. the spring.

carrier, passenger, traveller. Verbēnæ, ārum, f. 1. boughs of Veho, xi, ctum, hěre, a. 3. to carry, laurel, olive, or myrtle ; sacred

bear, convey ; pass. to ride, sail. boughs. Vel, conj. either, or.

Verber, čris, n. 3. a lash, whip, Velāmen, inis, n. 3. (velo) a cover,

scourge, rod. garment, clothing

Verběro, āvi, ätum, äre, a. 1. Velinus, a, um, adj. of Velia, a (verber) to lash, scourge, ilog, maritime town of Lucania.


Verbum, i, n. 2. & word, phrase, Via, æ, f. 1. a way, path, highway, talk, sentence.

street; auxilium viæ, as supplies Vereor, îtus, ēri, dep. 2. to fear,

for her voyage. be in awe of, venerate.

Viātor, oris, m. 3. (via) a traveller, Vero & um, conj. (verus) but in- wayfarer. deed, but, now, however.

Vibro, āvi, ātum, äre, a. & n. 1. Verro, rri, rsum, rrēre, a. 3. to to brandish, sparkle, launch,

sweep, brush, scour, drag away. hurl. Verso, āvi, ātum, āre, a.1. (verto) to Viburnum, i, n. 2. the wayfaring

turn or whirl often, vex, disturb. tree, an osier. Versus, ùs, m. 4. (verto) a line, a Vicīnus, a, um, adj. near, neigh

verse, song; turning, bending: bouring; subs. a neighbour. Vertex, icis, m. 3. (verto) a whirl- Vicis, gen. vicem, acc. vice, abl.;

pool, eddy, crown of the head, pl. vices, f. 3. change, lot, vicisthe pole, top, summit.

situde. Verto, ti, sum, těre, a. 3. to turn, Vicissim, adv. (vicis) in turn, again, change, overthrow.

on the contrary. Veru, n. 4. a spit, broach, dart. Victîma, æ, f. 1. (vinco) beast for Verum; see Vero.

sacrifice, victim, a sacrifice. Verum, i, n. 2. (verus) truth, fact, Victor, õris, m. 3. (vinco) a conreality.

queror, vanquisher, victor; used Verus, a, um, adj. true, real, ac- as an adj. victorious.

tual, genuine; adv. vere. Victoria, æ, f. 1. (victor) victory; Vescor, —, ci, dep. 3. to feed upon, pr. n. the goddess Victory.

eat, use, enjoy ; si vescitur aurâ Victrix, īcis, f. 3. (victor) a female ætheriâ, if he feeds on the air

conqueror; used as an adj. vicof heaven, i.e. still breathes the torious. breath of life.

Victus, ùs, m. 4. (vivo) food, susVesper, ěris & ēri, m. 3. & 2. tenance, victuals, provisions.

the evening, eve, eventide, the Video, vīdi, vīsum, vỉdēre, a. 2. evening star.

to see, perceive, regard. Vesta, æ, f. 1. goddess of fire and Vigeo, ui, —, ēre, n. 2. to flourish, of the household.

thrive, bloom. Vester, tra, trum, pron. (vos) your, Vigil, ilis, adj. (vigeo) wakeful, yours.

watchful, alert. Vestibŭlum, i, n. 2. a fore-court, Vigilo, āvi, ātum, äre, n. & a. 1. entrance, vestibule.

(vigil) to watch, be vigilant. Vestigium, ii, n. 2. a footstep, Viginti, adj. indecl. twenty.

footprint, track, mark, trace. Vigor, oris, m. 3. (vigeo) liveliness, Vestīgo, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. activity, force.

(vestigium) to trace, search out, Vilis, is, e, adj. of small value, investigate.

cheap, base, worthless. Vestio, ivi, ītum, īre, a. 4. (vestis) Villa, æ, f. 1. a farm, villa. to clothe, cover, adorn.

Villus, i, m. 2. a lock of wool or Vestis, is, f. 3. a garment, robe, hair. attire.

Vimen, înis, n. 3. a twig, withe, Veto, ui, itum, āre, a. 1. to forbid, osier; aureus et foliis et lento oppose, prevent.

vimine ramus, a branch golden Vetus, ēris, adj. aged, old, ancient; both in its foliage and in its sup. veterrimus.

pliant shoot. Vetustus, a, um, adj. (vetus) an- Vincio, xi, ctum, cīre, a. 4. to cient, antique.

bind, fetter, surround. Vexo, ävi, ätum, äre, a. 1. (veho) Vinco, vici, victum, vincěre, a. 3. to shake, toss, agitate.

to conquer, defeat, subdue.

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Vincūlum, i, n. 2. (vincio) a bond, Vitis, is, f. 3. a vine, grape vine. fetter, chain.

