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Abstỉneo, inui, entum, inēre, a. 2.

(abs, teneo) to hold off from, A, ab, abs, prep. from, by; in abstain.

composition, from, away; or priv- Abstrūdo, si, sum, děre, a. 3. ative, without, not.

(abs, trudo) to thrust away, Abas, ntis, m. 3. a companion of hide, conceal. Æneas.

Absum, fui, esse, comp. irr. (ab, Abdo, idi, itum, ère, a. 3. (ab, do) sum) to be away from, be ab

to give away, hide, conceal. sent, be distant. Abdūco, xi, ctum, cěre, a. 3. (ab, Absūmo, psi, ptum, ére, a. 3. (ab,

duco) to lead away, carry off. sumo) to take away, kill, diminAbeo, īvi & ii, îtuim, ire, comp.

ish ; sin salus absumpta, but if irr. (ab, eo) to go away, depart, his safety be taken away, i.e. if deviate.

he be lost. Abies, ētis, f. 3. the silver fir, a Ac, conj. and, also, even. fir-tree.

Acămas, see Athămas. Ablŭo, ủi, ūtum, uěre, a. 3. (ab, Acanthus, i, m. 2. the acanthus or luo) to wash away, purify.

bear's foot, a thorny shrub. Abněgo, āvi, ātum, āre, a. 1. (ab, Acarnan, ānis, adj. of Acarnania,

nego) to deny utterly, refuse. Acarnanian. Abnlo, ủi, uitum & útum, ure, | Accedo, soi, tsum, dễre, m. 3. (ad,

a. 3. (ab, nuo) to refuse by a cedo) to go near to, approach, nod, deny, repudiate.

assent to. Abõleo, ēvi, itum, ēre, a. 2. Accelěro, āvi, ātum, äre, n. & a. 1.

(ab, oleo) to destroy, terminate, (ad, celero) to hasten, accelerate. abolish ; abolere Sichæum, to Accendo, di, sum, děre, a. 3. (ad, wear away the remembrance of candeo) to kindle, set on fire,

Sichæus. Abrīpio, ipui, eptum, ipěre, a. 3. Accerso & arcesso, ivi, itum, ére,

(ab, rapio) to snatch or drag a. 3. (accedo) to call, fetch, or away ; tres Notus abreptas in send for. saxa latentia torquet, three Accīdo, di, sum, děre, a. 3. (ad, (ships) forced away, the south cædo) to cut into, hew down. wind whirls upon hidden rocks. Accido, di, —, děre, n. 3. (ad, Abrumpo, ūpi, uptum, umpēre, a. cado) to fall down, happen, take

3. (ab, rumpo) to break off, place. sever, tear away.

Accingo, xi, ctum, gěre, a. 3. (ad, Abscindo, idi, issum, indĕre, a. 3. cingo) to gird on or around,

(ab, scindo) to cut or rend away, equip, prepare; accingunt se separate by force.

prædæ, they hasten to prepare Absisto, stiti, -, sistěre, n. 3. (ab

(cook) the game. sisto) to stop or cease from, re- Accipio, ēpi, eptum, ipěre, a. 3. frain.

(ad, capio) to tako to one, re


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ceive, learn; accipe nunc insi

dias, hear now of the treachery: Accītus, üs, m. 4. (ad, cieo & cio)

a call or summons. Accommodo, ävi, ätum, äre, a. 1.

(ad, commodo) to suit, to fit,

adapt. Accŭbo, ui, itum, äre, 1. & ac

cumbo, ubui, ubitum, umběre, 3. n. (ad, cubo) to lie near, lean forward, recline at table ; epulis accumbere Divům, to feast with

the Gods. Accumŭlo, āvi, ätum, äre, a. 1.

(ad, cumulo) to heap up, accumulate. Accurro, curri & cucurri, cursum,

currěre, n. 3. (ad, curro) to rush

or hasten to. Acer & cris, cris, cre, adj. sharp,

piercing, ardent, severe; acer

equo, hastening on horseback. Acerbus, a, um, adj. sour, harsh,

violent. Acernus, a, um, adj. (acer, the

maple-tree) made of maple. Acerra, æ, f. 1. a casket in which

incense was kept, also a censer. Acervus, i, m. 2. a heap, a mass. Acesta, æ, f. 1. Acesta or Sergesta. Acestes, æ, m. 1. a king of Sicily. Achaicus, a, um, adj. of Achaia,

Achæan, Grecian. Achātes, æ, m. 1. the armour

bearer of Æneas. Acheron, tis, m. 3. a river in

Tartarus. Achilles, is & eus, eos, m. 3. son

of Peleus and Thetis, bravest of

the Greeks in the Trojan War. Achīvus, a, um, adj. of Achaia,

Achæan, Grecian. Acidalius, a, um, adj. of Acidalia,

a Bootian fountain sacred to

Venus. Acies, ēi, f. 5. the edge or point of

a weapon, a glance of the eye, an army in battle-array; huc geminas, huc flecte acies, look! to this scene turn both your

eyes. Acta, æ, f. 1. the seashore. Acūtus, a, um, adj. (acuo, to whet)

sharp, pointed, acute.

