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to injure us in our Body or Estate; and with what Spirit of Opposition shall we turn upon him ? Yet we fuffer our Souls to be poison'd with Patience, and our eternal and heavenly Inheritance to be rifled from us with Satisfaction ; and thus is the Blessed Jesus crucified afresh an mong us with Infidelity on the one hand, and Complaisance on the other ; they pierce his side, but we look on with Indifference ; they nail him to the Cross, but we by standing by unmov'd, are con. senting, are accessary to his Crucifixion.

Ir is the boasted Profession of our Age that the Gospel is bid; and it is the Apostle's Inference, that if the Gospel be bid, it is bid to them that are loft ; but on whomsoever that Perdition falleth, through wilful Unbelief ; let us who are persuaded of the Truth of Christianity, secure to our felves the Benefits of it ; by a stedfast Adherence to our Faith, by a zealous Performance of every Virtue ; let us curb the Insolence, and oppose the Impiety of those, who do Despite to the Gospel of Christ : And thus having with the Openness of sincere Confidence conVOL II. B 2


fessed the despised and crucified Jesus to be our true Mefiah before Men ; let us beseech the same Jesus to confess us to be his redeemed and fanctified People, when he cometh in the Glory of his Father with the Holy Angels.



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ACTS xiv. Part of Ver. 13. -We also are Men of like Pasions with


HESE Words were spoken

by St. Paul and St. BarT nabas to correct an In

stance of idolatrous Fren

zy, and to restrain the People of Lystra from offering to them Divine Adoration ; in order to vince the People that they who were e. steemed Gods, were but Men : The Apostles declare themselves to be of like Passions with those who did so highly csteem them; of what Passions they were,

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the Context will best inform us : The miraculous Cure of a Man lame from his Mother's Womb, rais'd them into a blasphemous Admiration of the Workers of that Miracle ; they cried, The Gods are come down to us in the Likeness of Men ! and they call'd Barnabas, Jupiter, and Paul, Mercurius, because he was the chief Speaker. Then the Priists of Jupiter, which was before the City, brought Oxen and Garlands unto the Gates, and would have done Sacrifice with the People : But we read in a following Verse, that these extravagant Passions (like heavy Bodies when once put in Motion according to any Direction, always running into Extremes) upon some Suggestions of the Jews, that came thither, took a quite different, but equally violent Turn ; they chang'd their Adoration into Insults and Barbarity; their Intentions of Sacrifice into Endeavours of Murder ; they stoned Paul, and drew him out of the City, fuppofing he bad been dead. But how did the Apostles behave under these Circumstances ? The Divine Honours, with which they were addressed, raised in them the warmeft

ResentResentments of impatient Zeal, in order to restrain the People from doing Sacrifice unto them : How they receiv'd their injurious Treatment, we may collect from their usual Behaviour ; viz with Patience, with Joy, for being thought worthy to suffer for the Name of Jesus; and is this an Argument of their being subject to like Passions with other Men ? To strive against those Honours, when voluntarily conferr'd upon them, which the Lords of the Heathen World did at the Expence of Force and Bribery, by the Means of their own Pomp and the Flatteries of their Servile Devotees, in vain aspire after ; . to choose and court the rude and cruel OutTages of an incens'd Rabble, rather than to accept of Deification, are Instances of Behaviour which seems to contradict their Affertion, and show them to be of different Paffions from all the World besides : Different indeed they were, not in the Nature of their Passions, but in the Manner of exercising them ; they were liable to the same Emotions, but with-held by the Reftraints of Virtue and Religion from incurring every wild Disorder. Thus

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