Vitium, ii, n. 2. a fault, vice, Vinea, æ, f. 1. (vinum) a vineyard. blemish, imperfection. Vinitor, oris, m. 3. (vinum) a vine- Vito, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. to shun, dresser.

avoid, escape. Vinum, i, n. 2. wine ; fronti in- Vitta, æ, f. i. a head-band, chap

vergit vina, pours wine on the let, fillet. forehead.

Vitŭla, æ, f. 1. (vitulus) & calf, Viola, æ, f. 1. the violet.

young cow, heifer, foal. Violabilis, is, e, adj. (violo) that Vítūlus, i, m. 2. a calf, a foal.

may be injured, violable. Vivax, ācis, adj. (vivo) long-lived, Violentus, a, um, adj. (vis) forcible, durable, vigorous, lively. violent, impetuous.

Vividus, a, um, adj. (vivo) aniViðlo, ävi, ätum, äre, a. 1. (vis) mated, lively, spirited.

to injure, dishonour, profane. Vivo, xi, ctum, věre, n. 3. to live, Vipereus, a, um, adj. (vipěra, a remain, dwell.

viper) of a viper, snake or ser- Vivus, a, um, adj. (vivo) alive, pent, viperous.

living, fresh. Vir, viri, m. 2. a man, husband. Vix, adv. scarcely, hardly. Vireo, ui, -, ēre, n. 2. to be green Vociféror, ātus, ári, dep. 1. (vox,

or verdant, flourish, bloom. fero) to cry aloud, exclaim, Virētum, i, n. 2. (vireo) a verdant

spot, turf, green-sward. Voco, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. (vox) to Virga, æ, f. 1. (vireo) a green call, summon, invite.

branch, sprout, twig, rod. Volīto, āvi, ātum, āre, a. 1. (volo) Virgineus, a, um, adj. (virgo) per- to fly to and fro, hover, hasten.

taining to a maiden or virgin, Volo, volui, velle, irr. to wish, maidenly.

desire, intend. Virgo, inis, f. 3. (vireo) a maid, a Volo, ävi, ätum, äre, n. 1. to fly, virgin.

hurry, hasten. Virgultum, i, n. 2. (virga) a bush, Volūcer & cris, cris, cre, adj. copse, thicket.

(volo) winged, swift, rapid. Viridis, is, e, adj. (vireo) green, Volūmén, înis, n. 3. (volvo) a roll, verdant.

volume, fold, eddy. Virdo, āvi, ātum, äre, n. 1. (viri- | Voluntas, ātis, f. 3. (volo) will,

dis) to become or grow green or wish, desire, choice. verdant.

Voluptas, ātis, f. 3. (volo) pleasure, Virtus, ūtis, f. 3. (vir) manliness, delight, enjoyment. courage, virtue.

Volūto, ävi, ätum, äre, a. 1. Vis, vis, pl. vires, ium, f. 3. (volvo) to roll, twist, revolve. strength, force, violence, re- Volvo, vi, ätum, vēre, a. 3. to

roll, turn about, ponder, conViscum, & us, i, n. & m. 2. the sider; sic volvere Parcas, that misletoe.

thus the Fates decreed. Viscus, ēris, n. 3. the bowels, en- Vomer, čris, m. 3. a ploughshare. trails, inwards.

Vomo, ui, itum, ēre, n. & a. 3. to Viso, i, -, ére, a. 3. (video) to vomit, emit, discharge. look at, view, visit.

Vorāgo, inis, f. 3. (voro) a whirlVisus, ùs, m. 4. (video) sight, a pool, gulf, abyss.

look or glance, an apparition. Voro, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. to Vita, æ, f. 1. (vivo) life, course of swallow, gulp down, devour.

life, career; also, a shade or spirit. i Vortex, see Vertex. Vitālis, is, e, adj. (vita) belonging Votum, i, n. 2. (voveo) a solemn to life, vital.

promise, vow, votive offering.


Võveo, võvi, võtum, võvēre, a. 2. Vultur, ŭris, m. 3. a vulture.

to vow, devote, consecrate. Vultus, ûs, m. 4. the countenance, Vox, öcis, f. 3. voice, sound, cry, visage, aspect.

a word, speech. Vulcānus, i, m. 2. Vulcan, the fire-deity, artificer to the gods ;

X furit Vulcanus, the conflagration rages. Vulgo, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. (vul- Xanthus, i, m. 2. name given by gus) to divulge, spread abroad,

the gods to the river Scamander,

which rises in Mount Ida, and publish.

falls into the sea at Sigæum. Vulgo, adv. (vulgus) commonly,

generally, everywhere. Vulgus, i, n. & m. 2. the common people, vulgar, public.

z Vulnus, ēris, n. 3. a wound, cut, pain, grief.

Zephyrus, i, m. 2. a gentle westVulpes, is, f. 3. & fox, craft, wind, Zephyr; pr. n. Zephyrus, cunning.

son of Aurora.



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