Ad, prep. to, at.
Adămas, ntis, m. 3. the hardest

iron, steel, the diamond. Addo, idi, itum, ére, a. 3. (ad,

do) to put, bring or add to, join

to. Addūco, xi, ctum, cére, a. 3. (ad,

duco) to lead or bring to, draw to, contract; adducto arcu, with bow bent, i.e., with its two ends

drawn towards him. Adeo, ivi & ii, itum, ire, comp.

irr. (ad, eo) to go to, approach,

attack. Adeo, adv. so far, so long. Adflo, āvi, ātum, äre, a. & n. 1.

(ad, filo, to blow) to blow or

breathe to, to favour. Adhřbeo, ui, itum, ēre, a. 2. (ad,

habeo) to hold, apply to, to

use. Adhuc, adv. (ad, hic) as yet, tiil

now, hitherto. Adĩgo, ēgi, actum, igěre, a. 3. (ad,

ago) to drive or bring to, to

force. Adītus, lls, m. 4. (adeo) approach,

access. Adjungo, xi, ctum, gěre, a. 3.

(ad, jungo) to join or add to, to

yoke. Adjŭvo, ūvi, ūtum, uvāre, a. 1.

(ad, juvo) to aid, assist, support. Admiror, ātus, āri, dep. 1. (ad,

miror) to wonder at, admire. Admitto, isi, issum, ittăre, a. 3.

(ad, mitto) to send to, admit,

grant. Admoneo, ui, itum, ēre, a. 2. (ad,

moneo) to put in mind, warn,

advise. Admóveo, ovi, ötum, ovēre, a. 2.

(ad, moveo) to move to, to apply

or direct to. Adnītor, sus & xus, ti, dep. 3.

(ad, nitor) to lean upon, exert

oneself, strive. Adno, āvi, ātum, äre, n. 1. (ad, no)

to swim or float to. Adoleo, ui &ēvi, ultum, olēre, a. 2.

(ad, oleo) to increase in growth, to burn incense; flammis adolere penates, to light up the altars of the household gods.

Adonis, is & idis, m. 3. a prince of, Æneădæ, árum, c. 1. descendants

Cyprus, beloved by Venus. or companions of Æneas. Adorior, tus, īri, dep. 4. (ad, orior) Ænēas, æ, m. 1. son of Venus and to attack, accost, attempt.

Anchises, the hero of Virgil's Adoro, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. (ad, epic poem, and ancestor of the

oro) to pray to, worship, adore. Romans. Adrastus, i, m. 2. a king of Argos. Æolia, æ, f. 1. a group of islands Adsum, fui, esse, comp. irr. (ad, near Sicily.

sum) to be at, be present, be Æolides, æ, m. 1. any descendant near.

of Æolus. Adulterium, ii, n. 2. criminal love, Æolius, a, um, adj. of Æolus or adultery.

Æolia, Æolian. Advěbo, xi, ctum, hěre, a. 3. (ad, Æõlus, i, m. 2. king of Æolia

veho) to carry, convey, con- (now the Lipari Isles), and god duct; huc advecti, having sailed of winds and storms. hither.

Æquævus, a, um, adj. (æquus, Advēlo, āvi, ātum, āre, a. 1. (ad, ævum) of equal age, coeval. velo) to veil, to crown or wreath.

Æquālis, is, e, adj. (æquo) equal, Advěnio, ēni, entum, enīre, a. 4. like ; subs. a contemporary.

(ad, venio) to come to, reach, Æquipăro, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. arrive at.

(æquus, par) to equal, to rival. Advento, āvi, ätum, äre, a. 1. (ad- Æquo, āvi, ātum, āre, a. 1. (æquus)

venio) to come always nearer, to equal, to level. approach, attack.

Æquor, oris, n. 3. (æquus) a level Adventus, ús, m. 4. (advenio) arri- surface, the sea, ocean. val, close approach.

Æquus, a, um, adj. equal, level, Adversus & adversum, prep. (ad- just; adv. æque, equally, just

verto) against, over against, to- so, in like manner. wards.

Aër, ēris, m. 3. the air, also the Adversus, a, um, adj. (adverto) in clouds, mist.

frontof, opposite, hostile; adv. -sà. Ærātus, a, um, adj. (æs) covered Adverto, ti, cum, těre, a. 3. (ad, with brass, brazen. verto) to turn or steer to.

