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Enquiries, and should be refolved into the unsearchable Wisdom of that Providence, who ordereth all things according to the Holiness of his Will : Whatever Calamities are hereby derived down upon us, how exceedingly wicked soever our first Parents were in the Case of this Transgression, God is nevertheless just and righteous, and good ; Great indeed is the Difference between that Guilt which is unavoidable by us, and that which we voluntarily incur ; and accordingly there is a gracious Remedy provided for the former, and for the latter too, inasmuch as it is the Consequence of the former ; That Atonement which the Blessed Jesus made for Sin will doubtless free every one from the Punishment of Original Sin, who hath not by Actual Tranfgreslion made the Guilt of it more particularly his own; however, this is entirely owing to God's Mercy, through the Merits of our Saviour Christ : And if we look barely upon our State of Nature, we must acknowledge it to be a State of Sin, and as such, to deserve God's Wrath and Damnation : The Second Head of this


Discourse therefore must give us a more comfortable Prospect, and reconcile us to whatever Difficulties this Doctrine may seem to be involved in: For,

2. The Words of the Text declare the Condition of Man under a State of Grace, as it is expressed in these Words; By the Obedience of One, fball many be made Righteous : Made Righteous, i. e. shall be justified or accepted in the Sight of God.

As the State of Man by Nature is such, as must be odious and offensive to Him, who is Purity itself; as it is impossible for Man ever to cleanse himself from his Corruptions ; or if he could cleanse himself, as it is impossible for him ever to merit Pardon for former Guilt; so the State of, Man would inevitably have been that of Eternal Misery, had not the infinite Goodness of the Almighty provided fomething meritorious from without him, which he might be enabled to apply to himself by some inward Principle.

This was done by the Blessed Jesus's taking upon Him our Nature, with all its Infirmities, Sin only, both Original and


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Adual excepted : That the same Nature which offended, might likewise be chaRised and become meritorious ; the perfect Obedience He paid to the whole Law of God, the exalted Dignity of his Person, the Violence of his Sufferings, and the expiatory Nature of his Death were the Means which restored Mankind to the Divine Favour : His Sufferings atoned for the Guilt of Sin, and removed its l'unishment ; His Obedience is imputed unto us for Righteousness ; by Faith it is that we apply this gracious Remedy to ourselves, and make these Privileges our own; and thus through the Merits of Christ and the Grace of his Gospel we become the Heirs of Eternal Happiness.

On this Account the Blessed Jefus is called the Second Adam, because He renewed what the former Adam had destroyed ; He procured another Covenant for that which by Transgression had been forfeited ; as Sin hath reigned thro’ the first Adam, and Judgment came upon all Men to Condemnation ; Grace hath much more abounded through the Second Adam, and comes upon all Men unto Yustification. VOL. II.



True indeed it is that all Men will not be saved through the Merits of Christ, becaure all Men will not apply those Merits to themselves : They are sufficient for the saving of all, provided all would be but careful to lay hold of their Efficacy; but to those alone it is, who through a itedfast Faith, and sincere Obedience, receive Him for their Saviour, that the Holy Fesus will give Power to become the Sons of God: In short, Grace is freely offered unto all the Sons of Men, and the Condition of Man under a State of Grace is that of present Pardon and Reconciliation with God, and of promised Glory and Bliss in the Kingdom of Heaven: This Doctrine is so evident from every part of the New Testament, that the bare mention of it is sufficient.

We may therefore proceed in the third Place to set these two States one against another ; for as ly one Man's Disobedience many were made Sinners ; so by the Obedience of one shall many be made Righteous.

HERE we fee Man a fall'n, but a recovered Creature ; by Nature born in Sin,


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but, through Grace, born again unto Righteousness ; defiled with Original Guilt, but purified by the Blood of the Lamb, that was Nain from the Beginning of the World ; through the Transgression of our first Parents, and his own actual Offences exposed to Wrath and Misery, but through the perfect Obedience of the Son of God, and his own sincere Obedience, exalted to Favour and Happiness.

HERE then let all Complaints cease of the Corruptions and Frailty of our Nature, since we are renew'd by God's Holy Spirit, and out of natural Weakness are made spiritually strong; we may with Pleasure reflect upon our Fall from an Earthly Paradise, when we consider our rising again to an Heavenly Inheritance : What ! tho' every Man be as it were an Adam to his own Children, and propagates Corruption to them together with their Being, yet that Laver of Regeneration restores Mankind to a State, though not of entire, yet of acceptable Cleanness, and admits him into a New Covenant, where Sincerity will be rewarded in the stead of Perfe&ion; where VOL. II.


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