Ærịpes, ēdis, adj. (æs, pes) brazenAdvoco, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. (ad, footed, vigorous, swift of foot.

voco) to call to, to summon. Aërius, a, um, adj. (aër) of the air, Advolvo, vi, ūtum, věre, a. 3. (ad, aerial, rising high in the air, volvo) to roll to.

fleet. Adỹtum, i, n. 2. the most secret Æs, æris, n. 3. copper, brass or

recess of a temple, the sanctu- bronze, money, any brazen inary, a tomb.

strument ; ære ciere viros, to Æacides, æ, m. 1. any descendant summon heroes by the trumpet.

of Æăcus, as Achilles or Pyrrhus. Æstas, ātis, f. 3. summer, fair Ædes, is, f.3. a temple; pl. a house.

weather, heat. Ædifico, ävi, ätum, äre, a. 1. Æstŭo, āvi, ātum, äre, n. 1. to (ædes, facio) to build, construct.

boil up, burn, toss to and fru, Æger, gra, grum, adj. sick, in ill

rage. health, sorrowful; æger anheli- Æstus, as, m. 4. (æstuo) boiling tus, breathless panting.

heat, the swell or surge of the Ægle, es, f. 1. a nymph, daughter of Jupiter and Neæra.

Ætas, ātis, f. 3. (for ævịtas, from Ægon, önis, m. 3. a shepherd's

ævum) age, period of life, lifename.

time. Æmŭlus, a, um, adj. vying with, Æternus, a, um, adj. (ætas) eteremulous ; subs. a rival.

nal, everlasting.



Æther, ēris & ēros, m. 3. the up- ! Agnosco, õvi, itum, oscére, a. 3.

per air, pure air, the ether. (ad, nosco) to recognise, own, Ætherius, a, um, adj. (æther) of

know. the ether, ethereal, heavenly. Agnus, i, m. 2. a lamb. Æthiops, õpis, m. 3. a native of Ago, ēgi, actum, agěre, a. 3. to

Ethiopia in Africa, an Ethio- do, drive, live, treat ; jam tempian.

pus agit res, now the opportuÆvum, i, n. 2. eternity, an age, nity prompts us to the enterlifetime.

prise. Afer, fri, m. 2. a native of Africa, Agrestis, is, e, adj. (ager) rural, an African.

rude, wild. Afféro, attăli, allātum, afferre, Agricola, æ, m. 1. (ager, colo) a

comp. irr. (ad, fero) to bring to, cultivator of land, a husband

to aid, announce. Affigo, xi, xum, gěre, a. 3. (ad, Ah, interj. ah ! alas ! ha!

figo) to fix to, attach, join. Ahênus & aēnus, a, um, adj. (æs) Affligo, xi, ctum, gére a. 3. (ad, of brass, brazen.

fligo, to dash) to strike down, Aio, dep. I say, affirm. ruin, afflict.

Ajax, ācis, m. 3. name given to Amũo, xi, xum, Ere, a. & m. 3. two Greek chiefs in the Trojan

(ad, fluo) to flow to, overflow, war, viz. Ajax the son of Telaabound.

mon, and Ajax the Locrian, so Affor, ātus, āri, dep. 1. (ad, for) to


called from his father Oīleus speak to, accost, address.

being king of Locris. Affórem, affóre, def. (ad, forem) Ala, æ, f. 1. the wing of a bird, to be present.

the wing of an army; fulminis Afrựcus, a, um, adj. of Africa, ocior alis, swifter than the wings African.

(i.e. a flash) of lightning. Agamemnonius, a, um, adj. of Alăcer, & cris, cris, cre, adj. Agamemnon, commander- in

cheerful, lively, excited. chief of the Greeks in the Tro- | Alba, æ, f. 1. the mother-city of jan war.

Rome, built by Ascanius. Aganippe, es, f. 1. a Baotian Albānus, a, um, adj. belonging to

fountain sacred to the Muses. Alba. Agēnor, oris, m. 3. son of Belus, Albus, a, um, adj. white, pale. king of Phænicia.

Alcides, æ, m. I. name given to Ager, gri, m. 2. a field, land, ter- Hercules, grandson of Alceus. ritory:

Alcimědon, tis, m. 3. name of an Agger, ēris, m. 3. a heap, mound, artist.

rampart; viæ in aggere, on the Alcippe, es, f. 1. name of a shep

raised (central) part of a road. herdess. Aggloměro, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. Alcon, onis, m. 3.a shepherd's name. (ad, glomus, a clue of thread) to Ales, stis, c. 3. (ala) a bird, a fowl.

wind upon, join to, annex. Alēthes, is, m. 3. à companion of Aggredior, essus, ědi, dep. 3. (ad, Æneas.

gradior) to go to, attempt, assail. Alexis, is, m. 3. a shepherd's name. Agitātor, õris, m. 3. (agito) a driver, Alga, a, f. 1. sea-weed. a charioteer.

Alibi, adv. (alius, ibi) at another Agito, āvi, ātum, āre, a. 1. (ago) place, elsewhere.

to move violently, toss, excite, Aliēnus, a, um, adj. (alius) of anattack.

other, foreign, hostile, Agmen, inis, n. 3. (ago) an army Aliger, ěra, ērum, adj. (ala, gero)

on its march, a troop, a train. winged. Agna, æ, f. 1. (agnus) a ewe-lamb. Alio, adv. (alius) to another place.


Aliquis, qua, quid, pron. (alius, women of Pontus, who aided the

quis) some one, something, any; Trojans. adv. -quà, in some way.

Amazonius, a, um, adj. Amazonian. Aliquot, adj. indecl. (alius, quot) Ambāges, um, f. 3. (am, ago) turnsome, certain, several.

ings and windings, circumlocuAlster, adv. (alius) in another man- tion. ner, otherwise.

Ambědo, ēdi, ēsum, edére & esse, Alius, a, ud, adj. another of many, a. 3. (am, edo) to eat or gnaw

other; alii - alii, some - others. round, to consume. Allābor, psus, bi, dep. 3. (ad, la- Ambiguus, a, um, adj. (am, ago)

bor) to glide, flow or slide to. changeable, wavering, doubtful. Alligo, āvi, ātum, äre, a. 1. (ad, Ambio, ivi, itum, īre, a. 4. (am,

ligo) to bind to, hold fast, detain. eo) to go round, encircle, solicit Alloquor, cūtus, & quūtus, qui, favour.

dep. 3. (ad, loquor) to speak to, Ambo, æ, o, adj. (am) both. address.

Ambrosius, a, um, adj. (ambrosia, Almus, a, um, adj. genial, kind, the food of the gods) heavenly, bountiful.

lovely. Alnus, i, f. 2. the alder, anything Amens, tis, adj. (a, mens) mad, made of alder-wood.

frantic. Alo, alui, alītum & altum, alěre, Amicio, cui & xi, ctum, cīre, a,

a. 3. to nourish, sustain, rear. 4. (am, jacio) to throw round, Aloidae, ārum, m. 1. name given clothe, veil.

to two sons of Neptune, Otus Amictus, ùs, m. 4. (amicio) outside and Ephialtes, derived from clothing, a mantle, dress.

their reputed father Aloeus. Amicus, a, um, adj. (amo) friendly, Alphesibæus, i, m. 2. name of a kind, inclined to. shepherd.

Amīcus, i, m. 2. (amo) a friend, Alpīnus, a, um, adj. of the Alps, patron, courtier." alpine.

Amitto, isi, issum, ittěre, a. 3. (a, Altāre, is, n. 3. (altus, ara) a high mitto) to send away, lose. altar.

Amnis, is, m. 3. (am, no) a broadAlte, adv. (altus) on high, highly, flowing stream, a river. deeply

Amo, āvi, ātum, āre, a. 1. to love, Alter, ěra, ěrum, adj. (alius) the be fond of.

other of two, the second, another. Amænus, a, um, adj. pleasant, Alternus, a, um, adj. (alter) the delightful.

one after the other, alternate. Amõmum, i, n. 2. a fragrant shrub, Altum, i, n. 2. (altus) the deep balm. sea, ocean.

Amor, oris, m. 3. (amo) love, deAltus, a, um, adj. high, lofty, deep. sire ; pr. n. Cupid, god of love. Alumnus, i, m. 2. (alo) a pupil, Amphrysius, a, um, adj. of Amnursling, foster-son.

phrýsus in Thessaly; AmphryAlveus, i, m. 2. (alvus) a channel, sius, an epithet of Apollo. a cavity, a ship's huíl.

Amplector, xus, cti, dep. 3. (am, Alvus, i, f. 2. the belly or stom- plecto, to plait) to embrace, love, ach, a bee-hive.

comprehend. Am, insep. prep. around, about. Amplexus, as, m. 4. (amplector) Amarăcus, i, c. 2. the herb mar- an embrace. joram.

Amplius, adv. (amplus) more.. Amārus, a, um, adj. bitter, harsh.

Amplus, a, um, adj. large, spacious. Amaryllis, idis, f. 3. name of a Amýcus, i, m. 2. name of two country girl.

companions of Æneas; also, a Amazonides, um, f. 3. warlike Bebrycian king.

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